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Chapter 2

In the end, she was the male lead’s fiance.

I know there were plenty of people who opposed the relationship between the female and male lead.

The female lead, Cheryl Diel, was not on equal footing with Emperor Charlemagne.

She came from an impoverished family, unworthy of being called noble. Being as poor as she was, she only ever lived in hardship and never had the chance to learn the skills necessary of a noblewoman.

Hence, plenty of people disapproved of their relationship.

Of course, the tyrant silenced them one by one, just like he had done to Scarlett, his fiance.

Although Scarlett troubled Cheryl, she had good reason.

Scarlett was his fiance! Why wouldn’t she be mad? Of course, common sense didn’t seem to work on Emperor Charlemagne.

At the end of the day, Scarlett wasn’t the heroine.

“Well, she died in the end.”

At the very beginning of the novel, Scarlett began to harass Cheryl viciously. In doing so, she ended up poisoning Cheryl, causing her to slip into a coma for a month.

In the meantime, Scarlett tried to progress her marriage.

Emperor Charlemagne only listened to Cheryl’s words, so he immediately killed Scarlett with one clean stroke.

So far, things were all good because the original hadn’t started.

The disastrous tyrant had yet to fall in love for the first time in his life.

She curled her trembling body into a ball.

“How unfair...”

Scarlett was the only family member of Duke Armand.

However, he was far from a loving relative. It was quite the contrary,

Duke Armand was so cold and cruel that he engaged Scarlett to the tyrant no one wanted to be partnered with.

He sent her to him, thinking she was going to ide, right?

What a crazy family.

The thought of family made Scarlett sigh.

She had been contemplating her situation ever since she had crossed over; she had to escape from the Duke’s family.

That damned duke. Even if the original Scarlett didn’t do anything, she would still get scolded.

Someone sent me here and left behind Scarlett’s memories.

However, Scarlett couldn’t depend on those memories.

In the original story, the Duke’s family fell apart after Scarlett’s death.

They sold Scarlett to the tyrant, but in the end, were dragged down along with her.

What a terrible family.


Scarlett put away the scraps of paper and picked up a letter; it was an invitation to the Imperial Ball.


It was an invitation to the ‘Emperor’s Birthday Ball’ held about ten days later.

In the original story, the ball was where Scarlett Armand was first introduced as the emperor’s fiance.

“....Ugh, come on.”

The beginning of the original story was quickly approaching. There was only half a year before it began.

But for Scarlett, this was her beginning.


She was still not used to living here.

“If only I had money...”

If she couldn’t break up with the tyrant, there was no point in running.

“Hey, you’ll see.”

Breaking up would be an insult to her family.

And she still had to save money.

Neither one was easy, but Scarlett has memories of the original story.

She had a video recording with the world in the background.

If anything appeared in the original work, a scene related to that moment came to her mind.

I have to admit. This is like cheating.

It wasn’t very helpful because she had few memories to see, but it seemed like it would be a great help over time.

Because it’s a video, it should help me identify people who I only know by name.

Scarlett remembered the chronological order of events in the original novel.

Good. I can do anything.

After getting dumped by the tyrant and earning a lot of money using the original knowledge, I should leave without looking back.

“Hmm. So, first of all, what can I do to get dumped by the tyrant?”

If she simply asked to break up, she’d die.

According to the rumors, Charlemagne here was no different from the Charlemagne in the original.

In Scarlett’s memory, people were scared to even look at the tyrant.

Scarlett had only seen the back of the tyrant.

In her memory, he had been looking at bodies hanging on the wall.

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