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Sweet Waters Throne

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Chapter 2

Prince Lucian Mithandir, the first of his name, lord of Prophis and master of the sea. During his brother’s reign Lucian was praised for his ability to capture outlaws ships and pirates. Being the last born in the family of three sons, Lucian had no desire or whatsoever to be king. He was so focused on his mission in the sea and he was barely in Prophis, constantly travelling from cities to cities, fucking whores, drinking liquor and making trade.

One of his companions asked him what he wanted the most in this world and he proudly said “To drink myself to death” with a glass of rum on his hand. From the great cities the likes of Tamayan to small villages inhabited by no more than fifty people, Lucian has indeed seen the world.

House Mithandir is said to have been one of the powerful houses descended from their grandfather king Mayan Mithandir who ruled Prophis for over sixty years of prosperity and peace. Even though most of Prophis cities and villages were in endless cold snow, Mayan made sure to provide Prophisians ways they could harness the frozen soil and get crops. Or sometimes he would send his men to get food from Maldonia, these two kingdoms had a stable relationship before king Taelin usurped the throne and came to power.

The Mithandirs owned lands, gold mines and thousands of ships. The wealth was passed on from ever since Mayan Mithandir to Lucian’s brother who was supposed to pass it on to his sons. Of course that was unfortunate when Taelin, who was the general manager betrayed the king and slaughtered his throat. Then he killed his two sons leaving one daughter, her name was Princess Varsy, and that was because he knew the daughter wasn’t a threat to his claim.

The plan was to kill every last living male Mithandir descendant who had a potential to be king. Hence the two king’s brothers were also killed. When Taelin looked for Lucian, as usual he was far from Prophis, sailing beyond the seas with his ships. However Taelin wasn’t so worried about who he called “a boy” and that’s because Lucian was fourteen during that time.

Fast forward thirty years later, Lucian Mithandir is now a forty four years old man with great strength and ambition to be king. For thirty years he’s been in mourning for his family’s loss, what was once a great house has fallen to pieces.

Even though he was a rich merchant in Doha during his early twenties, that didn’t stop him from seeking to restore his family’s glory. Doha, a magnificent city stretching far south in the desert plains and inhabited by rich Arabs who owned slaves and grew dates. Doha was a dream city for anyone looking to have a good time.


There was approximately twenty pleasure houses in Doha and the so called Arabs quenched their thirst inside the women’s breast, sucking and fucking all day long. The women of Doha wore gold from head to toe – the wealthiest ones not only had slaves but also gladiators who were titled as the gods of the arena.

This city had endless drought because it was a desert but there was never a scarcity of water due to presence of wells all over the city. The king of Doha, His Grace, Seyyid Khalifa bin Suleiman sat at the top of all Doha with his extraordinary wife, Seyyidati Fatma – in combination of wealth, these two had over one hundred thousand soldiers who were slaves trained and fit for battle. The other thirty thousand division of Arabs soldiers also trained and fit for battle. They also owned three pleasure houses, five castles and of course the whole of Doha.

When Prince Lucian walked inside the gates of Doha, he was immediately addressed as a foreigner. It was his khol which he applied it all over his eyebrows and eyelashes per Prophis’s tradition which differentiated him from others.

“Where are you from?” The guards asked him.

Lucian was so tired, and hungry, before he replied he found himself down on the sand and he couldn’t even see. The next time he was conscious, he found himself inside a hammam – which is a public pool for men to take bath. Only this hammam was also occupied by whores who took turns into cleaning the king and his two friends.

The king’s friends were all old men, only Lucian was the twenty two year old young man inside the king’s hammam.

“You are finally awake” said Seyyid Khalifa in Arabic with a smile looking at Lucian.

“How did I get here?”

King Seyyid was startled “You can understand our language?”

“I am traveler Seyyid and I can pick up languages” Lucian swam his way out of the pool and reached out for a piece of cloth nearby to cover himself because he was totally naked. At first he could have asked why was he naked, but then he’s been in Doha once with his pirates friends and he knew the ladies of Doha loved the presence of a naked man.

Seyyid Khalifa stepped out of the hammam and he was immediately covered by a long red robe, and then his black cloak came on top. “Thank you sweetheart” he kissed the naked whore who helped dress him and turned to Lucian. “Follow me to my council chamber outsider” he insisted.

Calmly and still nervous, Lucian followed Seyyid Khalifa to his council chamber. Now he was exposed to the beauty of Doha’s palace and it was nothing like Prophis. This was a land of sun, extremely hot sometimes but it got colder during the night. Everything was yellow – at least from Lucian’s perspectives. The dresses women wore were either yellow or red, slightly orange and magenta. The golds they wore also intensified the yellow, the food they ate, the curtains and good heavens even the flowers were yellow.

Lucian couldn’t handle himself and he teased Seyyid Khalifa “Is this a yellow city?” and made everyone laugh, including the servants who passed right through them.

From there Lucian secured himself in Doha by courting one of Seyyid’s daughters and they were married the following year. Seyyid Khalifa spoke of Lucian’s brother and how much of a powerful king he was, the trades they conducted and he also mourned his death. Lucian told Seyyid that he was now the rightful heir to Prophis “Only a Mithandir should sit on the Silver throne, and I happen to be one”

However, Seyyid Khalifa refused to support him on his mission to take back his kingdom, he told him he wouldn’t risk sending his men on a long voyage for someone else’s purpose. “You should stay here with your wife and sons, I shall name you as my hand and you will rule Doha in my presence. This is better, your home is here” that’s what Seyyid Khalifa promised Lucian.

But one thing about promises is they are never kept. Five years later Seyyid Khalifa died and his son Umar became the new king of Doha. Lucian was no longer the hand of the king however he still had a title as the princess’s husband. Princess Majdah bint Khalifa bin Suleiman bore two sons for Lucian in those five years and he was the happiest man ever.

Two decades passed and he felt the nostalgia of going back home to restore Mithandir to its former glory almost every day during those two decades he lived in Doha. His letter to Artemis clearly stated “Prophis and Maldonia were once close allies. I intend to continue the friendship once I ascend the throne. I would urge you to support me in restoring once was the great house of Mithandir and we can all profit upon both of our resources” Artemis finished reading the letter out loud to Aurora, every bit from start to finish.

“He wants me to back his army against Prince Castellan, before he is to be crowned King of Prophis” said Artemis. He was sitting on the bed naked and very close to Aurora, who was also naked.

They just had a mind blowing sex ten minutes ago before they decided to open up the letter which arrived in Artemis’s chambers way before Aurora made an entrance. Artemis was set to travel tomorrow and this was a goodbye intimacy moment between the two.

Still in doubt, Artemis turned to Aurora “Will he be king? Tell me what do you see...” he said.

Aurora smiled and kissed his lips “I am not a god Artemis, I do not see everything”

“But you are a seer”

“I’m not a seer, maybe I’ll be a seer one day but at the moment I am not. The seers are very special beings, my grandmother used to tell me people thought she was so close to the gods because she was a seer. The powers aren’t genetically inherited, my mother didn’t have any sort of powers... I doubt it if I’ll be a seer one day”

Artemis sighed with the letter on his hand, he re read it once again like an excited child eager to know what’s written inside the letter. The parts where Lucian kept mentioning “When I become king” seemed so assuring, maybe he should go about it.

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