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“That guy, what is he doing?” Zhao Peipei widened his eyes and watched.

“Is he using some kind of special weapon?” people murmured in doubt.

“That looks like something made by connecting a few iron tubes and rods. What can it do? Can it stop a few hundred people of the Quicksand Gang?”

“That’s impossible. I don’t believe it.”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Brothers, let’s go!”

The three Hall Masters in the front sensed danger and slowed down, but the other members had been carried away by the rewards so they rushed forward.

Bang! The Firearm Mech pulled the trigger.

“Fire!” Jiang Li waved his hand.

Bang! Bang! The instant that the Firearm Mech pulled the trigger, fire spouted out of the muzzle of the machine gun. The machine gun was shaking and the smell of gunpowder spread. The bullet chain vibrated, but the machine gun didn’t affect the Firearm Mech at all.

Tinkle, tinkle. Many yellow shell cases dropped on the floor, but their sounds were masked by the gunfire. The sky was like raining bullets.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Blood! There was blood everywhere.

The bullets pierced through human bodies. Even Martial Artists that had internal force couldn’t stop the bullets. The members of the Quicksand Gang in the front screamed and fell down one after another. Their bodies like a sieve.

Powerful! The machine gun was too powerful! Not to mention that the weapons used by the meches in the “Legendary Mech Army” were enhanced.

At this moment the Firearm Mech seemed to have become Death, a reaper on the battlefield. The cruel bullets pierced through the internal force and bodies of the Martial Artists.


“He’s a monster! He must be a monster!”


One minute. The machine gun kept firing for a minute and used up three hundred rounds, killing almost a hundred people. A hundred dead bodies lay on the ground, while those who survived moaned painfully. They were devastated!

The members of the Quicksand Gang collapsed.

It was horrible! That weird weapon was too terrifying. This guy wasn’t human, but a devil that took lives away. How could they fight with him? They couldn’t anymore. They would die if they rushed ahead.

Although the rewards Heng Liusha was offering were tempting, they had to at least be alive to collect them.

“Gulp!” The Hall Masters and elders of the Quicksand Gang swallowed hard with a terrified look. Their eyes were full of fear and their legs were shaking.

Scared! Frightened! They backed away.

“Chief… Chief…” Ma Han looked at the back of the Firearm Mech in awe. He was excited and he felt like he was on fire.

Nobody would have thought that under such a situation, Jiang Li could turn the tides and kill hundreds of members of the Quicksand Gang.

“That’s impressive. Chief is truly impressive.” Wang Chao yelled excitedly, “People of the Quicksand Gang, come here if you have guts. Come, come here! If you don’t, you’re a coward.”

“Hahaha…” Wang Chao laughed.

“This guy…”

“This kid is holding sway.”

“If it wasn’t for that creepy weapon, I would have killed him.”

“Damn it!”

The people of the Quicksand Gang were enraged.

“Chief, what do we do now? Should we stop?” Xu Ya asked.

“Stop? Jiang Li shook his head. He looked at Heng Liusha and glanced over the members of the Quicksand Gang, then said coldly, “No, we’ll finish the Quicksand Gang today.”

“Attack, keep firing,” Jiang Li yelled.

“Yes, Master.”

Swish! The Cold Weapon Mech attacked first. He sped towards the Hall Masters and elders of the Quicksand Gang as he pulled out the long blade and sword on his back. He held the blade with his left hand and the sword with his right. The weapons then created beams of light and the air seemed to have been torn apart.

Bang! Bang! The machine gun started firing again. Fire spouted out of the muzzle and bullets were like raindrops. The rate of fire reached 300 rounds. It was taking lives cruelly. The Martial Artists weren’t weak, but they couldn’t get away from the machine gun. A massacre! This was a massacre!

Two people went after a few hundred.

“Run.” The people of the Quicksand Gang were terrified. They only wanted to stay alive, so all of them turned around and ran outside of the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs. They escaped! They all escaped!

“Argh!” Heng Liusha shouted furiously, but Wang Gang dragged him away from Jiang Li, so he couldn’t get closer.

“I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna kill you!” Heng Liusha shouted.

“Go after them. Kill them all,” Jiang Li ignored Heng Liusha and said.


The machine gun fired for another three minutes, using up the remaining nine hundred rounds. The Firearm Mech immediately threw away the machine gun and put down the bullet box on his back. He then took the rifle and submachine gun off his shoulders.

He held his rifle on his left hand and the submachine gun on his right, then performed the gun art and shot the escaping members of the Quicksand Gang at a distance.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Those members were shot one after another.

At the same time, the Cold Weapon Mech was chasing after the Hall Masters and elders, who were at the peak stage of level one. Since the mech had reached the perfected stage, those people couldn’t run away at all. They were killed one by one.

The dead bodies of the Quicksand Gang were all over the place. And the smell of blood was overpowering.

Since the meches killed so many level-one Martial Artists during the battle, Jiang Li got two level-one Soul Tinders. He now had four of them and could unlock the “Intel Meches.”

The battle hadn’t ended yet, so Jiang Li didn’t have time to check the changes of mech types.

“Raging Bear Paw!” A roar sounded. It was like the roar of a bear deep in the mountains, shaking the entire forest.

Everyone could see the source of the roar. Heng Liusha burnt his vital energy and his internal force surged. His body flushed and swelled and steam poured out. He performed a powerful Martial Art.


“Combat Art.” Wang Gang yelled and let out all of the power of the combat art. He gave a hundred punches, creating explosions in the air.

Boom! Heng Liusha smacked down like a bear. Their hands hit against each other, making a thunderous sound. Waves of air spread around from the two of them.

Crack! Crack! The marble floor cracked and the cracks extended in all directions, forming the shape of a spider web.

Tap, tap, tap. Wang Gang took a dozen steps back.

Pfft! Heng Liusha spurted out blood. Wang Gang injured his organs, but he forcefully suppressed the injuries and burnt his vital energy in exchange for stronger power.

The thing was, burning vital energy was risky for Martial Artists. When the battle ended, the Martial Artist would become weak and needed a long time to recover. There might even be a chance of dropping to a lower level since it would hurt the root of the body.

“Jiang Li!” Heng Liusha shouted and rushed towards Jiang Li like an angry bear. Before his attack hit, it had created a strong wind.

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