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855 Fate

“I’m here to see what you two are talking about,”

bai zifeng smiled. ” hubby, it’s just as zi ‘er said. i’ve always believed in you. it’s because of this that i agreed to your request. ”

“At that time,”

you’re only 3000 Dao Masters. Who knows how far you’re from the ancestor of the great Dao? ”

” but didn’t you still disregard everything and say what you felt in front of everyone? ”

“Why are you so confused now?”


jiang li opened his mouth and looked at jiang zi and bai zifeng who were standing beside him. he took a deep breath and smiled.


why? ” Jiang Li asked. what am I confused about? ”


“No matter what the final result is, at the very least, we’ve done our best,” Jiang Zi said firmly.

“Even if I fail.”

“We will also not regret it.”


” haha. ” jiang li laughed. ” well said. you’re my son indeed. ”

After that.

Jiang Li, Bai Zifeng, and Jiang Zi held hands tightly.


Ten years later.

Jiang Li returned to earth and entered the Jiang family’s ancestral land.

He was in a deadly seclusion.

This time.

Jiang Li put aside all his confusion and concerns. He took out the Tao Te Ching and immersed himself in it, trying to understand the mysteries of it.

Countless Dao characters were spinning around Jiang Li like tadpoles.

Nine years later.

Maybe it was because Jiang Li had been reading and studying the Tao Te Ching for the past million years, or because he had thrown away all his worries and confusion.

Jiang Li had a new understanding.

That’s right.

He had comprehended the ‘Dao’.

He had comprehended the ‘Dao’ of the ‘ancestor of Dao’ from the ‘Tao Te Ching’.

In such a situation.

Just like how the ‘master of the heavenly Dao’ comprehended the great Dao created by the ‘ancestor of the great Dao’, Jiang Li comprehended the’ Dao ‘created by the’ ancestor of the Dao ‘this time.


The scene in front of him changed.


The scene changed.

Jiang Li’s consciousness entered a mysterious world. When he ‘opened’ his eyes, he saw a familiar face.


It’s actually me, Li Er!

“You’ve finally come.”

I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Li Er smiled and looked at Jiang Li.

“Senior,” he said.

Oh? ” Jiang Li came back to his senses. what is this place? ”

“You don’t have to call me senior anymore.”

“Since you’ve already comprehended the ‘Dao’ of the ‘Dao ancestor’, then you’re the same as me, an existence of the same level,” Lear said, waving his hand.

“The daofather’s Dao.”

Jiang Li took a deep breath and understood.


Li Er nodded. that’s right. Back then, when I created the ‘Tao Te Ching’ and comprehended the omnipresent ‘Dao’, I resonated with the’ Dao ancestor’.

“And so ...”

“I entered this place and became the ‘clone’ of the ‘Dao ancestor’ that roamed the universe.”



Lear extended two fingers. you have two choices.


Dao ancestor? ” Jiang Li asked, ” senior, can you tell me where the ‘Dao ancestor’ is? ” What realm is he at?”

“Like I said, you don’t have to call me senior.”

Li Er said.

“I’m used to it,”

senior, ” Jiang Li said. I’ll call you senior.

“As you wish.”

“You want to see Dao ancestor?” Li Er asked.


okay. Jiang Li nodded.


“Alright,” he said.

Li Er agreed.

After that.

Jiang Li looked over and saw a figure sitting in a circle in front of him.

There was only his back view.

In that instant.


” ah! ” jiang li screamed as if his consciousness had collapsed.

At this moment.

It was just a glance.

Jiang Li seemed to see everything, the root of everything, all things, all kinds of information, and all kinds of unpredictable horror.

he couldn’t look at it at all.

“This bi an ...”

Jiang Li was shocked.

“Did you see that?”

Li ‘er said, ” this is Dao ancestor. It’s just that when Dao ancestor created’ Dao’, he also became ‘Dao’. When the’ Dao ‘created by Dao ancestor took control of the entire universe ocean, and the heavens and realms created countless laws and rules, heavenly Dao, and great Dao with Dao as the foundation ...

“The daofather is also slowly beginning to be influenced by the ‘Dao’.”

“Water can carry a boat, but it can also capsize a boat.”


I can’t believe it, ” Jiang Li said. I can’t believe it.

“If I have to give the cultivation level of ‘Dao ancestor’ a title ...”

“it can be called the beginning of dao.”

“The beginning of Dao.”

Jiang Li murmured.

in Dao ancestor’s current state, even he himself can’t change the operation of ‘Dao’. That’s because changing’ Dao ‘is destroying himself.

Li Er continued, ” I walk as the incarnation of the Dao ancestor and act according to the will of the Dao ancestor.

“in fact,”

“Dao ancestor walked out of the ‘Super Fantasy world’, and he didn’t want to see the destruction of the’ Super Fantasy world’,” Li Er said.

“I also don’t want the living spirit race to die out.”


The ‘Dao’ has been set! can not be changed!”

“Is there really no other way?”

what? ” Jiang Li asked.

“there is.”

” of course, ” li er said. ” there are forty-nine chances of dao evolution, but one will disappear if one burrows into the earth. in other words, everything has a chance of survival. it’s not destined. ”

“What is a chance of survival?”

what? ” Jiang Li asked.

“didn’t you find it?”

