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Supreme Crazy Wife

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: You Are Special

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

What a cute little one!?Leng Ruoxue carefully observed the little wolf as it ate. The cub was a level eight spirit beast with good aptitude. The fur all over it was silvery-white, and the patch of silver fur on its forehead was particularly obvious. From what she knew, spirit beasts like wolves were extremely protective of their cubs. So she released her divine sense and unsurprisingly found two adult silver wolves in the bushes not far away. It seemed that the origin of this little fellow was not simple.

After eating, the little wolf left.

The next morning, when Leng Ruoxue had just cooked breakfast, the little wolf returned. Looking at the uninvited little wolf, she generously offered it breakfast. She even let it play with Blaze, and the two little fellows quickly got along. She was happy that Blaze finally had a playmate. After all, Blaze was still a child, and Baby, the only other child around her, refused to play with him. Just like this, the little wolf came back every morning and left at night. But after a few days, the little wolf’s parents came.

Just after Leng Ruoxue harvested some nearby herbs and returned to the temporary camp, she saw a large silver wolf waiting for her.

She looked at the silver wolf. She had already been here for a few days and seen many silver wolves, but this was the largest and mightiest one so far. This silver wolf was a level six holy beast, and its silver eyes were as keen as daggers. It had a coat of luxurious fur and also a patch of silver on its forehead that was exactly the same as the little wolf’s. In addition to being the little wolf’s parent, it was probably the silver wolf king here!

While Leng Ruoxue was looking at the silver wolf king, the silver wolf king was also looking at her.?This human… I heard from many subordinates that my son looks for her every day. Even I don’t see my son as much as this human!?Thinking of this, the silver wolf king felt a tinge of jealousy.

In fact, from the moment Leng Ruoxue set foot on his territory, he already knew. However, all she did was pull out weeds every day or practice spiritual skills with his subordinates. She even took good care of his son. Besides, she didn’t do anything to harm the silver wolves tribe, so he didn’t mind her. But as more and more of his subordinates praised her, he couldn’t help but become a little curious. It had to be known that spirit beasts, especially high-level ones, loathed humans. In their eyes, humans were greedy, hypocritical, and shameless. Moreover, silver wolves were very proud spirit beasts. For this human to gain the approval of so many of his subordinates, it was a testament of this human’s uniqueness. It seemed that she was different from other humans.

“I am Concorde, the king here,” the silver wolf king introduced himself.

“Leng Ruoxue.” Leng Ruoxue looked at the silver wolf king doubtfully, not knowing why he looked for her. She knew that high-level spirit beasts were as intelligent as humans. Furthermore, she heard from Charm that except for some naturally brutal and bloodthirsty spirit beasts, the vast majority of high-level spirit beasts would not actively attack humans unless provoked, despite not liking humans.

Although Charm was around, she was unwilling to annoy this tribe of spirit beasts who liked to hold deep grudges, not to mention that she had a good impression of silver wolves.?I shouldn’t have provoked them, right? I merely found some silver wolves to practice occasionally. And I even grilled meat for them to repay them…

“You are special!” After speaking, the silver wolf king turned around and left.

Seeing the silver wolf king leave, Leng Ruoxue was flabbergasted.?Did he come here just to say ‘you are special’ to me?


“Master, the silver wolf king specially came to see you!” whispered the transformed Charm, who was lying on her shoulder.

“Charm, what should we have for dinner?” Leng Ruoxue asked. She didn’t want to intertwine over the matter. Besides, the silver wolf king probably meant no harm. 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

“I want to eat grilled fish,” Charm said shyly. The fish from the space was really too delicious.

“Okay, let’s grill fish!” Leng Ruoxue also liked fish.

From the Heaven and Earth Bracelet, she took out a few large fishes that each weighed five kilograms. Charm took the initiative to clean them, and Leng Ruoxue released Darling to help. After the preparations were finished, guests came.

Leng Ruoxue looked at the little wolf who came every day. This time, he was not alone. By his side were two silvery-white wolves. One of them was the silver wolf king she had just met, and the other was slightly smaller than the silver wolf king and was a level three holy beast. If she was not mistaken, it should be the queen of the silver wolf tribe, the little wolf’s mother. It seemed that the family of three were here for a meal. Leng Ruoxue helplessly took out a few rabbits from the Heaven and Earth Bracelet, the smallest of which weighed about five kilograms.?This should be enough. Fortunately, I taught Charm how to grill meat. Otherwise, I would be seriously exhausted.

The family of three had a very satisfying meal. And from then on, they frequently came for meals. Furthermore, Leng Ruoxue gained a better sparring partner.

Leng Ruoxue looked at the sword with a thin and sharp blade in her hand. It was a spirit artifact that she had refined herself. Although she was not too satisfied, she could make do with it for now. After all, although spirit artifact-grade weapons were not the best on the Ling Feng Continent, they were not bad.

Holding the sword, Leng Ruoxue stood opposite the silver wolf king and was ready to begin sparring.

“Concorde, you’re not allowed to go easy on me, or else I won’t give you any food,” Leng Ruoxue reminded. She didn’t dare to let her own beasts be her training partners, lest they became hurt. Even if she did, she wouldn’t go all out. Thus, she could only find the lower-level silver wolves. But they were not on par with her individually, and the training effect wasn’t much, so she would request to fight with a few dozen at once. The silver wolf king was different, as he was a level six holy beast, which was equivalent to peak Spiritual Sovereign. In fact, he was only slightly stronger than her, so he was definitely the best sparring partner. Furthermore, he was very experienced in combat, which allowed her to learn a lot.

“Of course I won’t,” the silver wolf king said seriously.

“Then let’s begin!” Leng Ruoxue initiated attacking. Her sword flashed as she charged forward. Her sword technique was called ‘Meteor Sword Technique’, a technique that was part of the Heaven Defying Art. This sword technique was known for the sword beams that would shoot out from all directions like shooting stars, making it difficult to defend against. Whether it was single or group combat, the strike to the enemy would be fatal. And if she infused her spiritual power into the sword, it would absolutely be a finishing blow.

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