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A Conflict

“You want to kill me? You were still a baby when I risked my life fighting with people.” Du Kelin shouted as his chubby cheeks wiggled like waves, “Here, surround them.”

“Also, you’re their leader, right? A second-rate gang is nothing.” Du Kelin glared at Jiang Li in disdain.

Clomp, clomp, clomp. Around the store some footsteps sounded. The guards of the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs heard Du Kelin and rushed over immediately. In a heartbeat, a dozen people surrounded Jiang Li and the others.

“Who’s making trouble here?” The leader of the guards, Jing Yeling, was tall and his eyes looked fierce. There was a steel machete hanging on his waist. He glanced at Du Kelin and stared at Jiang Li and the others.

“Chief Jing, there they are.” Du Kelin pointed at Jiang Li and the others.

“Guys, do you wanna go by yourself or should I ask someone to escort you out?” Jing Yeling said.

“You’re sending us away without knowing what’s going on?” Wang Chao said furiously. “We’re here to buy herbs, but this fat guy refused to sell anything to us. How can you do business like this?”

Jing Yeling frowned and said, “That’s not my responsibility and I don’t know anything about that as well, but you definitely can’t make trouble in the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs.”

“Haha.” Du Kelin snickered.

“Chief, what should we do?” Xu Ya looked at Jiang Li.

“I wanna meet your boss,” Jiang Li stepped forward and said.

“Haha, our boss isn’t someone you can meet anytime you want.” Du Kelin smiled and grunted, “Who are you anyway? Chief Jing, don’t waste any more time. Throw these people out now, so they won’t affect our business.”

“Now, please,” Jing Yeling said as he showed the way to the door with his right hand.

“Since you’re so unreasonable, I’ll not argue with you.” Jiang Li became cold and yelled, “Do it.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

After that, the three meches behind Jiang Li simultaneously rushed at the guards at a high speed. Those guards were only elementary-level Martial Artists, so they were no match for the meches.

“Argh!” There were screams everywhere.

In thirty seconds, a dozen guards all fell on the ground, letting out cries. They wouldn’t be able to get up in a while.

“You!” Jing Yeling was astonished. “Such speed and strength. These people are Martial Artists.”

“They’re powerful.”

“These guards are mostly at the peak stage of the elementary level. They aren’t weak, but those people knocked them down so easily. The Sirius Gang is indeed something.”

“Things are getting serious.”

“The Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs is supported by the ‘City Lord Mansion.’ They’ve already offended the Quicksand Gang, and now, the City Lord Mansion. The Sirius Gang is in great trouble.”

People talked to each other quietly.

Then Jing Yeling attacked immediately. He quickly approached Jiang Li and pulled out his steel machete, slashing from above.

Jiang Li looked calm as if he didn’t see Jing Yeling’s attack and he didn’t care about it at all.



Wang Gang gave a punch, which created the sound of explosion in the air. His powerful energy broke Jing Yeling’s steel machete. Jing Yeling let out a cry as he flew backwards and he spurted out blood.

One punch and he was severely injured!

“Gasp…” People around gasped.

“Jing Yeling is a Martial Artist who practices internal force, but Jiang Li’s man injured him like that. Even his steel machete was split in half,” someone said in shock.

“You… You…” Du Kelin trembled and his face turned white. He was apparently frightened. “J… Jiang Li, this is the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs. You hurt so many of our men. There’s no way you can walk out of here alive. Come here, come here.” Du Kelin yelled.

“We have a problem.”



In thirty seconds, the guards of the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs came from all directions and blocked all the ways out. There were at least a hundred of them, flooding the entire first floor.

“Chief Zhao,” Du Kelin was thrilled and he shouted.

Zhao Peipei was the Chief Leader of the guards. He looked cold and was two meters tall. He was carrying a spear on his back and was walking in the front. He glanced at Du Kelin, then Jing Yeling and the others who were on the floor.

Finally, he looked at Jiang Li.

“Did you hurt them?” Zhao Peipei asked.

“I’m here for business, not to make trouble,” Jiang Li exclaimed.

After all, Jiang Li only wanted the herbs, not more enemies.

“Business? You don’t seem like you’re doing business,” Zhao Peipei said.

“He refused to sell us the herbs,” Wang Chao pointed at Du Kelin and yelled.

“Du Kelin, what’s going on?” Zhao Peipei asked.

“This…” Du Kelin paused for a while and continued, “Chief Zhao, they’re from the Sirius Gang. You know, the Sirius Gang offended the Quicksand Gang. If we sell herbs to them, we’ll also be in trouble.”

“The Sirius Gang. Are you Jiang Li?” Zhao Peipei sized Jiang Li up curiously.

“That’s me.” Jiang Li nodded.

“Chief Jiang, we’re not responsible for dealing with business matters, so I can’t decide if we can sell you the herbs or not,” Zhao Peipei said. “However, you hurt the guards of the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs, which is a provocation to us. It’s my responsibility to maintain the safety and order of this place. So, I have no choice but to offend you. Besiege them.”

Zhao Peipei waved his hand.

The guards immediately came up. A few of the guards were Martial Artists of early-stage level one, while Zhao Peipei had reached the peak stage.

“Chief,” Ma Han said anxiously. “They have too many people.”

Xu Ya took out her long whip.


“Haha.” Du Kelin was even more arrogant.

“That doesn’t mean they’ll win,” Jiang Li said calmly.


Wang Gang stayed next to Jiang Li. He stomped his foot gently and the marble floor cracked. A pit was formed.


Zhao Peipei widened his eyes and pulled out the spear on his back.

“Stop,” Seeing the conflict escalate, someone at the stairs shouted.

“My… Young Master.” Zhao Peipei wanted to say “my Lady,” but that Young Master stared at him. He immediately corrected himself and bowed. “Young Master, why are you here?”

Du Kelin knelt on the floor. “Greetings, Young Master.”

“The Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs is not a gang. Friendliness is conducive to our success, but now you’re fighting in here at midnight,” the Young Master yelled.

Jiang Li looked over and saw a boy in a blue gown walking towards them with a folding fan in his hand. He had a curvy body figure and fair skin. Even women weren’t as stunning as he was.


“A girl disguising as a boy?” Jiang Li saw the fair skin of the Young Master and the fact that he had no Adam’s apple.

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