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One Night!

“Information.” Jiang Li opened Wang Gang’s information window and started reading.

“Mech Type: Combat Mech”

“Level: Mid-stage of level one”

“No.: GD01 (Wang Gang)”

“Skills: Level-one intermediate combat art”

“Equipment: Level-one intermediate special alloy gloves”

“Characteristics: A mechanical creation that isn’t afraid of dying, can’t feel pain and is extremely loyal. It stops functioning only if its heart is broken or 90% of its body is destroyed. After it dies, it can be recycled for half of the energy points of the cost.”

“Condition to Reach the Next Level: 40 energy points”

“Hm, that’s alright.”

Jiang Li nodded. “He reached the mid-stage of level one and has new equipment. His power increased quite a bit, as expected, but the energy points needed for the next upgrade have doubled.”

Soon a Combat Mech and two Cold Weapon Meches were completed. The virtual figures became realistic and appeared in the room. Now there were three more meches in there, which made it a bit crowded.

“Combat Mech, GD02.”

“Cold Weapon Mech, LBQ03.”

“Cold Weapon Mech, LBQ04.”

“Greetings, Master!”

All three meches were male. They immediately saluted to Jiang Li.

“Good.” Jiang Li smiled and nodded, but he didn’t name these three meches.

Speaking of which, Jiang Li named Wang Gang, Wang Yan and Wang Long at first because there weren’t many meches and it was more convenient to call them names. After all, he couldn’t call their numbers in front of people so it would be much easier for them to have a name.

However, as the number of meches increased, naming became somewhat troublesome. To avoid trouble, he wouldn’t name any other meches anymore and would just call them by their numbers.

Jiang Li arranged a room right next to his for the meches. After all, the seven of them couldn’t stay in the same room.

“It must be four in the morning already.” Jiang Li looked outside the window and felt a bit sleepy. He yawned, but didn’t go to sleep. Instead, he started organizing the things he got today.

The medicines he got had already been converted to energy points. After making and repairing the meches, three points were left. The energy points weren’t enough at all.

“I got seven Martial Arts books. Two of them are level-one elementary internal force art, including the ‘Energy Nurturing Art’ and ‘Vitality Nurturing Art.’ There was also a level-one intermediate internal force art, the ‘Vitality Enhancing Art.'”

Jiang Li took out the books. “The remaining ones are on Martial Arts. There are two level-one elementary arts, the ‘Bull Fist’ and ‘Dragon Steps,’ two level-one intermediate arts, the Bloody Palm and Wicked Snake Hand, and lastly the ‘Five Poison Art.'”

“I should just put aside the Martial Arts first,” Jiang Li murmured. “After all, this is something that takes time and hard work. Besides, the level of these books are too low. They won’t really be powerful even when I finish practicing them.”

“As for the gold and silver, there are a total of seven thousand taels of silver, which can be used to buy sixty portions of medicines that are worth a hundred taels. I can convert them into 60 energy points in total, which is quite a lot.”

“Also, I’ll take down the Axe Gang and Red Flame Gang tomorrow. If everything goes well, I’ll be able to get more medicines, gold and silver. Finally, the pills.”

Jiang Li took out the porcelain bottle and counted. There were eighteen Blood Energy Pills inside. He mumbled, “With these Blood Energy Pills and the precious ‘Vitality Strengthening Pill,’ I should be able to form internal force and become a level-one Martial Artist in a short amount of time.”

Of course, when practicing internal force, he couldn’t take too many pills. If he did, he would need time to digest them, or his foundation would be unstable and he could even go crazy.

“Let’s sleep. There’s a lot to do tomorrow so I need to rest well.”

Jiang Li put the Martial Arts books and pills into the boxes, then put them in the secret compartment under his bed and went to sleep.

And yet, Jiang Li couldn’t sleep. Memories about things that happened in his last life came to his mind. Nevertheless, alot had happened today and Jiang Li was exhausted, so he fell asleep without knowing.

After several hours, the sun came out. Rays of sunlight shone on Jiang Li’s face. He frowned and woke up.

“I now realize the position of the bed is really bad. It’s right in front of the window, so the sunlight shone all over my face. I can’t sleep well. Besides, if there’s an assassin, he can just shoot an arrow into my head through the window and I’ll be dead,” Jiang Li mumbled and felt like he should move somewhere else, or at least change the position of the bed.

In the past “Jiang Li” used to have a maid, Xiao Lan, who prepared toiletries and breakfast for him, but nobody served him now as she was dead.


Outside the door Ma Han’s voice came as he knocked gently.

“Come in.” Jiang Li got up and got changed.

He had to say that this world was a bit like the ancient times of China, especially the clothes. They all had long sleeves, so it was inconvenient to wear. Jiang Li took some time to put them on according to his memory, though he still looked a little messy.

“Yes, Chief.” The door opened and Ma Han entered the room. Behind him was a little girl who was lowering her head anxiously.

“Who is she?” Jiang Li sized her up.

“Well Chief, Xiao Lan died accidentally. As the leader of the Sirius Gang, how can there be no maid to take care of you?” Ma Han smiled and said, “So, I found you an obedient and cute maid who serves people well.”

“…” i𝒏𝒏𝐫𝑒𝐚d. c𝐨𝗺

The girl kept her head low and remained silent. She looked really nervous.

“Where did you find her?” Jiang Li asked.

“Don’t worry, Chief. She sold herself to bury her father. I found her pitiful and smart, so I bought her. She should be alright,” Ma Han answered quickly.

“Haha.” Jiang Li laughed and glanced at Ma Han. “So, how did you know this girl is obedient, cute and serves people well?”

“Um…” Ma Han hesitated.

“Fine, leave her here. I indeed need a maid,” Jiang Li said.

“Yes, Chief.” Ma Han was thrilled.

In fact, Ma Han only thought the girl looked fair and Jiang Li had just become the leader of the gang, so he wanted to buy her for Jiang Li as a gift. The main purpose was to please Jiang Li.

“What’s your name?” Jiang Li looked at the girl and asked.

“My Lord… I’m Du Xiaohua,” the girl replied anxiously.

“Just call me ‘Master’ from now on,” Jiang Li said.


“Yes, Master.” The girl nodded immediately.

“Keep your head up,” Jiang Li said.

“Hm…” The girl looked up nervously. Her face was thin and sallow. Although she was wearing some clean clothes, her skinny body and what she had gone through couldn’t be hidden. However, the shape of her face and her body figure were pretty good. If she ate more and grew well, she would look better.

“Ma Han surely has good taste,” Jiang Li mumbled. “Hm, from now on, you’ll be my maid. You’ll take care of my daily life.”

“Yes, Master.” Du Xiaohua nodded. “I’ll do my best.”

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