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Ronin knows what a Triannum is, as he not only read several books about it but can easily glimpse it from people’s minds.

Triannum is the period of 10-13 years old for a Magecian, equivalent to the puberty stage.

What makes Triannum important was that it was when a child’s Mage Type and Mage Focus would usually appear.

The difference between Mage Type and Mage Focus was that Mage Type was the identity of the child. Like whether they are a Hero Mage, an Illuso Mage, a Clairo Mage, and a Morpho Mage.

Mage Focus, on the other hand, was how that Mage Type manifests. Through what weapon, object, or style of power.

Of course, these two can be figured out even before the Triannum. But it was usually during the Triannum that it becomes clear and permanent, and children reaches the peak of their Mage Focus development.

These three years, this Triannum, were when most nobles cultivate their children so that when the inspector visits them at 13 years old….

They would be found eligible to attend the Academy.

In Magecia, schools for children do not exist. There were merely private tutors for the rich, but most have their parents teach them the ways of the world..

When they reach past their Triannum, mostly the middle class and the aristocrats can go to a Schoola.

And all Schoolas around Magecia started with the Academy. The Academy was the highest and most prestigious school of them all, the tower of knowledge itself.

It is situated in the Kingdom of Sephryrine, where the Zafeiri family lived.

Whenever Ronin looks out his nursery window, he can see that enormous school with four spires positioned perfectly as a diamond in the distance.

The Kingdom of Sephyrine has been highly associated with scholars and wise people after all. Their patron was Pallas, the God of Peace, Wisdom, and Virtue. He was often contrasted with Duke Taevas’ patron, Vesuvius, and they were seen as complete opposites.

Ronin followed Maellan and Rea all the way to the yard outside. He did not leave the house and just peeked by the door, watching the inspector meet with them along with Duke Taevas.

As Ronin watched the inspector, he saw a holographic screen appear beside him.

[ Name: Inspector Jasny Krustal

Mage Type: Quartz Celestial Hero Mage

Role: Recurring Side character ]

‘Recurring, huh? So I will meet him again, maybe on Zeuxis’ Triannum.’ Ronin thought, and observed the inspector.

The inspector seems to be in his 50s or 60s now, and had grown a large belly, possibly from retirement. But he still has a strong build, which may indicate that he was lean and muscular back in his day.

He wore a blue vest with gold trim, and a logo of the Academy on his right chest by the heart.

It was a 4 pointed star with a clear round circle in the middle. Ronin remembered that it was the symbol of Pallas, and when drawn on a rock becomes a rune that may indicate ‘star’ or ‘aspirations’, usually aspirations for knowledge. 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

‘More runes.’ Ronin’s eyes gleamed like a child’s now whenever he sees one.

Inspector Krustal’s skin was made of clear quartz, also known as rock crystal quartz. It was a transparent type of crystal that was even used by Arabs in the real world as reading stones, the origin of magnifying glasses.

You would have expected that someone with transparent skin would make you see their organs and muscles inside, but no. Luckily, some kind of magic doesn’t allow that to happen, so the child Ronin was saved from that horrible image.

Though he was a little disappointed since that would have been an interesting sight.

Maellan was wearing a uniform that seems to be for a student of the Academy, bearing the same crest, and his tiny hands were covered by black gloves. Duke Taevas was by his side and doesn’t look as haggard as he usually does, his black-haired coiffed and styled for this occasion.

“Good morning, Your Grace.” Inspector Krustal greeted Duke Taevas. “I suppose this is your eldest, Maellan.”

“Yes. My pride and joy as well.” For the first time, Ronin saw his father smile at this inspector, though it was obvious that his smile was fake. “He is a Hero Mage, I can feel it in my sapphire bones.”

“He does take after you greatly, even his face is the same!” Inspector Krustal chuckled.

“My Maellan will be one of the greatest warriors in this kingdom. He can possibly serve as the head knight for the King himself in the future!” Duke Taevas boasted. “Why at the age of 4, his Mage Focus already started manifesting as small lightning needles!”

Inspector Jasny Krustal was truly intrigued. “That really does sound promising, Your Grace. Must be something he inherited from you as well, such great looks and talents!”

Maellan does not seem comfortable being compared to his father, nor used as some kind of trophy to be boasted for.

But he maintained a nice, polite smile. “Shall I begin, sir? You must have a lot of possible students to evaluate.”

“Of course, of course!” The old man chuckled. “Whenever you are ready, my boy.”

He snapped his fingers, and came an assistant of his, someone wearing a mysterious cloak with the Academy’s blue and gold as well as the star logo. This assistant’s face could not be seen, but a holographic screen revealed his identity.

[ Name: Assistant Inspector Vyrill Krustal

Mage Type: Quartz Celestial Clairo Mage

Role: Recurring Side Character ]

“What level of difficulty?” The cloaked figure said in a masculine tone, so Ronin assumed he must be a man for now.

“Since the boy shows such great promise, give him five.” The inspector answered.

As he said this, large crystals soon rose from the earth of the massive yard of House Zafeiri, and they slowly took shape to form…..

Five crystal statues shaped like humans.

Then, the assistant inspector moved his hands like a conductor in an orchestra. Soon, the statues began to move…

And tried to attack the thirteen-year-old Maellan Zafeiri!

All five scary-looking crystal dummies came towards him, and yet Maellan just smiled at them like he found them pretty. He did say so with his usual babying tone for Ronin–

“You all look too pretty, but I would have to destroy you with my spear now.”

He raised his hand to the air and soon came—

“Blessed lightning, primordial and untamed by any god… grant to me the Spear of Levin!”

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