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Surviving in Woman's world as a novel villain.

Chapter 124 124. Take...Me...To...Mummy!!

[Ding! Protagonist's Halo triggering chances decreases to 0%]

[Ding! Villain Halo also lowered its power.]

[Ding! -2000 Protagonist Luck (6500 luck), + 2000 RP points and +200 (1800) Luck to host].

'Humm, As I thought, If the protagonist comes out of the critical condition before it can trigger its halo, It goes back to normal.'

Alex nodded positively, finding this key information. Now not even Nathan but even with the other protagonist he didn't have to walk on eggshells.

For normal things like beating them half dead he can do it, His villain halo will take care of the Protagonist's Halo will be in check, He just had to maintain the equivalent balance in two halos.

While he was lost in thought, Nathan might misunderstand his intentions thinking that he had a merciful heart and thanked him.

Alex pulled out his thoughts by those words, Just to see naked greed in his eyes.

For a second Alex shivered in fear, As this is the reverse world, Scissoring might frown and be disgustingly seen by society.

But sword fighting is a defence seen in 4k here, Even though men who like to explore caves might clash their swords with others just for fun. 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

So seeing Nathan looking at him freed Alex and misunderstood that he too wanted to clash swords with him. After all, Alex's charm is there that affects others beyond the boundaries of gender.

Alex was in panic and even thought that if he was quick enough he should be able to kill Nathan before his halo kicked in, Though he knows this is not possible but still he didn't want to take risks.

It was his initial thoughts but after a few seconds, He realised that Nathan was not greedy about him, He was not that colourful person.

He should definitely eye his power, This disgust Alex even more about the protagonist, This guy wanted to bite the hands that saved him.

Given that these hands were also the prime reason why he needed saving but still, This brat is very ungrateful.

So As a father, he needed to take matters into his own hands and put some sense into himself.

And he just did that. There was a second round which was even more intense than the 1st one.

A yelling and begging sound of Nathanrang like a melody in Alex's ears as his hands were busy doing the act of righteousness.

Soon the 2nd round ended but Alex was still in full spirit, He once again used his Holy Blessing before he went for the 3rd and 4th only stopping 9th and a half as he needed to save one use of the holy blessing.

[Ding! -2000 Protagonist's Nathan's Luck (4500 Luck), +2000 RP and +200 Luck to host (2000 Luck)]

But he also didn't want Nathan to walk scratch free, So he with a heavy heart broke 105 bones of his as a reminder to be a good person.

Yeah, his balls still had to be sacrificed as they were the origin of evil within him.

Now that they were gone, He might look a little more clearly, And there is a sex lock still on him, So Alex also didn't have to fear brain-dead things like poisoned need to have sex to survive the plot kicking in.


Nathan just lay on the ground with lifeless eyes, There was no will to yell or complain to anyone in his heart, He did at the beginning but under the constant service of Alex, He gave up on it knowing it is useless.

[Ding! +5000 Luck for the protagonist, +20 physical stats were increased for the protagonist Nathan.]

Alex was also ready to let him go now as he had his fun. He now wanted to use this canon folder one more time and send it to Helen to decrease her anger.

But then a system notification rang in his mind, startling him. He quickly opened the system panel and rechecked the notification.

It turns out that this beating not only increased Nathan's luck but also his physical stats, Though not that much by his standards but for the others, 20 stats are huge numbers.

No wonder this protagonist was pretty much impossible to kill with normal means, Thankfully he has a system to take care of unexpected events.

[Ding! Warning!!! You are being watched now.]

The system once again jumped up and gave him the earnings but this time Alex was not surprised as his God-level acting already detected eyes on him.

Well it turns out he can not only detect cameras but also the eyes on him, he wasn't able to feel this before but as his strength increased, He understood this weird sensation from people's eyes on him.

And this person who had eyes on him was not unexpected for Alex, rather he was waiting for her to see past from the sealed space of Xiao Bai, Which took a lot more time than expected.

"You two, I agree your young master is mighty, the Galyer family did have some face but I am not sure yet, So I have to try a few more times to bring him when I ask, For now, go take him inside as he wanted, He earns it."

Alex knows he got her attention, Started running his acting skill, And said these words as if he really believed all he did here was just to test the might of the Gayler family, There were no ill intentions at all.

He also started sweating lightly, His expression was slightly changed but quickly go back to normal without others finding out of course except the one he wanted to show it.

"Okay, Our Gayler family is not afraid of anyone, Young master will take thousands beating like this and will not even flinch."

These two men in black who were "bodyguards" for Nathan quickly came to half-conscious Nathan laying on the ground lifelessly, Then they without giving even slight pity to him declared to Alex.

Before they thought that breaking his bones one time was enough like yesterday that hooded woman did but now seeing Alex's move, It open their eyes. Why stop at one if you can have as many as you want?

They now think about stacking up healing potions with them, So whenever someone tries to give up thinking Nathan had enough, They can just pour that liquid in his mouth to make him beatable once again.

Thinking of that, the two grabbed Natahn's arms and legs and started walking towards the VIP ward entrances, With wide smiles on their faces.

They don't know what or who is inside waiting for him but looking at how eager Alex is to make them enter, It was definitely bad news for Nathan.


Nathan had a drastic reaction as these two idiots started carrying him towards the VIP ward.

As he had a very bad feeling in his heart, All cells in his body were yelling not to entry in that ward but he was helpless, His body not even had the strength to ma one single finger.

And even if had strength his body was incapable of moving as Alex broke all the joints making his fish on the chopping board.

So under his futile protest, Those two carried him to the VIP ward.

Alex, seeing he might have a few free minutes, wanted to go over the plan in his head as there is a very slight margin for mistakes in his next plan.

But Grace came running towards him and grabbed his palm and started inspecting them hurriedly.

Even Alia came to him looking at them with emotions in her eyes that Alex does not know of.

He did not pay her much attention as he thought she was now in a cult and it was not a sign of intelligence to guess what was happening in her mind.

He put his focus on Grave, Who was carefully checking his palm from the front and back over and over again trying to check something.

Alex guessed she might be looking for where that golden light came from as it is her first time seeing this supernatural thing.

So it's valid to be this curious, that's why he let her be and wanted to tell her about supernatural existence like superpowers in this world.

"Grace, Don't be surprised. In this world, there are lots of supernatural things, My golden light is one of the"

"Shut up you idiot, Why were you fighting like that? It's okay to beat him once but why did you beat him that many times?"

Grace cut him off mid-sentence, Which was unexpected for everyone present as Grace is more of a submissive type of woman, Which will follow anything Alex will say.

But now she acted like that? Alex was very confused about why there was this sudden change.

"Grace what-"

"If you wanted to beat him, So be it but why do you do it yourself, When we have thug like Alia? Look how red your knuckles became. What we will do if you broke a bone or two?"

Grace once again cut him off as she continued speaking, While checking his palm apparently for injuries.


Well, She made everyone speechless. Even Xiao Bai, who was born a few hours earlier, was looking at her speechlessly.

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