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Jiang Li nodded and entered the vault. There were many wooden boxes inside and rows of weapon shelves. Most of the weapons were ordinary iron weapons like swords and machetes.

“Open the boxes,” Jiang Li waved and said.

“Okay, Chief.” Luo Yi nodded and opened the boxes one after another. The glitters from the jewelry shone on everyone’s face and there were some white silver arranged neatly in the boxes.

There were a huge number of them, but they couldn’t see the exact number. They had to do a count.

Of course, apart from the gold, silver, jewelry, antiques and paintings, there were a hundred bottles of Blood Energy Pills with ten pills each. This was much more than the amount the Scorpion Gang had.

Besides, Jiang Li saw three “Vitality Strengthening Pills” in an exquisite jade bottle.

“Nice.” Jiang Li was thrilled but he didn’t show it. He glanced over them carefully. Most of the herbs were under a century old, which were normal non-graded ones, but there were plenty of them.

Around a hundred. There were also nine Spirit Herbs that were a century old.

“This is…” Jiang Li saw a gorgeous, luxurious jade box on the side of the vault, which stood out from the surrounding boxes. He walked over, then picked it up and opened it.

A dagger!

There was a black dagger inside the jade box. It glittered under the light and was letting out a chill. It was definitely a powerful weapon.

“Chief, this is a cold iron dagger.” Luo Yi exclaimed, “It’s made with a special material called ‘cold iron.’ It can cut iron like mud. The dagger itself even contains a chill and is one of the best level-one weapons.”

“Oh, really?” Jiang Li was interested. He held the cold iron dagger in his hand and really felt a chill running through his hand to his body. He resisted it with his vital energy.


Jiang Li swung the dagger and created a beam of light in the air. An iron sword on the weapon shelf was split in half with a smooth incision.

“It’s really sharp.” Jiang Li’s eyes brightened. “When I slashed the sword, I couldn’t feel any resistance, as if I was cutting a piece of tofu.”

“Congratulations for getting such a strong weapon, Chief,” Luo Yi said.

“Hm, that’s alright.” Jiang Li put the cold iron dagger back into the jade box and said, “Ask someone to make a case for the cold iron dagger.”

“Got it.” Luo Yi nodded.

Jiang Li left the vault of Eagle Claw Hall and continued searching. He found plenty of gold, silver, herbs and a few books in Lin Tianying’s room.

“Pang Kui, Wu Zong, Xu Ya, send someone here to bring all these things back to the Sirius Gang,” Jiang Li walked to the courtyard and yelled.

“Yes, Chief.” Pang Kui and the others replied loudly.

“Chief Jiang.” Officer Li came up to Jiang Li with a smile.

“You are?” Jiang Li sized up Officer Li and saw the patrols behind him. He had guessed the identity of Officer Li, but he didn’t say it.

“I’m Li Cun, an officer from the government office of Yongan City,” Officer Li introduced himself.

“Oh, can I help you?” Jiang Li asked.

“Chief Jiang, you created chaos. The fight between the gangs is affecting the order of Yongan City,” Officer Li said.

“Officer Li, you’re talking to the wrong guy,” Jiang Li said. “In fact, it was the Deputy Hall Master of Eagle Claw Hall, He Fenglin, who made trouble with the Sirius Gang, so I had no choice but to resist. If you need someone to blame, you should go to the Quicksand Gang. Officer Li, if there’s nothing important, I’ll leave now. I’ll invite you to the Sirius Gang next time. Let’s go.” Jiang Li turned around and left.

“This…” Officer Li was startled.

“Let’s go back.”

“Keep up, keep up.”

“Take these back.”


Pang Kui and Wu Zong walked behind Jiang Li. The rest of the members took the loot and also left Eagle Claw Hall with a beaming smile.

“Chief Jiang, Jiang Huahong died in ‘Stone Village.’ If you’re free, go check it out. You might be able to find out who killed him,” Officer Li immediately yelled.

“Thank you for your reminder, Officer Li. I’ll go there when I have time.” Jiang Li replied without turning around.

“This guy.” Officer Li frowned.

“Officer, what do we do now?” the sergeant asked.

“Let’s go.” Officer Li waved.

“Okay.” The sergeant nodded happily.

After Officer Li and the patrols left, Luo Yi and the rest of the members were left in Eagle Claw Hall. He was the temporary Hall Master of Eagle Claw Hall.

“Rest well,” Luo Yi said and left.

Jiang Li gave him a task, which was to make a case for the cold iron dagger. So he had to finish it.

The members of Eagle Claw Hall were lost. The Sirius Gang had taken down Eagle Claw Hall. They only joined the Sirius Gang in order to survive, so they were anxious about the future. They had no idea what to do.

At the Quicksand Gang.

The headquarters of the gang was located in the center of Yongan City. It was a huge mansion with a courtyard.

In the assembly hall.

“Eagle Claw Hall is down and Lin Tianying died. Gather everyone of the ‘Dragon Hall,’ ‘Tiger Hall’ and ‘Willow Hall.’ We’re going to deal with the Sirius Gang tomorrow.”

The leader of the Quicksand Gang, Heng Liusha, was sitting on the main seat. He didn’t have any expression on his face, but his eyes were filled with viciousness.

“Yes.” The elders of the Quicksand Gang nodded.

“Chief, why don’t we just send someone there?” one of the elders asked.

“Since the Sirius Gang is strong enough to take down Eagle Claw Hall, we can’t underestimate them.” Heng Liusha said, “We must be decisive and cautious at the same time.”

“Wise, Chief,” the elders quickly agreed with him.


When Heng Liusha received the news about the extermination of Eagle Claw Hall, he had already decided to finish the Sirius Gang.

Besides, the Quicksand Gang was indeed capable of doing so. They were one of the four three-rate gangs in Yongan City, that had thousands of members and had control of the entire City East. They had become wealthy and powerful after all these years.

Of course, it took time to gather all the members of the three halls. So, they would probably take action tomorrow.

At the Sirius Gang.

Jiang Li had already come back. He opened the boxes with the gold and silver and asked Xu Ya and the others to distribute the rewards. The injured members also came back to heal.

At the same time, Jiang Li took out the “Energy Nurturing Art” and “Vitality Nurturing Art,” and gave them to members who killed ten enemies, as promised.

Time flew by. After settling everything, it was already evening. The members went back with their rewards and the entire Sirius Gang was full of laughter.

“Chief, even though we won this time and it seems to be a good thing,” Wu Zong said seriously. “We may actually be in danger. The Quicksand Gang will certainly take revenge on us. What should we do about it?”

“Right.” Pang Kui nodded and said anxiously, “The Quicksand Gang is a strong gang.”

“I have a mission for you,” Jiang Li said after a while. “There are thirteen streets in City East, which belong to thirteen second-rate gangs. There are nine others, apart from the Sirius Gang, Scorpion Gang, Red Flame Gang and Axe Gang. Visit them one by one tonight. Ask them to join the Sirius Gang and become one of our halls. If they refuse, kill them.”


“Chief, City East will be in chaos,” Wu Zong said.

“Right.” Pang Kui nodded. “Besides, we’re not strong enough.”

“I’ll let them come with you.” Jiang Li waved. Wang Long and Wang Yan came over with a Combat Mech, a Cold Weapon Mech and a Firearm Mech behind each of them.

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