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So You're Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 5 - Medical Examination

Chapter 5: Medical Examination

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Upon hearing the commotion, Song Chuyi turned around and supported her with his hand. Looking at the white, slender fingers on her arm, Changqing recalled the scene from just a short while ago in which his finger...

She pushed him away with her face flushed red with embarrassment then she pulled open the curtain and walked out. She wanted to find a place to sit, but she felt uneasy sitting down due to anxiety. It was her first time being touched by a man, and she felt embarrassed.

While writing the prescription, Song Chuyi bowed his head and asked, “Is it usually painful and itchy?”


“How long has it lasted?”

“Four days.”

“When does your menstruation cycle start every month?”

“The eighth of every month,” Changqing answered with a soft and feeble voice.

“Your condition is rather serious; it’s essential to reduce the inflammation. Pay attention to your personal hygiene, remember to wash it daily, also... it’s best not to engage in any sexual activities before you recover...”

Changqing exploded. “I have yet to have a boyfriend.”

Song Chuyi chuckled. “For women who work in an industry such as yours, does having a boyfriend or not ever stop you from having an active sexual life?”

“What are you trying to imply?” Changqing confronted him as she felt insulted. She approached him angrily, pinned the prescription slip against the table with her hand, and demanded, “Apologize to me.”

Song Chuyi’s line of sight left the slip, and he gazed into her eyes while she gazed into his. Inside his clear and shallow eyes laid a shade of bottomless darkness. Although he was merely a doctor, he exuded an innate aura of aloofness and nobility.

Staring at him, Changqing’s heart dropped then she felt increasingly annoyed.

“Is the check up finished?” Zhangrui entered the room while knocking on the door at the right time.

“Almost done. I just have to finish writing the prescription,” Song Chuyi replied as he continued to work on it.

Meanwhile, Changqing kept a poker face. She decided not to blow the incident out of proportion on the account that he was cuckolded by Guan Ying, and that as a great person, she shouldn’t be so petty; after all, she won’t ever cross paths with the perverted doctor again once the day was over.

Two minutes later, Song Chuyi passed Zhangrui the prescription slip and informed her, “When you go downstairs to collect her medication, ask the nurse to put her on an IV drip. Her situation requires her to be put on an IV drip to reduce the inflammation. I still have matters upstairs to attend to, so you can give me a call if you have any questions...”

“Thank you, Dr. Song. I’ll treat you to a meal some other time.”

“You’re welcome.”

After Zhangrui dragged Changqing out from the consultation room, she slyly smiled and asked, “How does it feel like to be examined by a handsome guy?”

“If you like being examined by him so much, why don’t you pretend to be sick and allow him to examine you to your heart’s content?” Changqing rebuked her sister with a pair of vicious-looking eyes. She was filled with flames of fury, and she had nowhere to vent.

“Unfortunately, I’m already married. Besides, your brother-in-law would get jealous,” Zhangrui said with a face full of regret.

Upon seeing her sister acting like a hopeless fangirl, Changqing didn’t want to speak to her anymore, at least for the time being.


During the infusion, Changqing’s plump lips pouted high in the air.

Zhangrui couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks. “Stop being angry. Your elder sister will go out to buy some cherries for you to eat, okay?”

“There’s no need to do that,” Changqing replied in a bad mood. “By the way, sis, do you still remember Fu Yu – our neighbor in Yangzhou from when we lived there in the past?

“Of course, aren’t we the same age? You always followed us around everywhere back then.” Zhangrui laughed. “Every day, your little eyes only focused on him..”

Changqing’s face felt hot. “I saw him yesterday, and it turned out he’s now the President of the company, Shangwei Media. However, he has a girlfriend now, and his girlfriend is a friend from university – Guan Ying.”

“Oh, Guan Ying, huh. I’ve seen her in your dorm before,” Zhangrui replied as her eyebrows wrinkled. “She’s very beautiful and pleasing to the eye; she knows how to please a man. It’s not surprising that men like her type. But her family isn’t well-to-do, and people like Fu Yu may not necessary want to date her with marriage in mind; he might be merely dating her on a whim. To be honest, it was fine for you to have a crush on him when you were little. However, now that you’re older, stop thinking about him. I’ve heard rumors that people who work in entertainment companies love to work around some ‘unspoken rules’ and engage in secret, back-door deals.”

“Sis, please stop saying that. Fu Yu might be serious about this relationship,” Changqing replied. She felt stifled as she disliked the fact that the person she once had a crush on was being regarded poorly.

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