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So You're Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 497 - Everything You Said About Doting On Me, Pampering Me, And Listening To Me After We Got Married Were All Lies

Chapter 497: Everything You Said About Doting On Me, Pampering Me, And Listening To Me After We Got Married Were All Lies

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

She dragged out her last word softly, making it sound like it was filled with longing.

Li Shaobin’s chest heated up and he almost nodded, but he held back. However, his dashing face still blushed under her gaze.

Ruan Yang reached out a hand and hooked his pinky finger with her pinky finger lovingly.

Li Shaobin almost couldn’t take it. He forced on a cold expression and said, “Stop trying to seduce me. You even hung up on me.”

“I didn’t want to hang up on you but I had something to do.” Ruan Yang sighed softly. “Besides, you sounded so harsh. I was a little afraid to talk to you. Shaobin, shall we stop arguing? If we were just bickering, that’d be fine, but that’s too much strain on our relationship.”

Li Shaobin’s lips moved.

Should he argue with her?

Actually, arguing was really pointless.

Restoring the patriarchy was also starting to become pointless. He felt that way when she stopped contacting him.

“Oh, right. I bought you a lighter and some clothes from Beijing this time. Try them out,” Ruan Yang said with a smile.

“Why did you have to buy presents?” Li Shaobin pouted.

“I can’t help it. I keep thinking about you wherever I go. I didn’t get anything for myself. Everything I bought was for you.” Ruan Yang raised her brows and said, “What did you buy for me?”

Li Shaobin was stumped. That didn’t cross his mind at all.

“I knew you didn’t get me anything.” Ruan Yang sighed. “Everything you said about doting on me, pampering me, and listening to me after we got married were all lies.”

“If it wasn’t because you kept thinking about Xin Ziao, I wouldn’t be like this either,” Li Shaobin grumbled. “I was too busy there. Besides, men don’t keep thinking about shopping like you women.”

“That depends on whether you have sincerity or not. Look—Song Chuyi always brings Changqing a gift wherever he goes.” Ruan Yang looked down and poked the fish in her bowl with her chopsticks.

“That’s because Changqing loves Old Song with all her heart,” Li Shaobin said gloomily. “At least Changqing didn’t call out Fu Yu’s name in her dream.”

The dining room fell silent all of a sudden. Ruan Yang ate her food with her head hanging low, looking as though she had a lot on her mind.

“Why... did you stop talking?” Li Shaobin asked after clearing his throat.

“I don’t know... what to say either.” Ruan Yang lifted her head and smiled bitterly. “This is my fault. If I knew I would have such a dream, I would’ve rather not slept that night. It’s only right for you to be angry. If you were the one calling other women’s names in your sleep, I would definitely be angry and upset too. It’s just that... I don’t know what I should do to make you not angry anymore. Maybe it’s going to be difficult. No matter how hard I try to get closer to you, I find myself drifting further and further away and your attitude towards me gets worse. When I try to get close to you, you find me annoying. When I don’t, your attitude towards me is equally bad. Sometimes, I think that it might be because you’re already sick of me or because you don’t like me at all. The reason why you didn’t initiate a divorce is only that you’re embarrassed since we just got married...”

Li Shaobin was flustered all of a sudden. No matter how daft he was in a relationship, at that moment, he realized where this would lead if they were to continue like this and that wasn’t where he wanted to go. “It’s not like that...”

“Then tell me... what is it?” Ruan Yang watched him with sorrow. “Tell me—what should I do to make you happy? Or is there nothing I can do to make you happy? Is that incident going to become a thorn in your heart driving deeper and deeper until the wound starts to rot and you can only cut off the rotten flesh in the end?”

Li Shaobin scratched his head and looked at her blankly.

Ruan Yang said each word clearly, “Then I’m that rotten flesh in your heart. After the rotten flesh is cut off, new flesh can grow and that new flesh wouldn’t be me anymore. It might be... another woman.”

She tightened her grip on her chopsticks. Actually, she was also betting on it.

Some things would only cause the wound to deepen if they dragged on. Besides, cold treatment was really hurtful and she would only be hurt precisely because she cared. It felt like she was trying to get along with a porcupine. She was trying her best to embrace the porcupine but the closer she got, the more it hurt and when she finally held him, she might die from all her wounds.

Li Shaobin’s lips felt dry. He didn’t want to swap her out for another woman. He had never thought of that before.

He didn’t want to keep thinking about it but he couldn’t help it. If this went on, it might really become rotten flesh.

“The only way to solve it is to pull that thorn out.” Ruan Yang put her left hand gently on his hand holding the chopsticks. “Let’s work hard together, alright?”

Li Shaobin looked into her eyes. The two of them were sitting side by side. She was very close to him—so close that he could see his reflection in her eyes and it seemed as though he could see that rotting flesh.

He didn’t want their marriage to end up as rotting flesh. 𝒊𝒏nr𝐞𝘢𝐝. 𝒄𝒐𝗺

Maybe he shouldn’t have kept thinking about restoring the patriarchy. Even if he became the patriarch of the family and Ruan Yang listened to whatever he said, it actually didn’t seem that interesting at all.

He was actually just hoping that restoring the patriarchy could prove that Ruan Yang loved him, but the reality was that Ruan Yang wasn’t a subservient person.

Indeed. He should’ve just gone along with her like what Hu Zhi said.

“When you say ‘let’s work hard together’...” Li Shaobin moved his lips. “You can’t think of Xin Ziao again.”

“Can you give me a reason to think of him again?” Ruan Yang held his hand with a smile. “From today onwards, let’s work hard together to start afresh as a blissful couple. Shall we?”

The two of them hadn’t gotten along so peacefully in such a long time. Li Shaobin felt sweet inside and just as he was about to say something, the doorbell rang suddenly.

The two of them exchanged glances. Ruan Yang got up and walked to the door. “Who’s that?”

“Delivery. Young Master Li ordered some dishes from our restaurant and told us to deliver over.”

Ruan Yang turned back to look at Li Shaobin. Li Shaobin stood up quickly and said, “I thought you weren’t at home and I was lazy to cook so I got the restaurant to deliver food over.”

Ruan Yang opened the door. The deliveryman came in with the food and left. When Ruan Yang opened the packages, she saw a sumptuous spread with three meat dishes and a vegetable. They were all Szechuan dishes. There were steamed fishes and beef noodles.

Li Shaobin looked at the restaurant food then at Ruan Yang’s food. He gulped.

“Do you think the food I make doesn’t taste as good as restaurant food?” Ruan Yang lifted her head and caught his gaze.

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