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Stone Mage: Revenge of the Villain System

Chapter 7 Prophecy of Suffering

The oracle has skin the color of granite, ashen gray but smooth and without any blemishes. It seemed to have also been carved. The sides of her face, her neck, and her hands that were visible outside her thick cloak have indentions of symbols.

They were unlike the ones in the curtains of Ronin’s future sleeping quarters. Therefore, he can assume that this must be another language. The ones in the curtains must be Abyssal, and the ones on her skin are likely from one of the other three realms.

The patterns remind him of certain floral shapes and certain animals as well, so he is inclined to believe that she was from the Elementi realm.

She was also different from the rest, as her mind is clear as jade. Most of the time, people’s thoughts are scattered and was like a chaotic soup. He has to take time and see which is the main ingredient, which is the main thought. But this old madame…..

She has no such soup. Her mind is an empty bowl.

This was enough reason for him to like this character already. Even when he was sure that she will be the first to foreshadow his fate as a villain in this divination to determine his real father.

Strangely enough, Ronin can instantly recognize what her Heartstone was. It was Baetulus. And in the real world, it is a stone regarded with divinity in Ancient Greece since it came from meteorites.

This sudden knowledge interests him, as this could mean that…...

He became naturally gifted when it comes to geology after possessing this body. He wondered how this would affect his role later on as the main antagonist.

“Why did you not take a Moonstone oracle?” Duchess Akasa asked, her perfectly shaped eyebrow raised.

From Ronin’s acquired knowledge, Moonstone is also a rock associated with divine properties, though much smoother and more precious than Baetulus.

Duke Taevas rolled his eyes. “What do you take me for, a blueberry-headed dolt? If I bring a noble oracle here, who’s to say they would not run their mouths and spread rumors to the aristocratic society of the whole Celestus realm…. Or the whole Magecia, even!? Use that pretty little head of yours to think sometimes and not just fill them with covetous thoughts!”

“Hah!” Duchess Akasa laughed bitterly. “You dare call me covetous? Let us see who is truly covetous from the divination, then!”

She added: “And was it not my idea to call out an oracle? I know how to use my head, thank you very much. But you seem to only use yours sometimes, and more often your head that is in your pants—“

“Where is the child?” The commoner oracle interrupted their bickering.

Her voice held some strange authoritative force. It instantly made everyone pay attention to her and quiet down. There was almost an illusion of smoke billowing out of her mouth and the indentions from the carvings of her skin whenever she says something.

Ronin started to like this character more and more. Not only does she have a cool design, but she can also shut the traps of these annoying nobles!

Mavretri felt something different, however. Something only he, a fellow commoner with much humility and self-awareness, can notice.

This was not just some ordinary oracle from the streets. Her presence…..

Is similar to that of a god that the unwealthy folk like him worships and ask for guidance.

He bowed solemnly to her, and presented the baby. “This is the child, Divine One.”

The oracle moved closer with her long cloak, seeming to glide instead of walking. It was an eerie sight to behold, as she had approached the child’s small cot and reached out with her long, pale fingers.

She observed the little black baby for a while, and lifted his chubby chin up with her claw-like fingernails…..

Before prying his mouth open forcefully with them!

Ronin: …

The little baby was surprised, but he did not cry out. It was his mother that was the most alarmed by this, and immediately sat up to reach for her child and protect him.

But before she could do so, the oracle had already opened her own mouth, and let billowing smoke flow inside baby Ronin’s mouth!

“What in the nine heavens’ name are you doing!?” She screamed and reached out to grab the old hag away from her son, but she was immediately held back by her butler and three chambermaids.

“Why, you— Let go of me! You fools should be stopping this woman!” She yelled, saliva almost flying as she did to the oracle. “And you!!! Let go of my baby right this instance!”

“Calm yourself, Duchess Akasa! All oracles have different ways of divination, and this must be one of them!” One of the girls explained, the one with a yellow ribbon tying her long brown hair up into a bun. “Let us wait for a moment until the oracle is finished!”

Duke Taevas just stood by the side with his arms crossed, not minding his wife’s distress or the source of that distress at all. He was more impatient about knowing whether the child is his seed or not rather than caring for his welfare.

How can he care, when he secretly wishes that the child is not his, and some commoner’s seed that he can discard?

(But if it turns out to be my seed… I must make sure the child never sees the light of the sun outside. He must only stay within these walls…. forever, if possible. A hidden disgrace.)

After a while, the smoke had run out, and the oracle let go. She took away her fingers that were prying Ronin’s toothless gums apart. The child maintained a neutral expression, only seeming to wait for something. This made the mysterious woman smile.

“The boy’s heart is Coal, but the seed he sprouted from was Sapphire.” She proclaimed the truth in a few words. No additional explanations.

This caused Duchess Akasa to be relieved, her tense arms relaxing and no longer struggling. Her attendants and the butler had also let go, registering the news they have received.

Duke Taevas’ heart went cold. It was his child after all. He could not say anything for a while and only grit his teeth.

He then managed to spit out. “Why is his Heartstone Coal, then?”

The oracle turned to face them, her movements so unnaturally smooth and not human-like.

“You have doomed him to a cursed fate, one that is as dark and coarse as his heart. It was through your infidelity that this child would suffer.”

Her cloak fell down.

Duke Taevas was terror-stricken as he recognized her face.

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