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Stone Mage: Revenge of the Villain System

Chapter 10 The Duchess’ Three Attendants

Speaking of natural-born hatred, this child also seems to naturally hate the idea of breastfeeding.

For many days of being in the nursery and taking a rest with his mother due to just literally being born, he showed great aversion whenever he would be brought close to her chest. He seems to be aware of what they plan to do, and would wriggle and writhe when they did.

“Was it a part of the curse? The goddess did say he would bring suffering to himself and others….. perhaps this is what she meant.” One of the three attendants with a high bun tied by a red ribbon joked a little.

“Ah, that’s wishful thinking Rea. This could not possibly be the worst of the curse.” The other with a high ponytail and green ribbon sighed. “Though it is indeed troublesome for us and the Lady Akasa.”

“Why would you not drink your mother’s milk!? Are you seeking death while just being born???!!!!” The Duchess yelled at him day and night, yet the little baby was not intimidated at all and denied her milk again and again.

She even copied Bezirze and pried open his tiny mouth with her fingers but—-


“Lady Akasa!!!!!!” The girls came by her side as the child with no incisors bit hard on his mother’s fingers..

It was a good thing too that he does not have teeth yet. Because a chomp as hard as that would have cut her fingers!

“Bad Ronin! Just drink milk, will ya????” The girl named Rea shook him again and again. “Do you not know how lucky you are to drink the breastmilk of one of the most powerful women in Celestus???”


“Maybe…. Maybe he does not like suckling it directly.” One of them, the girl with yellow ribbons, proposed. “If we could perhaps find a way to make him drink milk without suckling from his mother’s chest…”

“How, Esa?” Rea turned to her. “Could your smart brain invent something quick before the boy dies of starvation?”

“M-Maybe I could….. Please give me a moment!” Esa nodded and started drawing something from a pen and paper that was on the Lady’s desk.

She was allowed to do it so naturally, so it must be common for them, Ronin concluded. The girl’s mind was unnaturally fast and her thoughts buzzed like several grating bumblebees in his ear.

So not only is she an attendant, but an inventor as well. Which he finds quite interesting.

“As always, Esa knows how to fix any household issue with her inventions.” The one with green ribbons chuckled, whispering to Rea. “Truly fitting to be a personal attendant to Lady Akasa herself.”

Rea scoffed while roughly swaying baby Ronin from side to side. “That’s why I suspect her to be the first to leave the Lady behind, Axi. Someone as smart as her could have gotten a job at the Mecha realm. Maybe even distribute her knickknacks to the Academy and study there. Isn’t it suspicious that she chose to be a maid instead?”

“Speak for yourself.” Axi leaned her elbow on Rea’s shoulder. “You are quite skilled in shooting arrows as a Hero Mage. You were born of Elementi nobility yourself. Isn’t that even more suspicious?”

“Even a queen from Elementi is nothing to the lowest noble lady in Celestus. You know that, Axi.” Rea said bitterly.

She added: “My title is as empty as a hollowed oak tree. No matter how tall it was, it’s bound to die off anyway. I have no choice but to move here. You on the other hand….”

“Are you not the daughter of a concubine? A concubine of the King of Scirocco itself, the third wealthiest kingdom in Celestus?”

Axi narrowed her eyes. “A concubine is merely an entertainer in the King’s eyes. I am not a princess or anything close to that.”

“But if it’s not for money, and not for prestige….. Why are you even here serving trays of cookies and stitching up clothes for a duchess?” Rea taunted.

“Because the Kingdom of Sephyrine has the knowledge and scholarly resource that Scirocco lacks.” Axi sneered. ” It’s something you would never understand as someone born from a group of hunters that had never touched a book in their life.”

“Why you four-eyed pebble-brain—“

Duchess Akasa interfered in their whispered verbal battle. “Gravel girls, stop your mumblings. You are adding to my headache. I am already distraught as can be during these past few days with my stubborn Ronin.”

“Apologies, M’Lady.” They both bowed sheepishly.

These three attendants have Gravel Heartstones, yet they were from different realms and have different Affiliations. Ronin had come to be used to their loudness both spoken and inside their heads. Especially by Rea and Axi that just couldn’t meet eye to eye.

They were all technically commoners when it comes to their Heartstones, but they still have quite a larger amount of Flame compared to average commoners.

Flames are the source of a Magecian’s power.

Most commoners have little to no Flame, while those with precious Heartstones burn bright and can be used to achieve inhuman capabilities.

Esa was a Mecha Morpho Mage. Though all she was capable of morphing are small objects to twist their shapes to her liking. This is just as useful as a party trick in the real world, but she utilizes it well with the handheld mechanisms she creates… like a makeshift bottle opener or mice traps.

Rea was an Elementi Hero Mage. Yet her blessed weapon, the bow and arrow, can only be twice faster and deadlier than a normal one. It was no match to the weapons of Celestus Hero Mages like Duke Taevas, and it takes her more effort and concentration to summon it.

Axi was a Celestus Illuso Mage, and proves to be good at charming people. But this could easily be achieved by any smooth-talker with a higher amount of Flame.

Despite this, Ronin knows they are at least a higher level compared to him while he still has a Coal Heartstone. Perhaps as high as Level 7, he estimated.

It’s truly better than nothing, though. He’s just a toothless baby at the moment.

Soon, Esa had created a small machine that will take Duchess Akasa’s breast milk and transfer it to a container, which Ronin can then drink from instead of suckling from her breasts.

‘She basically invented a baby bottle. Better than nothing, but still useless as fuck.’ Ronin thought as he sucked milk from this fantasy baby bottle.

“Finally! This baby’s drinking at last!” Rea exclaimed as she continued to sway Ronin wildly while Axi held the baby bottle for him.

Duchess Akasa had fallen asleep already, thankful that she could now rest once the matter was solved.

It was truly better than nothing to have three attendants like these.

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