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A Melee

“A ridiculous piece of shit.” He Fenglin snickered with confidence. He had never taken Jiang Li seriously, but he had the reason to be confident. Since he was a Martial Artist of mid-stage level one, he was much more powerful than those at the early stage.

“I’ll let you understand why you should respect the strong.”

Boom! He Fenglin attacked with his internal force and formed a strong wind. GD02 the Combat Mech had to retreat immediately.

GD02 took a dozen steps back. The powerful internal force destroyed his internal structure and caused quite a bit of damage. He was now 20% damaged.

Swish! Swish! Wang Long and Wang Yan quickly threw their alloy daggers at He Fenglin from both sides.

“Dragon Steps.” He Fenglin dodged like a loach to avoid Wang Long and Wang Yan’s attack. He then turned around and swept the floor with his leg, forcing Wang Long and Wang Yan back.

“Kill him!”

At the same time. LBQ03 and LBQ04 sped ahead. Their alloy daggered created two beams of light in the air. They stabbed He Fenglin in his heart swiftly.

“You’re going to die!” He Fenglin yelled as he gathered his internal force to his hands, “Eagle Claws.”

The posture of his hands was like eagle claws and they were glittering. When he scratched, the air was diverted and screeches could be heard.

Clang! Clang!

After two clear sounds the attacks from LBQ03 and LBQ04 were blocked and they almost dropped their alloy daggers. The powerful energy even destroyed the internal structure of the two meches, making huge damage.

“Combat Art.”GD02 flashed ahead and gave a dozen punches with both his fists, which created sounds of explosions.

“Eagle Claws!”

Whoosh! He Fenglin turned around and scratched. GD02 was knocked away and his clothes were torn. He then crushed a wooden box, scattering tons of gold and silver on the ground.

GD02 was 50% damaged.

He was strong! He Fenglin was strong. Even five meches couldn’t defeat him. He was still at an advantage and hadn’t been injured up till now.

Of course, He Fenglin performed his arts several times and had used much of his internal force. At the same time the meches were also more damaged.

“Wang Long, Wang Yan, come back. Wang Gang, attack. The others help Wang Gang.” Jiang Li analyzed the situation and quickly changed his strategy.

“Yes, Master.”

Swish! Swish! Wang Long and Wang Yan got out of the battlefield and returned to Jiang Li to protect him, while Wang Gang rushed towards He Fenglin with his burly body like a bear.

“Ridiculous.” He Fenglin sneered. His internal force was surging and there were some energy waves coming out of his body, making his robe fluttered. He then jumped and flashed towards Wang Gang.

“Eagle Claws.”

Whoosh! He Fenglin sped forward like a hunting eagle. He was carrying a strong viciousness which even tore the air apart.

“Combat Art,” Wang Gang yelled expressionlessly. He gave dozens of punches in a short period of time, creating shadows and energy waves in the air.

He Fenglin widened his eyes.

Boom! Crack!

They clashed against each other. He Fenglin felt like he had hit steel instead of a body. At the same time, a strong power broke his internal force and fractured his fingers.

“Argh!” He Fenglin let out a cry. He backed away, his finger bones pierced through his skin and muscles. The white bones were exposed and blood was dripping down his arms.

“Good.” Jiang Li nodded.

“You…” He Fenglin looked at Wang Gang in fear.

“Kill him,” Jiang Li said.

“Yes, Master,” Wang Gang replied and sped to He Fenglin.

“Jiang Li, how dare you!” He Fenglin yelled, “I’m the Deputy Hall Master of Eagle Claw Hall of the Quicksand Gang. If you kill me, the Quicksand Gang and Eagle Claw Hall will never let you get away with it.”

Bang! Pfft! Wang Gang followed Jiang Li’s order. With his power and his “special alloy gloves,” he broke He Fenglin’s other arm after a few punches.

“What are you doing there? Attack! All of you, come inside, and kill him and Jiang Li,” He Fenglin shouted.

Around him the members of Eagle Claw Hall, including those outside, looked at one another and rushed into the main hall. There were about a dozen of them. One of them was a Martial Artist of early-stage level one. He was the best fighter He Fenglin had.

“Wu Zong, Zhuo Helin, Liu He, it’s time for you to show me your loyalty.” Jiang Li looked at the three of them.

“Ch… Chief.” Wu Zong swallowed hard.

“I can’t, I really can’t. Chief, we can’t offend Eagle Claw Hall,” Zhuo Helin said in fear.

“Eagle Claw Hall belongs to the Quicksand Gang and the Quicksand Gang is the boss of City East. All the gangs of the thirteen streets must obey them.”

Liu He said, “Please think twice, Chief. We’ve already got something.”

“Think twice? I wanna see what they can do to me.”

Boom! Pang Kui shouted and sped ahead with his hammer. He dented the chest of a member of the Eagle Claw Hall right away. That man was probably dead.

“Kids of the Sirius Gang, follow me and kill those bastards from Eagle Claw Hall,” Pang Kui shouted.

“Kill them.”

“Don’t hesitate.”

Around him Pang Kui’s men and the members of the Sirius Gang yelled as they ran forward with their machetes.

“How dare you!”


He Fenglin’s best fighter was fierce. He killed a few members of the Sirius Gang at once and there were several Martial Artists of peak-stage elementary level behind him.

Bang! Pang Kui’s mouth was bleeding and a few of his ribs fractured.

“Do it.” Jiang Li said.

“Yes, Master.”


Wang Yan and Wang Long stayed next to Jiang Li to keep him safe, while GD02, LBQ03 and LBQ04 went into the fight.

Clang! Clang! The two Cold Weapon Meches besieged the Martial Artist of early-stage level one and backed him into a corner. After a few attacks, the Martial Artist was injured and there was a wound on his chest.

“Attack,” Wu Zong yelled and joined the fight.

“Go!” The members of Scorpion Hall rushed ahead.

The battle began.

“Argh!” He Fenglin screamed. Wang Gang hit his chest and broke his defense, shattering his heart.

“Ahem, ahem…” He Fenglin was shaking and spurting out blood continuously. He pointed at Jiang Li, trying to say something.

Boom! Wang Gang kicked He Fenglin’s neck and He Fenglin fell on the ground.

Buzz! A light dot flew from He Fenglin’s body into Jiang Li’s.

“Got a level-one Soul Tinder.”

How lucky! He got something right away.


“With two level-one Soul Tinders, I can now unlock the ‘Firearm Mech.'” Jiang Li was thrilled.

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