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Supreme Crazy Wife

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Reincarnation (2)

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After listening for more than an hour, Leng Ruoxue finally sorted out what happened. It turned out that Lü Tao was so excited mainly because her foolish young miss became sober. This was absolutely great news for the General’s Mansion.

This was because the young miss they were talking about was not only intellectually disabled and mentally unsound since birth, but she was also the fiancé of the seventh prince, the culprit who hurt her. Her so-called fiancé not only disliked her for being a fool, but he also had a lover. Her love rival was Xu Na’er from the Xu family, one of the Five Great families. The foolish Leng Ruoxue had been very infatuated with her fiancé and had always done her best to be around him. She would chase after him whenever others mentioned where the seventh prince was. The Xu family used her feelings for the seventh prince to trick her out, humiliated her in every possible way, and injured her. This led her to her coma that lasted for three days, which she only awakened from today.


Moreover, she regained her sanity after waking up from the coma. No wonder the maidservants were so happy. Only Leng Ruoxue knew that it was not the foolish lady who woke up but a soul from another world. God allowed her to be reborn again even though she died in a plane crash, so she had to live a better life than her last life.

Seventh Prince Li Yu and Xu Na’er, just wait for me to exact my revenge!?She had to compensate the original owner of the body in certain ways. She would not let her death be in vain!

“Miss, you are so beautiful!” Chi Zhu combed Leng Ruoxue’s hair while looking at her beautiful face. It was a face so breathtaking that she was unable to move her eyes away, and she stared herself silly. She knew that her young miss was a beauty since a long time ago, but she did not expect that she would be so beautiful without makeup.

Leng Ruoxue was obviously much better than the previous few days. She looked at herself in the bronze mirror while sitting on the leather stool of the dressing table. She had a cold temperament, and her skin was tender and moisturized. Her beauty was enough for her to become the top beauty in the city, and she had to admit that this face was even more beautiful than the one she had in her previous life.

However, her appearance was not like what it was when she first saw how she looked. At that time, not only did she have thick powder on her face, but she also painted herself with all sorts of colors, and the clothes she was wearing were fancy too. She knew from the residual memories of the body that the original owner of the body made herself this way. This was because she heard that that was what the seventh prince liked. Moreover, her grandfather loved her so much that he let her do whatever she wanted.


Leng Ruoxue really didn’t expect this body to retain its memories and fuse with her own memories. Unfortunately, there were not many useful ones. The one thing she remembered the most was the scumbag seventh prince. However, she also knew that it was impossible to count on the memories of an intellectually disabled person. The reason for her injury was basically what Lü Tao had explained. She could not blame the two maidservants for not protecting her. She could only blame that scumbag for being too attractive.

“Miss, these are the books you wanted.” Lü Tao walked in with a few old books in her hand, interrupting her thoughts. Lü Tao placed the book gently in front of Leng Ruoxue and left the room with Chi Zhu so that they would not disturb their young miss reading. She knew that her young miss had fallen in love with reading since she woke up sober, and no one was allowed to interrupt her reading.

There were three books in total. The first was ‘Ling Feng Record’, which recorded the extraordinary people and marvels on this continent. It also included the origin of this continent, the distribution of countries, geographical locations, and the like. The second was ‘Summary of Spiritual Power’, which introduced the sources of types of spiritual power, how to awaken spiritual power, etc. There was also a book named ‘Introduction to Professions’, which was mainly a book that introduced the types and levels of professions. These books might be the most basic, but they were also what she needed to understand the most right now. i𝑛𝓷𝙧𝘦𝚊d. 𝚌o𝓶


Leng Ruoxue first read ‘Ling Feng Record’ and knew that this continent was called Ling Feng Continent. There were not only humans but also a wide range of spiritual beasts on the continent. And the current country she was in was the Eastern Lagoon Empire, one of the five most powerful countries on the Ling Feng Continent. The Five Great Countries and the Five Great Families were the top powers in this world. The people in this world admired the strong, and only the strong would be respected by others. Even those who had good pedigrees but were weak would be cast aside. The foolish Leng Ruoxue was the best example. She had a noble background, but because she was a fool, even ordinary civilians in the Eastern Lagoon Empire looked down on her. Leng Ruoxue was happy with her current predicament. She did not want to continue being someone who was bullied and scolded like rubbish. She was going to be a powerhouse who rose above the nine heavens! She would not be at the mercy of anyone!

‘Introduction to Professions’ introduced that the world’s most respected and powerful profession was spiritualist; while alchemists, artificers, and beast trainers were equally noble in status but were not admired by people because of the high threshold. Therefore, spiritualists could be said to be the most popular profession, but not everyone could become a high-status spiritualist. The first prerequisite for becoming a spiritualist was spiritual power awakening, and being able to awaken successfully to become a spiritualist probably only accounted for one-thousandth of the population. Becoming a spiritualist was also one of the basic requirements for becoming an alchemist, artificer, and beast trainer. This showed the importance of spiritualists.

The former owner of this body was a fool and had never awakened spiritual power. Leng Ruoxue was not sure whether she had the qualifications to cultivate spiritual power. Moreover, the best age for spiritual power awakening was between five to ten years old. She was already fifteen years old this year, and she didn’t know if she had any chance of awakening, but she had to try whether she could awaken or not. She had never been a person who would give up easily, not to mention that this was only her first test to becoming a powerhouse!

Leng Ruoxue carefully read the content described in ‘Summary of Spiritual Power’, especially the important part about spiritual power awakening. She decided to carry out spiritual power awakening after she had learned it by heart.

“Lü Tao.”

“Miss.” Lü Tao heard the lady calling her and responded from outside the door. She opened the door, slowed her footsteps, and walked in softly.

“Lü Tao, I want to try spiritual power awakening. Remember, don’t allow anyone to disturb me.” Leng Ruoxue raised her beautiful eyes slightly and ordered.

“Miss!” Lü Tao opened her mouth slightly, wanting to say something but stopped herself. In fact, she originally wanted to persuade her to wait for the general to return before she started her spiritual awakening. Her young miss was already fifteen years old, and there was no precedent for someone on the Ling Feng Continent to complete a successful spiritual awakening at fifteen years old. She was afraid of the danger, but after several days of getting along with her young miss, she knew that her young miss had a strong desire to become a powerhouse. She knew that her young miss would not change her mind once she had decided. In the words of her young miss, how could she know that she would not succeed if she did not try? Moreover, how could she become a powerhouse if she did not have the courage to try? Lü Tao knew that her young miss was right, so she did not try to dissuade her after thinking about it.

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