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Solo Cultivation in The Apocalypse

Solo Cultivation in The Apocalypse

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Humanity was finally recovering from the wave of an unknown Mana Apocalypse that had turned the world upside down.

A world where Science had married Magic. Advanced technology had mixed with magic spells.

Monsters took over the world and remarked earth's cities and countries as their kingdom. Half of humanity took the path of magic to survive, and half of humanity took the help of their advanced technology to survive. But what if humanity turns against humanity? The world split into two groups- The Science Users and The Mana Users

Hitori, who happens to be in the Mana Users group hates magic and spells. Saibai Hitori's passion, pleasure, and happiness lie in gaming. He unlocks the solo Cultivation System and the ability to cultivate in and outside the most popular game.

[The Emperor of the Apocalypse] is currently the best VRMMORGP open-world, kingdom-building survival game in the world. In this apocalyptic world, players try to clear dungeons marked on the map to mark that as their territory and eventually become the one and only Emperor of the Apocalypse.

In times of destruction, trusting someone will only destroy you. Players and guilds started attacking each other in the game. Guild Vs. Guild, Player Vs. Player, Player Vs. Environment, Realm vs. Realm. Everything is on, everything is going down.

Hitori's goal is to unravel the secret behind his parents' death and become the Emperor of the Apocalypse.

In a world where humans evolve and survive, only I cultivate and conquer.

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