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854 Chapter 853-Dao discussion

“He’s missing?”

Jiang Li didn’t believe it. how can I just go missing? ” Something must have happened, and it must have happened after that great battle.”

“Why? Why is it like this?”

At this moment.

Jiang Li’s mind was filled with confusion because he couldn’t think of where his father was. He couldn’t find his father, Li Er, and he couldn’t think of a way to break out of this situation.

Everything was lost again.

Only time continued to pass by. The ‘present’ sea water in universe ocean continued to erode the ‘void’ sea water, and the area of the living beings became smaller and smaller.

Countless worlds were destroyed.

The most important thing was ...

Another hundred thousand years passed.

The ‘existing’ water had already occupied four-fifths of universe ocean, and the area occupied by the living beings was only one-fifth. Even ten thousand years ago, one of the greater worlds, the ‘immortal world’, had been destroyed.

Finally ...

The new generation launched a full-scale invasion of the living race.

At the front line of the border battlefield in universe ocean.

All the time.

There were tragic Wars breaking out. Countless creatures had died and become dust in universe ocean. There might not even be any dust left.

The patriarchs of the great Dao had participated in the war many times, but they could not stop the attack of the new generation.

Even though ...

There were only 30 new ancestors in the new life race, while the living spirit race had 32 great Dao ancestors, including Jiang Li and Bai Zifeng.

however ...

I’m missing.


There were only 31 left.

In addition, Bai Zifeng was pregnant, and her combat power had dropped drastically. At most, they could only be considered 30 patriarchs of the great Dao. The top combat power of the two races was equal.

In reality.

He didn’t know how long this situation could last.

Jiang Li would always read the Tao Te Ching that his father gave him from time to time, trying to find a way to solve this problem.

“The nameless origin of all things, the famous mother of all things.”

that’s why, in universe ocean, the water named ‘Wu’ is the beginning of everything. As time passes,’you’ is the mother of all things.


“Is this the final result of the operation of the Dao?”

therefore, no matter if it’s the heavenly Dao or the great Dao, all things, all spirits, all worlds, all laws, and all rules are actually the operation of ‘Dao’. Everything has been predestined.

“I can’t change this ending.”

“Because this is the fate of the ‘Dao’.”

There was silence.

Jiang Li kept silent.

Thinking of this ...

Jiang Li felt helpless.


It was impossible to change and end all of this, unless one could surpass ‘Dao’?

However ...

Was that even possible?

That was impossible!


Jiang Li kept silent.

One had to know.

When ‘Dao’ had been created by ‘Dao ancestor’, it had maintained the operation of universe ocean. On the basis of’ Dao’, countless laws, rules, and heavenly Dao had been created.

in the end.

He had even created the great Dao.


the ‘dao’, which had been a little thin at the beginning, had become a supreme existence under the filling of the myriad world and myriad spirits. it had become the’ dao ‘that controlled the entire universe ocean.

Even the ancestors of the great Dao would feel tiny in front of this ‘Dao’.

Perhaps it was because only one-fifth of the area was left, which was the source of the living creatures, that the expansion of the ‘existing’ sea water began to slow down.


It gave the living beings more time.

Finally ...

Until seven hundred and ninety thousand years later.

Waa waa waa

there was a cry.

Jiang Li’s child was born. The child between Jiang Li and Bai Zifeng was a boy. When he was born, the phenomenon of the great Dao appeared.

Furthermore ...

This Dao phenomenon affected the entire universe ocean in an instant.

when he was born.

Jiang Li’s children were the ‘Masters of rules’.

They were born with ‘laws’!


he’s born. My biological grandson is born.

The martial ancestor shouted excitedly.

“Alright, alright, alright.”

Jiang Yan’s face was full of smiles.


Jiang beiguo laughed.

“My grandson is finally born.”

“I’ve been pregnant for 990000 years,” Zheng qiushui replied.


The myriad worlds were celebrating.

The patriarchs of the great Dao of the six clans had all come to congratulate him.

Jiang Li named his child ‘Jiang Zi’. He used his name and Bai Zifeng’s name to form the name.

This celebration lasted for a full nine years.

Jiang Zi also grew up under the love of thousands.

Because she was the ‘child of Dao’, Jiang Zi’s height and appearance had always been that of a child, even though her mind had matured very quickly.

He looked like a mischievous child.

Jiang Li was happy to see his child born and grow up happily, but every time he thought about the more serious situation, he felt that he had to be careful.

Jiang Li always frowned.

“Is there really no other way?”

jiang li took a deep breath.

A thousand years later.

jiang zi was already an eleven or twelve-year-old teenager. she was really beautiful and extremely handsome. every time she appeared, she would attract countless women.

Even Jiang Li, her father, was a little envious.

However ...

And it was this year.

Jiang Zi created the heavenly Dao of morality and became the master of the heavenly Dao.


