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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!

Chapter 8 Efrita Lady Of Fire!

Vincent stood watching the scene before him. The blue goblin slowly paced towards him. He tried to will his body to move, but the fear had grown too strong, freezing him on the spot.

"So? All alone now, hybrid. What are you going to do? Cry?" Larz said. He mocked Vincent for freezing in terror.

The goblin's foul breath entered his nose, causing him to gag. Silvari grit her teeth at the great enemy. Everyone had reduced its health wasn't something her master could take on alone. Her eyes shone as she saw two of the 7 warriors were still breathing.

'Maybe if I kill them now. Master could do something with Efrita, unlike me. It suited her Anima for longer battles, Silvari thought as she looked affectionately at her master.'

'It will be another 7 days before we meet again, my little demon prince.' She gave Vincent a peck on the cheek before floating in front of him.

"Worry not, master. You do not need to be afraid, the times you feel you cannot stand or lack the strength to fight back. We summons will be your strength."

"My name is Silvaria Argenta. Filthy goblin who dares blaspheme our lord's name suffers our wrath!"

[Warning! Silvaria Argenta Entered Animus Overdrive]

"Eh?" Vincent gasped.

'System. What is an Animus' overdrive?' He asked.

His eyes watched as her body grew like when she sang that time. However, this time was different. Her song was ominous as her limbs snapped and formed a horror like demon form made of ice.

—Strike down my love's enemy~

—You detestable Daemons~

—Your abhorrent magic melted the snow~

—So my Ice, please obey my will~

—I beseech thee~

—Rip their flesh~

—Tear their bones~

—Sever their souls~

—Devour all but the ice and snow~

Her body became a gigantic wolf. The song shaped her body with ice and crystal. She gave a loud howl into the sky as countless ice spikes stabbed upward from the ground. Impaling all the goblins in the distance, ripping them apart and absorbing their mana.

She dived into the centre of the room. Her body slammed into Larz, knocking him flying backward as he shattered his own throne into pieces as countless shards stabbed into his legs and caused unsealing wounds.

[Animus Overdrive. This is when your summoned monster uses their Anima without permission. This method gives them a great power boost. It also gives them a unique form. But has various consequences.]

[1. It means they will be unavailable for 7 days.]

[2. Their personality will become more extreme and warped with each usage.]

[3. It requires a great affection for their summoner. (60+)]

Her wolf's body continued to bite and claw desperately at the blue goblin. His axe shattering part of her own ice with each counter. His eye was now gouged out, completely unable to use his regeneration skill. The moment he spoke, the hammer side of his axe slammed into her head, leaving her with a half shattered wolf's face. Her face had a terrifying twisted smile as her body started glowing with a brilliant blue light.

"Heh! It's obviously because I've been in love with him! Since before he was born! Before they conceived him! They prophesied his birth! Vincent shall be our true king! He will be mine! No one shall take him from me!"

Vincent was too far away to hear what she said. He only heard the system giving him prompts about her increasing affinity and affection.

[Summon Silvari is beginning her finale.]

"This dance of ice I dedicate to you. My beloved lord, master and king." Her crumbling head bowed towards Vincent as she turned into countless blades of ice.

"I dedicate myself to be the sword of Vincent Schwartz! This waltz of blades is for you alone!" She said. The last of her words sounded ethereal as the blades flashed across the room, cutting up anything that wasn't Vincent and his friends.

Vincent could only watch the beautiful gleaming blue blades destroying the goblins' bodies and ripping Larz apart. He wasn't dead, but his life was definitely close.

Larz gave up defending from her last-ditch efforts. His eyes glinted with a vicious glint as his arm muscles bulked up and tensed. He threw his axe towards Vincent, who had no ability to dodge.


Silvari, who was now only a few remaining blades, desperately shot towards the axe to stop it. Only for her to fade into particles as she screamed with frustration inside the void.


(Vincent POV) 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

I saw the axe flying towards my face. My hands gripping so tightly they started bleeding. With a deep breath, I closed my eyes, almost accepting my fate of death.

'Will I be able to meet Silvari if I die?' I thought when the system's mechanical voice entered my ears along with the clashing of metal and stone.

"URGH!" Dirk's voice sounded.

I opened my eyes. Within my left eye was the status and information of the system and inside my right. Dirk stood in front of me, his body covered in dirt and blood. His left arm holding the shield was now completely broken. His right arm dangled without power.

"A-are you okay... Vincent! Don't worry as long as my heart still beats. I'll protect you all." Dirk said. His face was pale and filled with dried blood.

*Thud!* e a knight to survive.'

I thought, but still unable to be honest and apologise.


"I'm sorry for everything, Vincent. Although there were times I believe in my own choices. I wish we could have become friends! So for the chance of a future friendship! Please accept my apology and let's defeat this troll and return together!" Dirk said his voice was weak but filled with determination. He tried to raise his broken spear desperately.

'Even now he didn't run or abandon me...' I thought

I once again patted his shoulder. "Dirk, you stole my cool lines, you handsome little dick!"

My body walked past him slowly, approaching the blue goblin Larz

"But let me show you my value and that we can stand on equal footing. Otherwise, my pride and pettiness won't let me accept your apology! I want you to meet another of my dear summons."

(Vincent POV end)

'Boys bonding! BL Is also good!' A thought sounded in the deep void.

(Dirk POV)

I was stunned. How could things become like this? Today we are almost dead as my body cannot move. I fixated my eyes on the back of a person we'd always mocked. Vincent Shwartz. In all honesty, I was just jealous. With my talent and skill, I was far superior, but his looks were just too divine. The fact he was short was the only saving grace.

His small body walked towards the goblin that was getting up. I suddenly heard a beautiful male voice mixed with a husky and sexy female voice. It was a chant sang by two people simultaneously.

'Come to think of it, why is Vincent now as tall as me?' Was all I thought as their chant began.

"I am the fire that seeks the end!" (Efrita)

"I am the end who seeks the fire!"

"My flames will devour everything!" (Efrita)

"My body will devour your flames!"

"I am the one who shall burn your foes!" (Efrita)

"I am the one you shall call home!"

"Our endless flames will bring the end!" (Both)

[Ars Infernus]

In my vision was Vincent wearing nothing as a black flame devoured and burnt them to a crisp. To his side was a terrifying monster with a beautiful face, but her eyes were pitch black with a golden slit. It was a little scary, to be honest.

'Vincent is holding her hand like a lover… I hope Felia doesn't see this!'

Molten earth filled her body with magma was flowing through the cracks. Her head had two towering split black horns with golden rings implanted in the tips.

Her feet were hooved, and she had a snake's tail. From her back grew strange dragon like wings and she too wore nothing but her own thick fur that covered her private areas.

Before I could marvel at how they looked like a perfect couple. 'It's like someone created them both to complement each other..'

I thought as a hurricane of black and purple fire exploded from the centre of the room. The blue goblins' scream echoed throughout the chamber. His whimpering voice screaming something like "Why sister" or something.

His screaming stopped for a few moments and finally I felt a large bout of power through my body. 'It seems he really was more able than I ever believed. Haha, I hope we can start from zero one day… Vincent Schwartz, thank you for saving my life!'

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