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Sweet Waters Throne

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Chapter 2

However, those were just theories, no one had straight facts as to what happened to Taelin. Aurora herself agreed that she could be wrong since her dreams were vague and they never really show her the facts of things that happen. “I could be wrong, I won’t put it on the prince” she agreed.

So, how was the crowned prince of Taelin then. The sudden death of King Taelin brought sadness and joy at the same time. The supporters of Mithandir’s brother, King Lucian immediately took their horses and rushed to where Lucian made camp with a whole lot of rebels.

Lucian called himself a revolutionary. He was forty four years old, a strong swordsman with a wife and two sons who lived far from where he was. Lucian was a man of vision ever since his brother died, he was the last born in the family of four which included his first brother King Mithandir.

Prince Castellan knew by that time, two days after his father’s death that Lucian will be on his way to Prophis to make his claim as King before he was sworn in as King of Prophis. Hence he needed to hurry up.

That particular evening after the burial ceremony of king Taelin which was done privately inside a temple made for burying kings and queens, and royal bloods. Taelin was placed inside a tomb like those used for mummies and buried with his proud robe with a sigil of Prophis attached right to it.

“He was a great man! What a horrible ending” said Prince Castellan to his lords and of course sir Goliath, the king’s guard who knew the whole secret. Then Prince Castellan turned his attention to the high priest whose name was Father Henry, at first he didn’t say anything.

Then he excused all the lords and remained with just the Septon and Sir Goliath. There was something inside Castellan which made him think he could trust Sir Goliath, perhaps it’s because he hadn’t said anything to anyone about what he saw and nor did he blackmail Castellan. That day Castellan intended to find out exactly what Castellan wants.


But first he dealt with Father Henry “How long will it take for me to be crowned King?” he asked.

“As usual my lord, six to five months. There are variables -”

Prince Castellan intervened “What variables?” he asked straight away.

Father Henry stuttered and because he was all alone inside the temple, he felt like he was being tag teamed by both the prince and the king’s guard. “The variable... the houses, the celebrations, summoning the moon for the lucky day in the calendar for the smooth transfer of power and -” he paused. “Are you intending to fasten the celebrations my lord?”

“Indeed Father” Prince Castellan said while looking at his rings, especially the ones in his index finger and the small finger. “You are aware of the rebels, right Father?”

“The rebels?”

“Prince Lucian, Mithandir’s brother. You are aware he’s building an army and he’s just waiting at the right moment to attack our kingdom. If I’m not to be crowned King now, we may find ourselves in the middle of the war without a King”

It seemed like Prince Castellan was speaking facts, but yet he sounded like someone who was so desperate to Father Henry.

“But my prince those are our ways and they have been for generations. The houses will need to acknowledge you as the rightful heir to the throne, place their pledge, and then the warlocks of Prophis will summon the moon and bless you. If we don’t go through all these process, I’m afraid your legality to the throne will be -” Father Henry failed to continue his sentence. i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

Prince Castellan was a minute away from attacking the Septon with his fist, or just harsh words but Sir Goliath stopped him and he excused the Septon. Father Henry walked away from the temple while making turns from time to time as if to show how shocked up he was with prince Castellan’s decisions.

“What are you doing my lord? Do you want everyone in the whole kingdom to know that you’ve killed your father?” asked Sir Goliath looking straight into Castellan’s eyes.

Prince Castellan sighed, it’s obvious he was confused. Sir Goliath continued “These actions that you keep showing will have great consequences. I have agreed to keep it a secret, but it doesn’t look like you want to keep this a secret”

“Do you really think I want everyone to know that I slit my father’s throat?”

“Then stop acting like a child. Your actions will cause suspicious. If you want your coronation to be hastened then let me tell you everyone will be aware of what you did, even your siblings”

“So what am I supposed to do? Wait for Lucian to knock on our gates with his army?” cried Prince Castellan.

“If he will ever attack, for which he will be stupid to do so. You have nothing to worry about my lord, sit down and wait for it. The people will hate you, and I’m sure they already hate you but don’t you want to win the throne rightfully by combat? Fight the rebels to their death and you shall rule with no fear” Sir Goliath seemed so invested in teaching Castellan ways of being a good king.

However, all those wise words and advises fell on deaf ears of Castellan. The only thing he wanted was to be king, succeed his father and rule Prophis – the whole of it under his rule. Nothing would please him more than to be king.

“What about you sir Goliath? What do you want from me?”

“I only ask of one thing my lord, to be released from my oath as King’s guard. I wish to live my last days as a farmer, with my wife”

This shocked Prince Castellan “A farmer? From a knight to a farmer?” he asked facing Sir Goliath.

“Yes, my lord”

“With this endless winter? What will you grow?”

Sir Goliath made it clear “I am not a Prophisian my lord, I am an outlander from Andreie hence once released I shall go back home and take my wife with me”

The idea of getting rid of Sir Goliath forever brought much joy to Castellan, this also meant his secret will be safe with Sir Goliath wherever he goes. Hence the next day Castellan released Sir Goliath, the knight of Prophis from his oath as King’s guard in the presence of all the lords and nobles. Sir Goliath dropped his shield and sword, took off his armor and dropped it in front of Castellan per the tradition.

“Here comes Sir Goliath, the knight of Prophis and a king’s guard to the late King Taelin of Prophis. He is hereby released from his oath” Father Henry took a sword and placed it on both shoulders of sir Goliath, just like when he was knighted, only now he was being released from his oath.

Then Sir Goliath rose up with a smile and he was free, just like what he wanted. Prince Castellan was standing close to his wife Katarina and they were all watching the event very close. Princess Thelma was also there but she didn’t notice anything, perhaps the grief towards his father was too much for her in such a way it blinded her visions.

Katarina took Castellan outside of the council chamber after sir Goliath left the palace, and possibly he would leave Prophis the next day. “Do you trust him to keep the secret?” she asked her husband. “I don’t trust him”

“Me neither... and you’d think I’m stupid but I’m not. Five of my men are waiting for him at the harbor before he boards the next ship to Andrie. I specifically asked them to bring me his head” and with that Katarina was amused. They went on to speak about other stuffs like preparing for the coronation day which Katarina was excited for it.

Only if they knew how much trained sir Goliath was, perhaps Castellan and Katarina shouldn’t have sent those five men whom they thought would be the end of him. It was cold and dark at the harbor, there was only one ship and not so many passengers since it wasn’t the usual time for traveling. People usually travel during the warm seasons, and that’s when they flood in the boats with haste and in a hurry to get home.

Sir Goliath was aware of the season changes and he knew there shouldn’t be so many people at the harbor, hence when the five men approached him and his wife, he knew they were sent by Castellan. The good thing is the men weren’t as experienced as sir Goliath was, and they received hell on that day just before sir Goliath reached the ship with his wife.

Even though he refused to accept the truth, deep down he was aware they were sent by Castellan to murder him because of what he knows. Instead of staying and have his revenge, Sir Goliath embarked on a journey back home with his wife and children.

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