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Chapter 10: Not Giving Jordan Steele A Way Out!

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At this moment, Jordan also joined the crowd in laughing and picked up a glass of wine before walking towards Hailey.

“Hailey, congratulations, you can finally start looking for a man who’s compatible with you.”

Hailey humphed coldly, knowing that Jordan must be hiding his misery and bitterness behind his smile!

Hailey said, “If you kneel down and beg me now, I might ask Grandma to show you some mercy and not get rid of you for the time being.”

Jordan chuckled.

‘You betrayed me, and yet you want me to kneel down and beg you?’

‘Indeed, they’re really the quasi-first-class family of upper-class society!’

Jordan chugged the wine in his glass in one go and said, “You’re not worthy of it!”


Anger was written all over Hailey’s gorgeous face. She had always been high up in the air, like a queen in front of Jordan.

However, the humble and lowly servant, Jordan, has rebelled today!

Feeling aggrieved, Hailey dashed towards Old Mrs. Camden and hugged onto one of the latter’s arms with both hands.

“Grandma, we’re taking it too easy on him by letting him go just like that!”

Drew, who was also on the same side as Hailey, walked over.

“Hailey is right. We must teach him a lesson!”

Old Mrs. Camden crossed her aged hands and patted her grandchildren while comforting them.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let others bully my family members!”

Old Mrs. Camden then walked towards the guests and said, “Everyone, Jordan wasted three precious years of my granddaughter’s life and even beat up my grandson. The Camden family has been famous and dignified in Orlando for the past few decades. If we let the matter go just like that, I’m afraid that in the future, there will be more people who will not take us seriously!”

Everyone fell silent, thinking to themselves that Old Mrs. Camden was definitely planning to punish Jordan!

Jordan put down his glass and listened to what they had to say. He was waiting to see how the Camden family planned to deal with him!

Old Mrs. Camden continued, “Everyone here is a bigwig in all industries in Orlando. I implore all of you to help me make sure Jordan doesn’t have a way out in the future!”

Make sure Jordan doesn’t have a way out!

The most important thing to a person is their source of income. The Camden family was out to cut off Jordan’s means of livelihood in Orlando!

The guests were discussing incessantly, but no one responded for a while.

They were examining the situation and estimating the consequences.

Those who are in business are the most intelligent.

After all, cutting off one’s means of livelihood is akin to killing their parents. No one would be willing to offend others unless it was their last resort.

At this juncture, Tyler was the first to stand up.

“I’m willing to stand in solidarity with the Camdens on behalf of the Collins!”

“Everyone, let me introduce myself. I’m Tyler, and my family is involved in many industries like hospitality, investments, and many others.”

“From today onwards, I guarantee that Jordan will not be granted a stay in all hotels and inns below four stars in Orlando!”

“You are only worthy of sleeping on the streets!”

At first, some people did not know who Tyler was. After all, he was very young, and many of the guests present were in their forties or fifties.

However, after his introduction, everyone learned of his identity.

“So it’s the scion of the Collins, huh? I heard that 70% of the hotels in Orlando are owned by them.”

“That’s not all. The Collins owns shares in various renowned brands like Hyatt and Marriott!”

“It’s over for Jordan. He can’t even get a room for some hanky panky business with women in the future. Haha.”

Jordan couldn’t help but feel an urge to laugh. ‘I’m the scion of the Steeles. Why would I have to stay in hotels that are four stars and below?’

Tyler took the lead, and because Jordan was just a live-in son-in-law in Orlando who did not have extensive connections, everyone started bullying him too.

Soon another man stood out.

That man, who was in his forties, glared at Jordan before saying,

“Everyone, I am Zack Ward, the owner of Supreme Restaurant. I’ve been in the F&B business for two decades.”

“I am willing to stand in solidarity with the Camdens to cut off Jordan’s future means of a livelihood!”

“With my connections in the F&B industry, I believe Jordan will never be able to work in any restaurant in Orlando in the future!”

The members of the Camden family thanked them.

Ryan stepped up, too. “I, Ryan Dunn, am the general agent of Ubereats of Orlando, and I also stand in solidarity with the Camdens to cut off Jordan’s future means of livelihood!”

“Jordan, you can forget about continuing to deliver takeout in the future. You won’t be able to work for Ubereats or other companies!”

Jordan could not help but burst into laughter. He felt as if he were the protagonist of an action novel being cornered into desperation by a bunch of antagonists.

However, the people in front of him were much more foolish than the villains of those novels.

Jordan said, “I’ll be boycotted in the hotel and takeout delivery industries. What else?”

Another person stood out and said, “I’m the boss of Goldmine Karaoke. You won’t be able to get a job as a server in all karaoke joints and bars in the future!”

“Hahaha, great, any more?” Jordan continued to ask.

Soon, two more people came forward, but the jobs they listed were all low-skilled jobs.

In their opinion, Jordan was poorly educated and lacked job experience. Hence, to them, he was only worthy of those low-level labor jobs.

As long as his means of livelihood were cut off, he would have no way to survive in Orlando.

Seeing that Jordan did not seem to be panicking, Drew suddenly interjected, “Jordan, this punk is so good at fighting. Will he apply for a job as a bodyguard?”

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