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Supreme Crazy Wife

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Untitled

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“How can you believe whatever he says? What if he’s lying to you?” Leng Ruoxue asked.?This eagle is so naive! 𝗶𝙣𝗻𝚛eα𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝑚

“Lil’ Purple is my best friend. He wouldn’t lie to me,” the black-feathered eagle said foolishly Immediately after, it contracted with her.


As the golden contract array disappeared, Leng Ruoxue felt the connection between her soul and the black-feathered eagle’s.

How can there be such an honest spirit beast??This doesn’t match its mighty appearance!?Leng Ruoxue couldn’t help thinking.

“Do you have a name?” Leng Ruoxue asked. Typically, high-level spirit beasts would have names, but it seemed that her spirit beasts hadn’t bothered with coming up with a name for themselves.

“My friends call me Blacky.” The black-feathered eagle scratched its head shyly.

“I’ll call you Quill from now on!” Leng Ruoxue said after deliberation.


“Thanks for the name, Master!” the black-feathered eagle said awkwardly but merrily. He knew that Blacky didn’t sound good.


Two days later, Charm finally broke through and was now a divine beast. With the descent of the heaven and earth laws, Leng Ruoxue also felt the benefits her spirit beast’s advancement brought her. The spiritual energy in her body was more abundant, but she did not advance to peak Spiritual Sovereign.

Leng Ruoxue’s eyes lit up when she saw the stunningly beautiful man emerge from the cave. The man had an air of unmatched magnificence and elegance, looking pure and charming. His purple eyes were bright and deep, and his hair was a beautiful silvery-white. It was hard to imagine that a spirit beast would become such a beautiful man after transforming. Such a man would definitely make any woman feel inferior.

“Master.” Charm approached Leng Ruoxue, his deep, purple eyes gazing at her gratefully.

“Very good,” Leng Ruoxue said.

“Beloved Master, your Darling will be more beautiful when I advance to holy beast,” Darling proclaimed narcissistically.



Leng Ruoxue cringed and directly sent him into the Heaven and Earth Bracelet.

“Wuu… wuu… wuu… Master doesn’t love Darling anymore!”


“Charm, is he really related to you?” Leng Ruoxue asked doubtfully.?How can the two foxes be so different?

Charm nodded helplessly. He knew that his cousin was ridiculous and narcissistic.

“Charm, let’s go!” Leng Ruoxue said.

Charm nodded. He looked at this place where he had lived for hundreds of years one last time sentimentally and then left with Leng Ruoxue.

“Master, we should be approaching the territory of the silver wolf tribe soon.” Charm had transformed into a palm-sized snow fox and was lying on Leng Ruoxue’s shoulder.

Silver wolves preferred to live in large groups and were the smartest, prettiest, fiercest, and mightiest among the wolf race. Moreover, every silver wolf was born an advanced spirit beast. Therefore, no human nor spirit beast dared to provoke the silver wolf tribe in the Illusionary Forest, for their revenge was absolutely relentless.

Leng Ruoxue had been in the Illusionary Forest for a while and was clear that every high-level spirit beast had its own territory.

“Charm, would the silver wolf king think we’re here to fight over their territory?” Leng Ruoxue asked curiously. Although Charm had transformed to look like a spirit beast cub to avoid humans from seeing his level, high-level spirit beasts were very sensitive.

“Master, high-level spirit beasts won’t attack spirit beasts that enter their territories unless they’ve infringed on their authority,” Charm explained. Spirit beasts with their own territories were highly intelligent, so they wouldn’t behave so barbarically.

“That’s good.” Leng Ruoxue had a good impression of spirit beasts like wolves.

“Beloved Master, Darling wants to be by your side. Wuu… wuu… wuu… Let Darling out!” Darling’s voice sounded in Leng Ruoxue’s head.

Hearing Darling’s voice, Leng Ruoxue felt helpless. She had locked Darling away in the Heaven and Earth Bracelet for quite some time, so the lively purple fox should be bored to death. With this thought, she let Darling out. Darling immediately transformed into a small fox and hopped onto Leng Ruoxue’s other shoulder. His fluffy face rubbed against Leng Ruoxue’s face affectionately. “Beloved Master, Darling missed you so much!”

Leng Ruoxue chose to ignore his cringiness.

The one human and two foxes entered the silver wolf tribe’s territory and found a meadow to be their campsite. The two small adorable foxes swiftly set up the tents that were many times their size and then prepared the rabbit meat Leng Ruoxue took out for dinner.

Leng Ruoxue started a fire and began grilling the rabbit meat. The two foxes lay her side and waited quietly.

When the rabbit meat was almost ready, Leng Ruoxue took out the seasonings she had prepared and sprinkled a pinch on the meat. Its fragrance quickly wafted far and wide.

This rabbit was called a wind rabbit. Although it was a low-level spirit beast, it was nimble and elusive. But its meat was delicious, and her gluttonous spirit beasts had caught many of them. She added some more seasonings while grilling the rabbit meat, bringing it even closer to perfection.

There were very few seasonings in this world. However, she found many herbs suitable for making seasonings in the Illusionary Forest, as well as a few wild peppers and chili. They made her, who loved spicy food, elated. She directly planted them in the fields in the Heaven and Earth Bracelet and had already harvested a lot.

Leng Ruoxue distributed the grilled rabbit meat to Charm and Darling and even let Quill and Blaze out. She also fed Qing Jue, who couldn’t leave the Heaven and Earth Bracelet, a rabbit thigh. She then took out some fish from the bracelet to grill.


Seeing the little beasts around her eating joyfully, Leng Ruoxue felt content. When she looked up, she inadvertently spotted an adorable palm-sized silver wolf standing not far away. Its big eyes glistened as it looked at her curiously and timidly, clearly wanting to come over but not daring to.

It must be a silver wolf cub.?Leng Ruoxue beckoned to the little guy, and it unexpectedly bolted over.

Leng Ruoxue picked a rabbit thigh that was not too spicy and handed it to the little wolf. The little wolf licked her hand in thanks and then started chewing on the rabbit thigh.


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