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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!

Chapter 9 Aftermath

Time flows back to several minutes before.

[Host has chosen]

[Summon Efrita and kill the Goblin]


[1) Now able to summon Efrita, the mistress of fire]

[2) Affinity with fire increased tremendously.]

"Efrita, my lady of fire! Heed my call. I need your aid!"

I shouted in my heart. Time had stopped for a moment. Dirk knelt, looking at me with concern. The blue goblin was almost standing. An intense heat suddenly exploded from my chest and spread throughout my entire boy. It changed my entire body. I felt filled with power and endless endurance.

A female hand made of a slime like substance slid along my cheek then pressed gently against my lips. It left a warm feeling along with anything it touched.

"My Lord, you finally called my name!" A sexy and charming voice said to me.

I saw her change. Her face was very pleasing to look at. She had thick red lips that glowed. She had beautiful skin that looked like creamy chocolate. It filled her arms with a black rock that seemed to steam from the magma that seeped through its cracked surface. It was very magical.

My first thoughts were that she should be too hot for me to touch. Her lava was only warm and filled me with a comforting feeling. Our eyes finally met. Her pupils were yellow with a black sclera. If anything could spell daemon, it was these eyes. So alluring and enchanting it was impossible for me to remove my gaze.

"Ah, I didn't expect daemons to be so pretty." I said. My words just slipped out.

A slight flush filled her face as her flames and magma fluttered and fill the ground. She grasped me by the shoulders and gave me a deep kiss. I felt her long tongue exploring my mouth. This was a strange sensation that left me shocked. Her warm saliva reminded me of the taste of custard as she dominated me. She coiled my tongue with hers as she sucked on my lips with a loud smacking noise, before quickly parting.

(Vincent POV end)

"Hehe, sorry lord. I was just too happy. I've been waiting for this moment since before the great fall." Efrita said as she gave a charming smile.

The surrounding time flickered. Efrita had a sad look as she spoke once more. "Ah, it looks like our time is up. Let's continue where we left off next time, right, my dear lord?" A deep irritation filled her voice.

'Haha, stupid bitch Silvaria, you wasted your time alone with him. I will take his virginity in this week.' She was thinking in secret.

[Gained Ability Dual Chant]

[Dual Hymnas (Summoner): Chant a spell simultaneously with your summoned monster before unleashing a large spell.]


[Killed Larz The blue goblin - Level 12 (Boss)] 𝙞𝚗𝓷𝗿𝚎аd. 𝙘𝒐𝚖

[Gained 100 Expierence]

-- [24 Base + 76 Named bonus]

[Summoner - Level 6] [EXP 112/120]

[Strength: 7 Agility: 3 Stamina: 6 Wisdom: 3 Intellect: 4]


A huge spiral of black fire continued to rage in the centre of the room. It destroyed all the goblins and their remnants. The moment he killed Larz, the party gained a large amount of experience, allowing them all to level up. This saved them from dying of their wounds, as many of the serious wounds became minor.

"I-is it over?" Felia asked with a weak voice. pletely empty of power and she was holding him up. Unlike Silvari, she didn't revert to being a pixie. Her form remained in a smaller version of her daemon form.

Efrita was over 250cm tall during the dual Hymnas. Now she had shrunk to 160cm tall and only had a single pair of horns. Her skin was still beautiful and chocolate brown, but the magma and black molten rock were now gone. She was simply wearing a long black dress which barely contained her large breasts.

Odette stumbled to her feet as Felia supported her. Her noble armour was destroyed now, only wearing her under armour. She looked a state as the large stone doors vibrated and open slowly.

Violetta stood smoking a long pipe. The moment she saw the state of the kids, her eyes widened.

'What the hell? They struggled this hard in a begin… Wait?' She was thinking they had performed poorly. But she saw a shining crystal in the centre. This was a mana crystal that was only dropped by second tier monsters.

'How could this be here on the first floor?' She thought. Her eyes looking over at her students in horrible state. Not a single one of them looked okay.

"So how was your first dungeon, boss kids?" Violetta ignored it for the time being and ask them later when they were all recovered.

"It was the worst!" Odette said with a yell.

"Ah, it suddenly went berserk and tried to kill us all." Dirk followed.

"Mmmmm! It was really fun to pop its eye!" Felia added in a spirited voice.

Violetta turned her head towards Vincent and wondered what his thought were. The moment she saw the being beside him, her hand grasped her sword instantly as she charged towards it, swinging the blade down with all the strength her battered body could.

"Look out Vincent! She's a Daemon!" She yelled.


Efrita blocked the blow with her bare hand. Her brown skin instantly covered in the black rock filled with magma. The sword that collided with her hand shattered into pieces as it sent Violette flying backwards, crashing into the wall. Her body embedded inside it slightly as she coughed up a large amount of black blood.

'What is that thing? Why is it next to my little Vincent!' She thought.

Her body desperately tried to stand up, as she could only shudder and limp towards him.

"Wow… That daemon beside Vincent is too strong." Dirk said in awe.

"Tsk! Trust that man to side with daemons." Odette muttered.

Vincent ran towards his teacher and helped her walk. His hands touched her sensitive spots, but she said nothing, only griping his clothes tightly. "Who is that Vincent? Why is she beside you?" She asked him.

"Ah teacher, that is Efrita. She's my new summon. Please don't be so worried!" He said with a soft voice.

In the distance, Efrita taunted Violetta with her attractive body. Even if she had become smaller. Her assets were still top class and far beyond Violetta. This strange woman clinging to her lord had ignited her desire to compete. She would never let another woman spoil her plans.

"Well… If you say so. But please tell me straight away if you need any help! I'm always here for you." Violetta said. Her weak body lay inside his arms as she pressed her breasts against his chest. Her eyes flashed with victory, mocking Efrita, who was shivering in rage.

Felia hid her jealousy as she puffed her cheeks. She walked forward, a snapped bow in her hands. "I think we should leave and head to the infirmary as soon as possible… Teacher, hand in all our earnings and then deposit the money into our accounts, then meet up with us later, okay?"

Felia acted ditzy, but she was extremely intelligent with the things she valued. She didn't wish for anyone to steal Vincent from her. Even her respected teacher.

"Eh?" Violetta was stunned. This girl and now this Daemon. Why was everyone trying to steal the prey she'd set her eyes on back when he was young? 'Hmph, as If I'll lose to a daemon and a ditzy elf.' She thought as the group gathered all their gains and headed towards the dungeon exit.

"Please remember that only dungeons the guild has control over will have teleport stones. Wild dungeons will not have them and will mae you return the way you came."

The three gave a nod to Violetta as all of them entered the portal. Efrita vanished into his spirit space, not wanting to cause him any trouble in the outside world.

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