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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!

Chapter 6 Abandonate Omnes Spes, Vos Qui Intrastis

[Level Up]

[Felia Vilda Drethrar] [Level 3] [+1 Agility]

[Sharing status with fated person]


I felt a surge of power fill my body. My legs and arms twitched as I felt a burning pain. This caused me to fall down as her talent reorganised my muscles to be more agile.

'System, why does it hurt so badly? It wasn't like this when I levelled up!' I scolded the system. Taking my anger out on a machine was immature, but it really hurt.

[When you naturally level up. It is like receiving a blessing from the gods.]

[Her talent is a mortal thing. Thus, you pay the price for improving yourself against the will of the gods.]

'But wasn't the level system brought by the Daemons? Not the gods?'

[There was always a system regarding levels the daemons merely used it for their own goal. But they hid it from mortals. The grand war changed this.]

My body stopped feeling the intense cramping. Silvari froze my sweat and shot them at the wall like bullets. She had become more emotive since using her anima to kill those goblins. Her horn had grown to cover her right eye, but I found it fascinating.

Violetta returned from collecting all the cores from the goblins. She looked at me on the floor and raised her brows, frowning before she just continued. "Vincent, she turned the ears into dust, but we got all the cores. Since you did it solo, I'll give you all of them. It's 5 Rank 1 cores which should be worth 20 silver, as the leaders were even larger."

Her wrists flicked, throwing the shards into my hands as I lay on the ground with Silvari acting like a cooler blowing iced wind on my face. "Thanks teacher!"

I would not be stupid. 20 silver is enough for me to not worry about food and rent for several months. If I added my future earnings from exploring on weekends, I could survive alone.

"Come on, get up. We should head forward and find the 'boss' chamber." Violetta said, extending a hand to help me up.

My hand grabbed hers as she pulled me up to my feet. "Teacher, what's a boss?" I asked.


She let out a laugh before looking at me with a joyful face. A memory flashed through my mind when I was only seven years old.

"Ahhh, Vera~, are you really leaving us? We need you! Please come back eldest sister~" A young woman with red hair and fierce amber eyes knelt begging a younger version of my mother. I was eating an apple watching this 'elder sister'. She saw my look and dashed over, cuddling me tightly to her chest.

"Heeey~ Little V, you agree to, right? You want to see your big sister more, right?" "Ouch!"

My mother gave her a chop to the head and pulled my younger self away, holding me in her tight, muscular embrace. "Heh, get your evil hands off my son! Stupid little Violetta who wets the bed at 27. Remember that, Vincent! If this woman harasses you in the future, remind her of this! Hahaha!" The memory faded as Violetta ran from my house, crying. It differed completely from the woman he'd seen in class. For more chapters,

I snapped out of the memory as she explained to me some information about bosses.

"Bosses are just a stronger type of monster. Just like the leader earlier, they grant increased experience and more valuable loot and hand in rewards. In return you need a party to beat them usually. This first floor boss is an exception, but the second floor is far too difficult to fight alone."

Her eyes looked at me as she closed in towards me, her hands grasped my cheeks. I could feel her seriousness and urgency. "Please Vincent, never go into those areas alone! I know you are powerful, your summon even more so. But please don't make the same mistake your fa… Just don't get yourself killed."

She stopped speaking and changed the topic as her hands tensed and released my face. Her body stood and walked into the darkness towards the tunnel's end. 'It felt like she was going to mention my father… Did mom tell us a lie when he died in the past?' I wondered.

'Fuck! It felt so nostalgic to be so friendly with him. Little V. I'm a worthless elder sister.' Violetta thought as she continued to walk into the darkness, her arm still trembling from her past wound.

I don't know whether it was lucky, but we didn't see any monsters on the way. We arrived at a large round room filled with grey stone walls like a temple. In the far north was a giant stone door with a massive skull. At the top was a banner like stone which seemed to be alive it wrote:

[Abandonate omnes spes, vos qui intrastis] [Boss Level: 3-5] [Party: 1-4]

My knowledge was too low to read this strange language. I felt somebody tap my shoulder. It was obviously Violetta. Her husky voice sounded in my ears. "It is a strange language from the world of the Daemon. The translation roughly means abandoning all hope if you wish to enter. The second number is the boss level and difficulty, and the last is the maximum group size. If you try to enter with more people, the door will never open."

She grasped my hand and dragged me to the east wall, which had several benches made of white marble. We both sat down and leant against the wall. It was strange how the roof was made of starry ore, which looked similar to the night sky. I discovered Violetta didn't release my hand as we sat in silence waiting for the other party to arrive.

'Maybe something happened to them, because they're stronger than me and should be here. I'm a little worried.'

"I have a stone that tells me if something should happen to any of you. So don't worry, they're all fine."

"See here they are!"

She said as the three of them entered with dirty clothing and filled with minor cuts and wounds. Felia looked towards us and seemed to be filled with a burst of energy as she ran over and dived at Vincent.

Dirk gave me a quick nod. This guy was really not that bad. I'm glad we could get to know each other better.

Violetta sealed my hand, which stopped my movements. Felia speared me off the bench as I almost lost my consciousness. I then felt Felia's rain of kisses on my face.

"Mwah! Thank you! If you didn't level up so much, we'd have died. Vincent, you're the best hehe!" Felia said, swinging her legs in the air, leaning on his chest.

Silvari pointed her hand towards Felia and shot several shards of ice at her ass to make her leave Vincent's body. Her face was pouting with swollen cheeks.

'Dirty elf slut! Leave our revered master alone. He doesn't need your corrupted genes polluting him.' She thought, replacing Felia and sitting on my shoulder.

"Hmph! Elven slut!" Silvari said in her cute voice. Which shocked the other people at how violent she was.

"Gyaaaah! My ass!" Felia screamed and rolled on the ground without a spec of grace a princess should have. She was more like a tavern wench.

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