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So You're Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 21 - Your Face is so Red Part 1

Chapter 21: Your Face is so Red Part 1

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A strange feeling emerged inside Changqing. She had been pampered ever since she was little. Yan Lei and her sister had always been by her side, showing her care and concern. Truthfully, as a person, she rarely gave much thought to such things. In addition, she wasn’t well-versed in the art of dealing with people. Hence, Song Chuyi’s words gave her an inexplicable feeling that she had seemingly obtained a reliable backing she could rely on from this moment forward.

She didn’t dislike anything about feeling this way.

While she was about to obediently deposit her things into the trunk, she discovered the trunk had already been packed full with gifts, consisting of all kinds of branded cigarettes and wines, local specialty products, and tonics.

After Changqing finished squeezing her things into the trunk and finally sat in the front passenger seat, she couldn’t restrain herself and asked: “Are all those things at the back gifts for your family?”

“No. They were all gifts from others. I just stuffed them into the car instead of taking them back to my house.” Song Chuyi answered while he patiently started his car.

Changqing envied Song Chuyi and sighed. “Never did it cross my mind that there’s so many perks of being a doctor. Unlike you, I’ve never received gifts from other people before. Come to think of it, why doesn’t my sister receive gifts from others like you, especially when she’s a doctor too?”

Glancing at her pure little mouth, Song Chuyi’s uninterested, handsome face gradually became warmer in a manner that was hardly noticeable. “You’re overthinking this. Nowadays, hospitals are getting stricter about regulations. There aren’t many perks to gain by being a doctor. I just happened to have many major surgeries lately. The patients’ families were grateful to me, so they sent me these small gifts. They’re just tokens of appreciation to thank me.”

“Every single one of those tokens in the trunk is worth several thousand dollars, you know? If people gave you a few of them every time you completed a surgery, wouldn’t you easily earn several tens of thousands dollars?” Sparks of envy burst out from Changqing’s peach blossom eyes. She suddenly felt that her husband was seriously loaded.

Song Chuyi cracked a smile despite him seldom smiling. He didn’t expect Changqing to be a materialistic person.

He wondered whether Changqing’s big eyes would shine even brighter if he divulged that he earned over a hundred thousand dollars just by performing a surgery.

“Not every surgery ends up being a success,” Song Chuyi said while he gently turned the steering wheel with his slender and well-defined fingers. “High risks are behind every major surgery. Some of them may even only have a success rate of around 10 to 20 percent. I’m just a doctor, not a deity. My success rate barely hovers around 60 to 70 percent.”

“It’s considered incredible to have a 60 to 70 percent success rate.” Changqing buttered Song Chuyi up.

“Is your body feeling better?” Song Chuyi asked, his thin lips curved into an arc that seemed to resemble a faint smile.

The abrupt question caused Changqing’s face to swelter instantly.

The awkward examination left her extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

“... I’m cured, and it’s all thanks to Dr. Song’s superb medical skills. Dr. Song, could it be that you examine women often?”

“Nope. I only help out whenever the gynecology department gets too busy to cope. You were the only patient I examined this month.” The man spoke at a leisurely pace, seemingly unaware of her embarrassment.

Changqing quietly shifted her face and looked out the window while she was freaking out internally. Why did I just happen to have him as my doctor?

It was a rather long journey to the Song family’s house.

On the journey, Changqing used her phone to browse social media, whereas he answered two incoming calls. The calls seemed to be from his patients’ families, and the people on the other end of the phone seemed to have said some offensive remarks as Song Chuyi looked upset after answering the phone.

While he was answering his calls, Changqing stole some glances at his stern face and his chest, then she shifted her gaze to the zipper of his pants...

She knew full well she was thinking lewd things again, but she was very curious to know why the spectacular sight she saw that night appeared so flat today.

Changqing truly felt that men were fascinating creatures.

“What are you staring at?” Song Chuyi asked Changqing while he looked at her with doubtful eyes. He had hung up the call without Changqing being aware. “Your face is so red. Are you feeling hot in the car?”

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