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Chapter 11: Victoria Clarke!

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Recalling that Jordan could easily subdue all the professional fighters Herman had sent, the Camdens began to worry about it.

Herman said, “Everyone, this beast Jordan has extraordinary combat skills, and I reckon he might go to the wealthy people in Orlando and apply to be their personal bodyguards. Whom among you can cut off his potential career path as a bodyguard?”

Everyone fell silent. In Orlando, there were too many wealthy people, and no one dared claim that they knew them all or even had the right to speak in front of them.

At this moment, a woman who had been seated quietly for a long time suddenly laughed charmingly.

Everyone followed the voice, only to see a woman wearing a red business suit seated with her legs crossed and was incredibly alluring!

The woman seemed to be in her early thirties, but she had the charm of a mature woman.

She had fair skin and sexy red lips. Dressed in a skin-tight short skirt, she made the imagination of many people run wild.

“Hey, Miss Clarke, when did you arrive? Sorry for not welcoming you earlier. Please forgive me!”

After noticing that woman, Herman walked over excitedly.

Looking at the woman lustfully, Ryan patted Herman on his shoulder and asked,

“Mr. Camden, who is this beauty? Introduce her.”

Herman looked at Ryan with contempt and thought, ‘Ryan really doesn’t fit in with the upper-class circle in Orlando. He doesn’t even know who this woman is!’

Herman said, “She’s the deputy president of Ace Corporation, Miss Victoria Clarke!”

“What? The deputy president of Ace Corporation?”

Ryan and the others were stunned. They knew how influential the Ace Corporation was in Orlando.

To be able to reach the position of deputy president, she was definitely extraordinary.

The fact that Victoria managed to reach the deputy president of Ace Corporation at such a young age made everyone wonder if she had used any connections.

Jordan suddenly frowned, carefully looked at Victoria, and said with surprise, “She’s from our company…”

“There are many wealthy people in Orlando, and the Camdens have wide connections, but we only know about two-thirds of them.” Herman laughed.

“However, if there is one person who knows all the wealthy people in Orlando and has a good relationship with them all…”

“I believe there is only one person in Orlando, and she is Miss Clarke!”

Hearing Herman’s words, Ryan also decided to curry favor. “Miss Clarke is such a ravishing beauty. I’m afraid all the rich people in Orlando would want to get to know her!”

Victoria frowned and said, “You guys are making it sound like all the rich people in Orlando are in an affair with me.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, my bad.”

Ryan hurriedly bowed and kept his eyes fixed on Victoria’s stilettos. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

Herman looked at Victoria and said, “Miss Clarke, please intervene and leave Jordan with no way out!”

Since Victoria appeared at Old Mrs. Camden’s birthday banquet, it proved that she had some ties with the Camdens.

The Camden family had recently given Victoria many benefits to receive 70 million dollars from the Ace Corporation.

If Ace Corporation had not suddenly had a change of president, Victoria would have long granted the investment of 70 million dollars to the Camdens’ family company.

However, Victoria had her own way of doing things and would not obey Herman’s orders.

In the upper-class circle in Orlando, many people were aware that Victoria was the one who had rich men wrapped around her finger and not the other way around.

Victoria did not reply and instead took out an elegant-looking box of CAPRI ladies’ cigarettes from her pink Chanel bag before pulling out a cigarette from the box.

Just like Victoria, the CAPRI ladies’ cigarettes were slender and exuded a feminine tenderness and sultriness.

Those cigarettes could only be purchased abroad and hence, were extremely expensive. However, Jordan had once smoked it abroad.

‘These cigarettes taste cool and refreshing. Does Victoria taste the same?’

Jordan actually couldn’t help but harbor designs on Victoria too. She was indeed incredibly charming!

Victoria was seated cross-legged with the cigarette in her right hand while the men around her all pulled out their lighters and were ready to light her cigarette for her!

They were Ryan, Zack, Herman, and Benedict!

Seeing this scene, Jordan smiled. It was so similar to the scene in the film, Malèna!

However, Victoria was probably sexier and even more feminine than Monica Bellucci!

However, Victoria did not choose any of the men around her.

She looked at Jordan and curled her finger at him. “Come here.”

Everyone was hollering at Jordan furiously, but Victoria spoke to Jordan with great tenderness.

‘This woman is not simple. No wonder she can become the deputy president of Ace Corporation.’

Jordan thought to himself. Since he was interested in her too, Jordan decided to walk over.

Victoria looked at Jordan with a charming smile and said, “You, light my cigarette.”

The surrounding men who were holding various expensive lighters all froze in astonishment!

“Miss Clarke actually let that good-for-nothing light her cigarette!”

“I don’t get it. What right does that good-for-nothing have!?!”

To the upper-class men of Orlando, lighting a cigarette for a woman was actually an honor.

Jordan answered right away, “I don’t have a lighter!”

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