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So You're Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 7 - Changqing, are you going to look down on me?

Chapter 7: Changqing, are you going to look down on me?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Changqing remembered that a few days ago, a well-known entrepreneur also wore the same brand of cufflinks when he went to the station for an interview. At that time, she heard her colleagues mentioning that the cufflinks were from a new series of a top-tier European brand, and one cufflink cost around seventy to eighty thousand Chinese Yuan.

Are doctors so wealthy nowadays?

Looks like he really does have issues regarding that “aspect”. If it wasn’t for that, why would Guan Ying ever break up with such a rich doctor and risk choosing a man like Fu Yu who isn’t easy to control?

Although Changqing felt that being famous was important, she also felt that when compared to having someone that truly loved her, she would choose the latter wholeheartedly.

“I rescued a patient just a short while ago, so blood was splattered all over my body when I was operating on the patient, and I have yet to wash it off,” Song Chuyi explained in an emotionless voice after he recovered from his surprise. “Are you feeling better?”


“You might have to wait until tomorrow for the effect of the medicine to kick in. You need to pay better attention and give your body more rest,” Song Chuyi abruptly said, “You’re experiencing an irregular period, and it hurts quite badly whenever your period arrives, right? And usually, your appetite is decreased when it comes to mealtimes, right?”

“... That’s right.” Changqing’s face blushed. Could it be that these were diagnosed during my checkup?

“Don’t stay up too late; your complexion isn’t looking great. Try to eat more regularly. It works better if you apply and rub the prescribed medicine directly.” Finishing his sentence, Song Chuyi left, his white overcoat flowed in front of her as he passed by her.

Apply and rub...

When Changqing thought about applying and rubbing the ointment onto her “little Changqing”... her face uncontrollably blushed once again.

She wondered if her complexion was really that bad while she touched her face with all her strength.


The next day, Changqing arrived at the TV station.

While en route, she couldn’t help but admit that Song Chuyi’s medical expertise was indeed good. It was really embarrassing for a woman to feel discomfort in that place, but she felt much better when she woke up earlier that morning.

“You’re early today.” Zheng Yan, an announcer from the sports channel, greeted Changqing as she caught up to her from behind, and the two of them waited for the elevator together.

“I’d like to communicate with the director again regarding the rundown of today’s program. Sister Zheng, you’re early too...” Changqing smiled at her.

Zheng Yan had a complicated look in her eyes as she surveyed her surroundings. After entering the elevator, when there was only the two of them remaining, she whispered, “Changqing. Yesterday, when I had a gathering with Editor-in-chief Xie and the crew, I overheard that the station head is planning to replace you on the show with Chi Yining.”

Changqing’s heart violently pounded, and her face turned pale in a “swoop” as well.

Last year, when a bunch of new interns joined the company, the old hosts sensed the underlying threats, including her. Recently, her premonition had felt particularly strong, especially from the youngest and prettiest Chi Yining. However, she didn’t expect her premonition to come true so quickly.

“Take it easy. Chi Yining is Station Head Feng’s most treasured possession now,” Zheng Yan gently comforted her.

Changqing stared at her with wide-open eyes. “Seriously?! Did Chi Yining really become Station Head Feng’s woman?”

“Duh! How else could a new hire with no profound background like her edge you out and join the hosting cast of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration show at the beginning of the year along with Zuo Qian and the rest?” Zheng Yan sneered.

Changqing felt her stomach churning slightly. She really “respected” Chi Yining as she was able to stomach Station Head Feng’s face with a small mouth and a flat nose.

Inside the studio dressing room, Changqing was restless. Zheng Yan was a veteran senior in the TV station. Although her position isn’t high, she had been employed for more than 10 years, and her relationship with the upper management was pretty good. Hence, rumors traveled faster to her than others. Zheng Yan had always been fairly good to her and wouldn’t deceive her regarding that matter.

Upon hearing the noises from backstage, she suddenly had an urge to cry.

Ever since she joined the TV station, she had always worked hard at her job, but the competition here was too ruthless and cutthroat. It was a place where the weak got eliminated mercilessly.

“Changqing, why haven’t you changed into your clothes?” Zuo Qian asked as his dashing figure appeared in the dressing room, “Were you just crying?”

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