Lear smiled. furthermore, you have already succeeded.

“That is to comprehend the ‘Dao’.”

as long as you can successfully comprehend ‘Dao’ and operate according to ‘Dao’, you won’t be affected in any way. You’ll be able to grasp that chance of survival, ” Lear said.

“that’s why i said you have two choices.”

Lear extended two fingers again.

“What choice?”

jiang li asked.

“The first one.”

integrate the ‘Dao’, integrate the’ Dao ‘you’ve comprehended, just like what I’m doing now, ” Lear said. you will exercise the rights of the’ Dao ‘and act according to everything in the’ Dao’.

“And you will be with the ‘Dao’ for all eternity.”

“no longer affected by anything.”

even if the entire living spirit race perishes and all the ancestors of the great Dao die, you won’t have any problems. You can even sit still and watch the rise and fall of fate.

“Of course.”

if you choose this step, then you must operate according to the rules of ‘Dao’. You can’t disobey, obstruct, or make any changes.

“Am I the only one who can live?”

Jiang Li asked.


li er nodded. ” only you, because you are the only one who has comprehended ‘dao’. ”

“What’s the second?”

Jiang Li asked.


lear shrugged his shoulders. ” without a doubt, that is to give up on the integration with the ‘dao’. then, you will die in the upcoming cultivation tribulation. ”


Jiang Li fell silent again.


even though lear said he had two choices, it was only one.

Angelica and death.


Dao ancestor. Jiang Li raised his head and looked at Li Er. Even though he was in extreme pain and his consciousness was about to collapse, he was still staring at the back of the ‘Dao ancestor’.

“This is not the result I want.”

if there’s a way for one person to live alone, then there’s a chance for the entire race to survive, ” Jiang Li said. merging with the Dao is only a chance for one person.

“and what i want ...”

“It’s the ‘tunneling to the ground’ that makes the myriad world and myriad world more flexible.”


As soon as he finished speaking.

Jiang Li’s consciousness disappeared from the ‘Dao world of origin’ in the ‘universe ocean’.

Only Li Er was left.

As well as the ‘Dao ancestor’, who had been sitting in a circle, with only his back view.

“First there was the daofather, then there was the Daoist.”

Li Er also couldn’t look straight at the ‘Dao ancestor’. His eyes were bleeding. Dao ancestor, can he really find a chance to live for all the creatures in the world? ”



There was only silence!


In the closed-door cultivation room.

Jiang Li woke up and spat out blood.

what was more terrifying was ...

The remaining power of ‘Dao’ spread in Jiang Li’s body. Countless cracks appeared in his body of Dao. The mechanical Dao seemed to be wailing.


It was terrifying!

Jiang Li just looked at the Dao ancestor and almost died.

It was too terrifying.

“I will definitely find it.”


Jiang Li went into closed-door cultivation again.

This time.

However, Jiang Li’s consciousness was divided into thousands of parts. With the help of the ‘super mechanical Army’ and the ‘game God’, every part of his consciousness became a’ game character’.

Of course.

Jiang Li’s game characters weren’t just the living creatures, but even the new ones. Jiang Li’s consciousness incarnation grabbed a handful of sand and threw it into his face.

they appeared in every corner of universe ocean.


This was the solution Jiang Li thought of.

He was sensing all the creatures in the universe, the new generation, and all the experiences in universe ocean. All the experiences would become a part of Jiang Li’s memory.

They would become the resources for Jiang Li to find a chance to survive.

However ...

Ten thousand years after Jiang Li went into seclusion.

The war had broken out again.

Furthermore ...

This battle was even more brutal. The great Dao ancestors gave it their all and didn’t hold back. The two sides fought into the deepest part of universe ocean.

Countless wails could be heard.


The myriad world and myriad spirits were withering!

Countless members of the new generation were dying.


The patriarchs of the great Dao were making their final efforts and venting their anger. They were still hoping that they could stop all this as long as they killed all the new ancestors.

“Where’s Jiang Li?”

The reincarnation ancestral God was covered in blood as he roared, ” “where is he? Why didn’t he appear this time? Why? Could it be that he has already given up?”




The patriarchs of the great Dao roared.


Bai Zifeng and the martial ancestor were silent.


only one-tenth of universe ocean was left in the territory of the living beings.

He had already reached a dead end.

“You all have no hope.”

the heaven Lord looked down at the various great Dao ancestors.

“Just give up.”

The ancestor of the demonic dragon clan looked at the ancestors of the great Dao and said, ” “You already knew, didn’t you? It’s impossible, and resistance is futile. Everything is already set in stone.”

“Isn’t it enough to kill so many of our new generation race?”

“Accept the reality.”

The group of new born ancestors roared.

The world of the great cosmos.

On earth.

Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz!

Jiang Li’s consciousness was all over universe ocean. Although he was in seclusion, he still knew about the war and the defeat of the living beings.

However ...

Jiang Li didn’t come out of seclusion.

Because ...

When the experiences of countless consciousness incarnations appeared in Jiang Li’s mind like a movie, countless scenes appeared in front of his eyes.

“All of everything is so disdainful.”

Jiang Li suddenly looked up and opened his eyes. The river of fate was reflected in his pupils. it’s all destined!

“Everything has ‘fate’.”

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