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Supreme Crazy Wife

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Leaving Home

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Leng Ruoxue put Baby down and picked up the palm-sized flame lion. She caressed him before reentering the bracelet and handing him over to Qing Jue. She then returned to her room.


“Grandpa, I plan to leave home for some time to gain experience,” Leng Ruoxue said to her grandfather the next day. Her knowledge of this world was currently limited to only what she had read. In fact, she had no idea what this world was really like, and this was very disadvantageous for her cultivation.

“Xue’er, aren’t you going to the academy to study?” Leng Qingtian was puzzled. Although it would be beneficial for his granddaughter to go out and experience the world, he couldn’t bear to part with her.

“Not for now. Let’s talk about it later!” She wanted to study at the academy before but not anymore. Nevertheless, if she had time in the future, she wanted to visit the library of the Heavenly Phoenix Academy. After all, it boasted having the most number of books on the Ling Feng Continent.

Leng Ruoxue knew that if she couldn’t reassure her grandfather, he would definitely worry about her leaving home alone. She didn’t want to have a bunch of people following her to protect her when she traveled. The thought of it scared her. So she decided to tell her grandfather about the bracelet after much deliberation yesterday.

“Where is this…” Leng Qingtian looked around in surprise.

“Grandpa, this is the space inside the bracelet I told you about,” Leng Ruoxue explained.

“The spiritual energy here is so dense…” Leng Qingtian was at a loss for words. What Xue’er had just told him was out of this world. If he hadn’t seen this place with his own eyes, he would have never believed it.?Xue’er is really blessed!

“Xue’er, don’t let anyone else know about this place,” Leng Qingtian warned her. After recovering from his initial shock, he immediately realized that if anyone knew about this place, his precious granddaughter would be in danger.

“Yes. If you weren’t my dearest grandpa, I wouldn’t have told you,” Leng Ruoxue said playfully.

“Grandpa, this is the heavenly essence pill my master concocted to help you break through to Spiritual Supremacy. And it won’t affect your future cultivation progress.” She passed him a jade vial. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

“Unexpectedly, there’s a pill that can help break through to Spiritual Supremacy!” Leng Qingtian couldn’t help but be excited. He had been stuck at peak Spiritual Sovereign for many years and had been unable to break through. Now he finally had a chance.

“And this is for Big Brother.” Leng Ruoxue handed her grandfather an emerald green fruit.

After settling everything, Leng Ruoxue left Phoenix City with Baby and Blaze.


The Illusionary Forest was the largest forest on the Ling Feng Continent, and it had countless spirit beasts and all sorts of heavenly materials and earthly treasures. But at the same time, it was extremely dangerous. However, as the saying went, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Most mercenary teams would choose the Illusionary Forest as their hunting ground. Moreover, many top families and academies favored it as the training ground for their descendants and students.

Leng Ruoxue was sitting on the falcon, with Baby on her lap, as they flew toward the Illusionary Forest. For her first stop, she chose this forest that was full of opportunities and perils.

She rolled open her map. The Illusionary Forest was within the borders of the Eastern Lagoon Empire, and the entrance was near Willow City, a medium-sized city in the east of the empire. Willow City was thousands of kilometers away from Phoenix City. At the speed her falcon was flying at, it would take about half a month to get there. This really dampened her spirits, but she didn’t have a flying spirit beast of her own, and falcons were the most commonly used flying spirit beasts. Furthermore, you didn’t even need a contract to use a falcon, so it was her best option. Nevertheless, she decided that she had to find a good flying spirit beast to contract with in the Illusionary Forest.

At dusk, Leng Ruoxue got the falcon to land in Gain City. It was a very small city, and there were few pedestrians on the streets at night. She picked a random inn and booked a room to spend the night. The main reason was actually to let the falcon rest. As a low-level spirit beast, a day of flight had already depleted its stamina. Moreover, falcons had poor eyesight at night and couldn’t navigate in the darkness.

Upon entering the room, Leng Ruoxue immediately entered the Heaven and Earth Bracelet. Seeing the falcon, which she had stored in the bracelet earlier, lying there quietly, she threw a pill to it. Because the ingredients were common, she had concocted this pill during her alchemy practice. Besides, the pill had no practical value, so she fed the falcon with it.

After consuming the pill, the falcon gently rubbed its head against her hand to show its affection.

Leng Ruoxue looked at the falcon and patted its head.?Who said that low-level spirit beasts had no intelligence? If you treat them well, they know how to reciprocate, unlike some ungrateful humans.

After comforting the falcon, she entered the purple bamboo house with Baby in her arms. Blaze and Qing Jue were waiting for her here. Seeing her, they jumped into her arms and even squeezed Baby aside. Noticing tears welling up in Baby’s aggrieved eyes, she couldn’t help finding it amusing. With Qing Jue’s support, Blaze was no longer as afraid of Baby as before.

“You three, don’t be naughty. Big Sister is going to cultivate,” Leng Ruoxue said.

After a night of cultivation, Leng Ruoxue exited the bracelet, checked out of her room, and went to the Mercenary Union, where she registered as a mercenary with martial artist as her profession.


Martial artist was the lowest among the four major professions. Those who chose to become martial artists were mostly those who couldn’t awaken their spiritual power and become spiritualists but still wanted to change their lives and status. Therefore, martial artists were generally commoners. Usually, martial artists would register at the Mercenary Union, and being a mercenary was their main source of income.

Martial artists had six stages. Only martial artists at the Martial Sovereign stage and above had the status to receive good treatment. Leng Ruoxue chose to become a martial artist to avoid unnecessary attention.

The Mercenary Union in Gain City was tiny and didn’t have many people, so registering was smooth. Afterward, she hopped onto the falcon and left Gain City.

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