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So You're Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 30 - Changqing is afraid to be alone at night

Chapter 30: Changqing is afraid to be alone at night

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Stubborn!” Li Shaobing rolled his eyes at him.

“I’ll treat you to a meal next time,” said Song Chuyi as he waved his hand and left.


At 9 o’clock in the evening, Changqing returned to the lakeside park after she had dinner with Zuo Qian and a couple of the bosses.

After opening the door with a password and switching on the lights in the apartment, the familiar figure of Robben leapt into her arms as he barked from a distance away.

“You mischievous little thing; you had me worried to death.” Changqing peevishly pulled both of his drooping ears while she looked around the apartment with darting eyes as she was afraid Song Chuyi would catch her pulling Robben’s ears. But it seemed there was no one present...

She searched through all the three rooms, but Song Chuyi wasn’t in the apartment.

Changqing was slightly afraid to stay in a foreign apartment alone for the night. She was a somewhat timid person. When Yan Lei went on business trips in the past, she at least had Auntie Zhang by her side at the villa.

Changqing suddenly got homesick.

Her eyes got slightly teary as she didn’t know when Song Chuyi would be back. She wanted to call him and ask, but she didn’t have the guts to do so.

Shortly after she came out of the bathroom when she finished showering, she took a quick glance at her phone and discovered there was an unexpected missed call from Song Chuyi. She immediately dialed back and explained, “I was showering just now...”

“Okay. Remember to lock the door at night. I’ll be working the night shift tonight and won’t be going back to sleep at the apartment,” Song Chuyi said while he leaned against a hospital hallway as he recalled the phone call from Yan Lei earlier. Yan Lei specifically called him to inform him about this particular daughter of his who had trouble sleeping at night whenever she was alone in the house.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Changqing panicked and muttered, “If I had known beforehand, I would’ve gone back to the Yan family villa to sleep...”

Song Chuyi’s tone turned icy cold when he heard her complaining. “If you hadn’t lost Robben and forced me to swap my shift to find Robben during the day, would I be working today’s night shift?”

Changqing instantly became ashamed. A small amount of guilt arose within her.

“If you feel scared at night, make Robben stay in your room,” Song Chuyi reminded her flatly.

“I’m not afraid at all. I feel better without you around me,” Changqing rebutted with a mellow voice.

A strange feeling arose inside Song Chuyi’s heart inexplicably.

Forget it. The two of us aren’t exactly close. Maybe she might even be more comfortable without me being around the apartment tonight. Song Chuyi thought to himself.

Right after he put down his phone, Nurse Liu, who was on duty for the night shift, approached him. “Dr. Song, Chief Guo is looking for you.”

Song Chuyi immediately went to the Chief’s office. When he arrived at the office, he noticed Dr. Yan was present as well.

“Chuyi, this afternoon when you weren’t here, the hospital director, Dr. Yan and I briefly discussed the medical condition of patient VIP2 and decided that the patient will be handled by both you and Dr. Yan, and both of you will be responsible for her.” Chief Guo continued to say sternly: “First and foremost, this patient is a family member of Fu Yu, from Shangwei Media. Secondly, the difficulty of this surgery is very high. Your scalpel skills are the best in the entire hospital, so I feel more assured with you as the main surgeon.”

Song Chuyi frowned. He had seen Fu Yu before; he really didn’t want to be the main surgeon for this surgery.

“There’s no better way around this. Fu Yu isn’t an average joe after all,” said Chief Guo. He went on to elaborate: “Of course, I know this hospital belongs to you and the Song family. However, as doctors, we should always put the patients’ lives as our utmost priority.”

“Fine, I understand,” replied Song Chuyi reluctantly.


The next morning at 7 o’clock, Song Chuyi dragged his exhausted figure back to his apartment. The living room lights were still on, and the door of the room Changqing was sleeping in was left wide open.

As he walked towards the room, a surge of feminine fragrance wafted out from within the room.

Song Chuyi took a gentle breath and glared at Robben with his eyes.

Feeling like he had suffered an injustice, Robben whimpered and let go of the blanket. Then he ran to a corner of the room before finally crouching down.

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