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Super Godly Machine Army

Super Godly Machine Army

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Lu Qiu





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Chinese Novel


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Jiang Li accidentally transmigrated to a fantasy world along with a game called Super Godly Machine Army.

[Ruler Panel]

[Ruler: Jiang Li]

[Game: Super Godly Machine Army]

[Interface: Military Units]

[Infantry Machine Unit], [Navy Machine Unit], [Air Force Machine Unit], [Space Machine Unit], [Special Forces Machine Unit]

[Energy Points: 0]

[Soul Sparks: 0]

Soon, Jiang Li created Combat Machine Soldiers, Electric Machine Soldiers, Liquid Metal Machine Soldiers, Machine Dragon Riders, Nether Energy Machine Soldiers, Machine Engineers and many more.

This was the story of a man in a fantasy world who became invincible by creating a machine army that dominated the world.

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