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So You're Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 23 - Name a price—how much money do you want in order for you divorce Chuyi?

Chapter 23: Name a price—how much money do you want in order for you divorce Chuyi?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Changqing looked towards Song Chuyi, her eyes filled with gratitude as she bowed her head and began gnawing at the chicken claw.

Song Chulang wrinkled his eyebrows while he looked at them. Just as he was about to say something, he noticed Song Huaisheng staring at him and promptly shut his mouth.

After dinner, Changqing accompanied the Song family and chatted with them for a bit. Before departing, Changqing went to the bathroom for the sake of convenience as she was on her way out.

When Changqing came out from the bathroom, she immediately came across Song Chulang. He was leaning against the wall, and his facial expression was obscure and hard to read. “Name a price—how much money do you want in order for you divorce Chuyi?”

Changqing was outright bewildered. “Elder brother, did I offend you in some way?”

Song Chulang took a step forward. He looked down at Changqing with a menacing expression as he approached her. After positioning his face directly into Changqing’s face, he sneered: “Was it not your purpose to save the Yan family when you married Chuyi? Are you not agreeable with the arrangement in which I’ll help the Yans in return for you divorcing Chuyi? Are you so insatiable and greedy that you’re taking it further and will try to covet the Song family’s wealth?”

Feeling humiliated, Changqing became so angry that her small face turned bright red. “That’s right. I did marry Chuyi for the Yan family’s sake. But this matter is between Song Chuyi and me. There’s no need for you, the elder brother, to interfere in our business.”

She turned and walked away immediately as she didn’t want to be around him. Song Chulang’s expression collapsed, and he grabbed her to stop her from leaving. i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

“Elder brother, what are you doing?” Song Chuyi shouted, his eyebrows were furrowed as he appeared from the corner of the hallway. He walked towards Changqing with large strides and pulled her into his arms.

Sensing Song Chuyi holding her firmly in his arms, Changqing lifted her head up and saw a face that was gallantly unparalleled. Under the orange hallway lights, his face displayed a strong exasperation.

His chest was rising and falling in a certain rhythm, and while Changqing was in his arms, she caught a whiff of men’s cologne from his body. The scent was sparse, and if she wasn’t so close to him, she never would’ve caught the scent at all.

“Chuyi, it’s difficult for me to say this with Dad around us,” Song Chulang paused for a short while and continued to speak again while shifting his gaze towards Changqing’s face. “This woman is acting flirtatious with Zuo Qian, and they’re in an illicit relationship. Previously, their relationship was almost about to be published by the magazines, but it was suppressed by Zuo Qian’s public relations team. I’m doing this for your own good. If I hadn’t spoken up, you wouldn’t have even known you’d been cuckolded by her.”

Changqing was startled by Song Chulang’s accusations, and her eyebrows frowned slightly. “Elder brother, you are, after all, the leader of the Sky corporation. You should understand that in the entertainment industry, the truth is often mingled with falsehood, and the things you said aren’t true at all. Zuo Qian is my teacher, and I’ve always respected him. The truth is, he did me a favor last time, and some people from the TV station who wanted me out fabricated these nasty rumors from thin air.”

While she was explaining, she was also paying attention to Song Chuyi’s expression. “Song... Chuyi. Although we were quick to register our marriage certificate, I can give you my word and guarantee on my honor that I’m not that sort of person.”

Song Chulang scoffed, “Actors like you always make empty promises. I’ve seen enough. Chuyi, have you forgotten about Guan Ying? If I hadn’t told you to go over, you’d still be in the dark now. ”

Changqing vaguely understood upon hearing his words. It seemed that the reason why Song Chuyi appeared at the “Sound of Snow” was because of his elder brother.

“Enough.” Song Chuyi’s expression grew uglier by the minute. “Brother, I know how to handle my own affairs. It’s getting late, so I’ll be heading off now.”

He turned around and pulled Changqing, who was still in a daze, outside the mansion.

When he got into the car, his handsome face appeared as if it was exposed to the harsh cold.

Changqing guessed his heart must’ve been scarred by the matter with Guan Ying. She was feeling bitter as well as she couldn’t help but think about Fu Yu.

She remembered the times when she was attending university. Whenever she and Guan Ying hung out, the boys at the university were always attracted to her at first glance. However, not long afterward, their attention would shift to Guan Ying. Later on, she secretly overheard the boys privately discussing that her appearance was too ravishing, whereas Guan Ying looked pure and innocent. The boys talked about how they found that the more they looked at Guan Ying, the more appealing they found her, and that she easily evoked their desire to protect and take care of her.

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