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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!

Chapter 12 Sin Of Wrath

Efrita didn't respond as a raging flame drove her several steps back. She looked on in awe as she saw him change form. It wasn't anything world changing.. Her heart, formed of molten flame, rampaged inside her chest.

"T-that form! You? Is this what they meant?" She seemed both shocked and filled with an endless yearning for him.

He was over 7 feet tall and had grown to 215 cm. His hair had grown to his back. his ahoge had increased to seven bright red crimson phoenix plumes. There were two large horns growing from his temples curved backwards and pointed behind his head.

She could feel the warmth of his body. It was both familiar and alluring. If she were to state his male charm before he activated his sin, it was 10/10 now; it was far beyond the limits. Her nose twinged as her sword blood was about to drip.

In his haste, he had forgotten to account for his height and body changes. Now he was more muscular and had ripped all his clothes, leaving him in extremely tight boxers that displayed his magnificent magnum's complete shape and size.

Her throat made a deep gulp as her hand almost reached to set it free from its tight prison. She snapped to her senses when she saw his fists covered with the same black shards that covered her flesh in combat mode. 'It's just like me? This isn't supposed to happen. It's like his body accepted everything about me…' 𝒊𝘯𝑛𝐫ℯ𝒂d. 𝐜𝘰𝓂

"This is strange! Normally when a daemon awakens. They don't gain the other daemon's trait. They inherit the element they use at most. Vincent, you have accepted everything I have to give!" she said. The excitement was obvious in her voice as she trembled.

'He loves me! He matches me! My mate! Mine! Mine! Mine!' The flame hidden in her eyes pulsated with her thoughts as the hands grasping his shoulders crushed his bones. Her summon contract causing her to stop instantly.

"Hmmm, doesn't that mean we're very compatible?" Vincent said as he tested his body. It redistributed his status when he awakened.

[Please make your choice!]

[To embrace Efrita completely]


[Remain a jack of all trades. Receive a special weapon.]

[There is no time limit. Please take your time to consider the consequences.]

'System if I choose to embrace Efrita now. Will I lose the chance to bind with Silvari and my future summons?'

[Please. This only refers to the original path they built for your body.]

[Host. All things related to your talent won't be affected.]

"Phew, that's good."

"Eh? What's the matter, darling?" She replied. Her tone was different, more like a loving wife than her fierce, dark elf figure would suggest.

Vincent didn't notice her change of attitude because of his attention to the system. He kept looking between the systems interface and the cute dark elf daemon in front of him. Her golden brown eyes glowing from the sun's light.

"Nothing. It's just my transformation isn't complete yet. We will return to the dungeon to train. Can you ask my mother to prepare a bag of food, water and clothes for us? Take this money; it should be enough."

He handed her 10 silver coins over just under half of his total earnings. His mother was brilliant with money and could stretch this money even further. Efrita leaned forward as her soft lips pecked his cheek before she ran off, covering her mouth with a hand, hiding her scary, twisted smile.

"Mother Verda! Could you help me get some supplies for the dungeon?"

He could hear her muted shout to his mother as he looked out the window. Now that he was taller, his vision seemed broader. His mana was limitless, so he could maintain this form forever if he wanted. It had three stages.

—No form: Normal form no cost.

—Half-Sin Form: Boost attributes by 50% stops mana regeneration

—Sin Form: Boost attributes by 100% stops mana regeneration drains stamina rapidly.

"I should probably use the Half-Sin form."

He said as a gust of wind blew inside his room. His hair was still long and had four crimson ahoge. The horns had become ethereal, as if made by mana moving with the wind. They looked more like his hair than horns. He used to be short, but now is 185 cm tall.

'Do I want to follow this path? Sure, being a jack of all won't make me a hero. But I only want to protect my family.'

[Can you really protect your sister remaining half baked?]

The system seemed to offer him advice. He accepted it, but wouldn't let anyone control him. Even if it was only a limited choice, he would choose.

'System. I want to not only embrace Efrita but all my summons. Those I summon in the future.'


He was a little stunned. The system wasn't responding like usual. A more emotional voice responded when Vincent was ready to speak. It was female and nothing like the previous.

[You're very greedy, aren't you, Vincent!]

[I was sure the Sin you awakened was wrath, right?]

[Do you really insist on doing this? It will mean you can never live a quiet, comfortable life?]

'I am sure! If I cannot accept the ones who fight by my side completely. How can I protect the ones I love with a half ass power?'

[Hmph! You're just the same as uncle Amon.] ing a daemon of wrath. I lose 2 points of Intellect and 1 point of wisdom that were moved to strength. Thanks to the buff I received from the system, they both sat at an average 5.

'Thanks whoever you god's might be.' He thanked them sincerely in his heart.

[Vincent Schwartz] [18]

[Daemon of Wrath] [Stage - 1]

[Element: ALL] [Mana: 0/0]

[Summoner - Level 6] [EXP 112/120]

[Strength: 17 Agility: 7 Stamina: 10 Wisdom: 5 Intellect: 5]


[Seething Resentment: Resist death for 5 seconds after a fatal blow. If you kill the opponent, devour their vitality.]

[Supreme Charm: Women that fall in love with you will never betray you.]

[Body of Wrath: During combat, all status increased (Three Stages) Emotions of rage dulled out of combat.]

[Sin of Wrath: Able to designate a target as your target of Wrath. Deal a bonus 30% damage to the marked target. Lasts 5 minutes.]

[Enhanced Stamina: Stamina regenerates faster]

[Devour (Racial): Plunder, the power of your enemies]

(??? POV)

Meanwhile, in a distant plane. A black-haired woman had a big smile. She was sitting beside a large gathering of many female spirits and a man shrouded in a mysterious fog.

"You don't need to thank me. You're going to be my husband, after all."

"It was just like you imagined he accepted all his summons, not just Efrita. It seem's that you were right, Eldest sister Reilana!" She turned to the woman, who looked familiar to her and yelled.

The male on the chair, still filled with a dark blur, stood from his seat. He looked into the distance as if trying to view the distant galaxies. 'I look forward to your future adventures. Vincent.'

"We should leave now. If the celestials find us before our plan is complete, it might affect Vincent, too."

All the women stood up and left. They gave one last look at the cute Vincent playing with his new fire magic on the screen. They vanished with a flash of intense mana far beyond what Vincent caused.

The two sisters were about to give their farewells.

"Little sister Meiya. You know taking this task will mean you meet him last… Are you sure?" Reilana asked her in a soft voice.

The shorter girl just gave a nod to her older sister.

"I am aware! But it's okay. I've grown to enjoy the feeling of him being with other women. It's like something dark and twisted awakened inside me! Guehuehue."

Reilana turned to leave after giving her sister a kiss on the cheek. "I don't know when we'll meet again. But if you're truly in danger, use that thing. I'll come flying to your rescue. See you again, my cute little sister."

'It's a shame you've become perverted… I should never have let Sarah leave her female cuckold doujins lying around,' She thought as her body vibrated and vanished into the distance.

"Mmmm, goodbye sister! Hehe now to watch Vincent by myself, hehe!"

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