At the same time.

The final battle also erupted this year.

Furthermore ...

The ‘present’ seawater suddenly accelerated the erosion and transformation of the ‘void’ seawater. The resistance of ‘void’ had also reached its limit and could no longer continue.

As expected.

With such a speed.

Ten thousand years at most.

Everything would be over.

The living spirit race would be exterminated.

Even if Jiang Li was the ancestor of Dao, he wouldn’t be able to stop them. He might even die with them. Everything would be over.

“You want it to end like this?”

no way! Jiang Li took a deep breath. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit. absolutely impossible!


Jiang Li yelled.

BOOM! boom! BOOM!

Within universe ocean.

Endless battles broke out. Jiang Li rushed in and killed countless newbies, but he was quickly stopped by the heaven Lord. The two started fighting again.

“jiang li.”

” Hmph! the heaven Lord coldly laughed. I told you long ago that everything you did was a futile struggle.

“Hmph,” he snorted.

I won’t give up until the last moment, ” Jiang Li scolded. I won’t give up so easily.



the battle of the great daos broke out again.

At this moment.

Including Jiang Li and Bai Zifeng, the battle between the 31 great Dao ancestors and the 30 new generation ancestors broke out.

It produced an unparalleled might.

However ...

Even if the living beings had the advantage, it would be of no use.

A hundred years later.

Jiang Li and the others led the living beings to retreat to the battlefield to strengthen their defense and resist the invasion of the new generation. Even Jiang Zi joined the battle.

“Zi ‘er,”

On this day.

Jiang Li stood in universe ocean with his hands behind his back. Behind him was the vast universe and the Super Fantasy world.


Jiang Li’s universe and the Super Fantasy world had become the Core Worlds of the living beings.

“Father.” 𝘪𝗻n𝑟e𝑎𝒅. 𝘤𝒐m

Jiang Zi was dressed in a white robe. She looked young, but there was an extremely strong murderous aura between her brows.

“How much longer do you think we can hold on?”

Jiang Li asked.


Jiang Zi was silent.

Zi ‘er, ever since you were born, the new born race has already become powerful. Even if our life spirit race has one more ancestor of the great Dao than the new born race, we still can’t avoid the arrival of this day.

” i can’t, ” jiang li said slowly. ” if we can’t stop the spread of ‘something’, we can’t stop it. ”

“This isn’t father’s fault.”

Jiang Zi said.


Jiang Zi paused for a moment, then continued,”Does it really have to be destroyed between the new generation race and the living spirit race?”

“can’t they co-exist?”


No. Jiang Li shook his head. do you really think we can decide all of this? No, that’s not true. Whether it’s our living spirit race or their new life race, we can’t stop the spread of ‘some’. ”

“The general trend has been set.”

“Do you really think that the new generation race is willing to fight to the death with us? No, that’s not it. They’re equally afraid, equally afraid of death.”

“Everything seems to be controlled by an invisible ‘hand’, and this invisible’ hand ‘is called: He said.”

“The ‘Dao’ has decided everything.”

“you can understand?”

“Dao Taowu”

Jiang Zi was stunned for a moment before she reacted. all of this is related to the ‘Dao ancestor’? ”

“Be careful with your words.”

jiang li said.


Jiang Zi shut her mouth.

After a while.

Jiang Zi couldn’t help but ask,”so, is this the reason why the Dao ancestor’s clone suddenly disappeared?” This is because everything has already been decided by the ‘Dao’. ”


Jiang Zi finally understood. I understand now, ” he said. in fact, our true opponent from the beginning was never the new generation.

“But ‘Dao’, right?” he asked.

the ‘Dao’ that rules, determines, and confirms everything? ”


Jiang Li was silent. He looked down at the rolling universe ocean and didn’t say anything else.

That’s right!

Jiang Zi was right.

From the beginning to the end.

the true enemy would not be the new generation.

It was Dao.

However ...

Want to resist the ‘Dao’?

Was that even possible?

That’s impossible!

it was impossible to succeed!

He was destined to fail.

In reality.

jiang li didn’t understand these things until the day jiang zi was born. he understood the root of everything, but the more he understood, the more helpless he felt.

Jiang Li was thinking the same thing.

Perhaps the other great Dao ancestors also knew about this, but they chose to remain silent, not discuss, and not discuss this matter because they didn’t want everyone to despair.


Jiang Zi took a deep breath. He looked at Jiang Li with admiration and said, ” “I’ve known since I was born.”

my father is invincible. He is omnipotent. He is the strongest, best, most outstanding, omnipotent, and most omnipotent father in the world.

“no matter what the final result is.”

“I’ve always believed in you.”


At this moment.

” jiang li. ” bai zifeng arrived and walked towards jiang li slowly. her eyes were filled with gentleness as she came to jiang li’s side.

“Honey, what are you doing here?”

jiang li was stunned.

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