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The Vault

The battle had ended and the Sirius Gang won.

“Count the number of casualties,” Jiang Li told Pang Kui and the others, as he glanced over the members of Eagle Claw Hall who were kneeling on the ground and ignored them.

“Yes, Chief.” Pang Kui looked at Jiang Li in awe.

The thing was, Pang Kui had been fearful since yesterday. He even thought this would be his last battle and that the Sirius Gang would be exterminated, but in the end, the result was the opposite. The Sirius Gang won and took down Eagle Claw Hall. Even Lin Tianying, who was at the peak stage of level one, was killed. Such a situation made Pang Kui really excited.

Half an hour later, they finished counting the casualties.

Twenty people of Scorpion Hall died, ten got severe injuries and fifty got minor injuries. Eighteen members of Red Flame Hall died, fifteen were seriously injured and sixty had light injuries. Twenty three people of Axe Hall died, eight had severe injuries and fifty three were slightly injured. As for the Sirius Gang, fifteen members died, twenty were severely injured and forty had minor injuries.

A total of sixty three people died, which was quite a lot.

However, they still took down Eagle Claw Hall.

Although the twenty four meches were all damaged to a different extent, they weren’t broken.

In today’s battle, ten level-one Martial Artists of Eagle Claw Hall were killed, but there were only two Soul Tinders. I need four to unlock ‘Intel Meches.’

Jiang Li looked at the Dominator Panel and thought,

Two more to go. When Lin Tianying was killed, no Soul Tinder came out, which means that it isn’t about how strong my enemies are. Is it a matter of possibility?

“Chief, what do we do with the people of Eagle Claw Hall?” Xu Ya pointed at the members of Eagle Claw Hall and asked Jiang Li with a pale face. Her body was covered in blood, and there was blood and flesh hanging on her whip.

“Chief… Chief Jiang, we’re willing to obey the Sirius Gang,” the members of the Eagle Claw Hall immediately said.


Jiang Li remained silent.

In this battle, almost two hundred members of Eagle Claw Hall died, including Lin Tianying and two of his best fighters. They also lost over half of their elders. Right now, only five elders were left.

“Hm.” Jiang Li nodded and said, “Since you’re willing to surrender, I’ll take you in. From now on, Eagle Claw Hall won’t be under command of the Quicksand Gang, but the Sirius Gang.”


“Chief Jiang.”


The two hundred members of Eagle Claw Hall said at the same time.


Pang Kui wanted to say something but he hesitated.

Although we eliminated Eagle Claw Hall, the Quicksand Gang won’t just let us get away. The Sirius Gang has suffered a great loss this time. With these people joining us, we’ll become stronger and we’ll be able to deal with the Quicksand Gang.

Wu Zong thought,

Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

“Who knows where the vault of Eagle Claw Hall is?” Jiang Li looked at the five elders.

“We do, we do.” The five elders nodded quickly.

“Lead the way,” Jiang Li said expressionlessly.

“Chief, please follow me,” Elder Luo Yi said.

“Good.” Jiang Li followed him and told Pang Kui, “Clean up the battlefield. Take care of the injured members and send them to the doctor. After that, sort out the number of enemies each member has killed during the fight. I’ll reward them when I get back.”

“Yes, Chief,” Pang Kui replied loudly.

“All hail Chief. All hail Chief.” Everyone was thrilled and spirited.

After a while, Officer Li from the government office arrived with a group of patrols. They had already smelled the blood from afar and they held their noses in disgust.

“Fighting is the only thing people of these gangs know. Yongan City is so chaotic because of them,” Officer Li said coldly.


The patrols around him only smiled and didn’t say a word.

“People from the government office are here.”

“Run, run.”

“They’re just here after we finished fighting.”


People discussed quietly.

“So many of them are dead.”

After several corners, Officer Li and the patrols arrived at Eagle Claw Hall. They saw almost three hundred dead bodies all over the ground. That wasn’t a small number.

“Where’s Lin Tianying?” Officer Li looked around and asked.

“Who’s that?” Pang Kui turned around with the hammer on his shoulders. “Oh, Officer Li from the government office.”

“Pang Kui.” Officer Li frowned. “You? Where’s Lin Tianying? I can’t believe you’re alive. Did you betray the Sirius Gang and join Eagle Claw Hall? That’s why you’re safe.”

“Bullshit!” Pang Kui widened his eyes. “Let me tell you the truth. The leader of the Sirius Gang, Jiang Li, is fierce and powerful. We’ve already taken down Eagle Claw Hall. As for Lin Tianying, haha, his body is here.”

“Haha…” Officer Li chuckled. “The Sirius Gang took down Eagle Claw Hall? Bullshit! You’re just a second-rate gang. How is that possible?”

Officer Li didn’t believe it at all.


However, when he looked in the direction Pang Kui was pointing, his eyes popped out and something seemed to be stuck in his throat. His face turned pale and he backed away.

A dead body! It was really Lin Tianying’s dead body!



“It’s really Lin Tianying.”

“The dead body of Qing Peilin and Long Keqi as well.” i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

“Have you noticed that these dead people are mostly from Eagle Claw Hall?”

“Their wounds look weird.”


The patrols gasped and were terrified. The Sirius Gang really took down Eagle Claw Hall.

“This… This…” Officer Li swallowed hard.

“Why? Officer Li, is there anything else I can do for you?” Pang Kui asked with a smile.

“No… Nothing.” Officer Li was stunned.

Lin Tianying died. Eagle Claw Hall was exterminated.


This news was like bombs making Officer Li dizzy so he couldn’t think clearly.

To be honest, he had no idea how the Sirius Gang dealt with Eagle Claw Hall.

What actually happened back there? Why was Jiang Li so powerful?

He must report this to the State Lord. This required a careful investigation.

However, the Quicksand Gang would soon know that the Sirius Gang exterminated Eagle Claw Hall and they wouldn’t just sit there. He wasn’t sure if Jiang Li could get rid of the Quicksand Gang.

Perhaps, he should suggest the State Lord to rope the Sirius Gang in, in order to control the Quicksand Gang.

“When the traces of monsters appeared in Stone Village last time, the former leader of the Sirius Gang, Jiang Huahong, went there to investigate. And yet, he got nothing and even lost his life,” Officer Li mumbled. “I can tell Jiang Li about this and ask him to send someone there for investigation. After all, that’s where his father died.”

In the vault of Eagle Claw Hall.

Boom! Luo Yi pushed open the giant stone door. The torches inside lit up automatically and shone over the dark vault. Jiang Li smelled the herbs even before he entered.

“Chief, this is the vault of Eagle Claw Hall. All of our herbs, pills, gold, silver and weapons are in there,” Luo Yi said.

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