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Vincent awoke from a dreamlike state within his dream. A beautiful brown-haired woman with two massive horns held him as she shook him gently. He remembered the vague image of a male with crimson eyes, hair, stood beside her. His face filled with pride. He only saw them for a short time before darkness returned.

His nose smelt the soothing scent of earth and the breeze blowing through his hair like his mother's touch. 'Were those my memories or a dream of my deepest desire to find my actual parents...'

"Now isn't the time for those thoughts… I'm inside the dungeon, for God's sake." Vincent said as his he tried to stand up. His body was stiff as he tried to loosen it with stretches.

Vincent could no longer feel Efrita and felt concerned. He checked the system. Now he couldn't summon her.

[Silvari - Level 6] [Cooldown 5 days]

[Efrita - Level 4] [Cooldown 7 days]


He kicked the ground in anger, causing a chunk of earth to fly into the distance. Vincent felt rage that he couldn't calm down, no matter how much he tried. 'First Silvari, now you… Don't you both know how much your presence reassured me? I went from a powerless, pathetic joke to someone who could fight and walk with his head held high... Both of you helped me do that.'

"I can still fight alone! Will I grow as a person if I rely on you two for everything? No, a man!?"

Two women sat opposite each other, watching him on a large monitor. One wearing a crimson dress made of flame, the other in a tight pale blue fur robe made of ice.

"He truly is unrelenting... Let me care for him like a cute little shota." The ice maiden spoke.

"Peh, what care? He's a real man. Look at his burning passion! That's my lord right there!" The flame spirit spat flames towards the ice maiden.

Vincent walked towards the exit portal. He was going to challenge the third level alone, without help. Two things were controlling his actions. His rage and desire to surpass his old weak self, not wanting to need those girls to press on.

My path cannot be that of a pure summoner. I have to advance, strengthen, improve! Or my fellow daemon princes will annihilate anyone I love.'

"I need to assess myself alone, without outside help. System, give me a choice!"

His form morphed into his half-sin form. Vincent didn't realise. He was no longer using mana for his spells. Vincent had transformed. Anima had replaced all of his mana without his knowledge. Soon he would be in the realms of perfection.

He was the first hybrid of spirit and daemon to exist. He didn't know how important his existence was. To his parents, he was their greatest miracle and most precious treasure. They sent him to this world to keep him safe from the enemies who were far beyond his current level.

The primal gods fused both devils from the abyss and demons, which created daemons. They created a race that could increase their strength without limits. Also able to create Anima as easily as they breathed. Only the gods possessed this talent.

The primal gods cursed daemons in a fit of rage at the cost of their power. No longer could any daemon use their own Anima to cast magic; they needed a medium from another race or aid. They had weak magical ability but bodies that could dominate.

The gods went silent that day. No longer getting involved in mortals lives.

Thus daemons tried to find a race that would help them create the perfect offspring. Humans didn't succeed, nor did the elves. In the end, they turned to spirits. Spirits could use Anima with perfect talent. They could not store the excess Anima for long periods of time. Spirits used contracts and relics to help store and manage Anima. They built their own territories to have a constant flow.

This was why Efrita needed help when unleashing her Anima drive, and Silvari only needed his excess Anima to cast it.

[Host wishes to make a choice? This will be random. Are you sure?]

"Yes, hit me with your best shot!"

His body entered the dungeon portal as he entered the third floor alone. They placed him in a castle like area with stone walls and statues of knights and kings. A large archway was in front of him, with two angel statues floating along the top. He could see humanoid enemies limping around with a slight shamble In the distance.

[Zombie - Level 8]

'Hmmm? Zombie, aren't they undead?' He thought. The moment as he began walking, the system finally gave him his choice.

[Demonic Choice]

[Leave dungeon and focus on training at the Academy]


[Push through the third floor alone and seek to head even deeper before Silvari returns.]

Vincent didn't really care about these choices. It was obvious he would pick the second. He decided on the first one in his heart after making sure they didn't have a strange trick. 'I wonder what the reward will be.'

[Choice confirmed! Good luck, Vincent.]

A large flash of light blinded his eyes. He used his hands to cover his eyes to block the white light. An intense weight suddenly filled his hands. It had the cold feel of steel. If he didn't have over 10 strength, his arms would have likely snapped instantly. pensation to survive.


[Vincent Schwartz] [18]

[Daemon of Wrath] [Stage - 1]

[Element: ALL] [Mana: 0/0]

[Summoner - Level 7] [EXP 248/250]

[Strength: 20 Agility: 9 Stamina: 11 Wisdom: 5 Intellect: 5]

[Skill] 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

[Ruina: Blasts the target with a high temperature flaming spiral. Deal's 36 damage (200% Strength)]

[Sin of Wrath: Able to designate a target as your target of Wrath. Deal a bonus of 30% damage to the marked target. Lasts 5 minutes.]

[Eternal Fury: Withstand death on a fatal blow for 5 seconds. Devour vitality on kill.]

[Mana Volley: Barrage the enemy with magical energy for 18 damage per bolt (100% Strength)]


[Supreme Charm: Women that fall in love with you will never betray you.]

[Body of Wrath: During combat, all status increased (Three Stages) Emotions of rage dulled out of combat.]

—No form: Normal form no cost.

—Half-Sin Form: Boost attributes by 50% stops mana regeneration

—Sin Form: Boost attributes by 100% stops mana regeneration drains stamina rapidly.

[Enhanced Stamina: Stamina regenerates faster]

"It seem's that I only have a little longer to decide." Vincent said with a whisper, watching the zombies slowly shambling towards him.

"I guess it's time to learn how to dance alone!"

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