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So You're Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 20 - It goes without saying that the man will take care of these things

Chapter 20: It goes without saying that the man will take care of these things

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Due to the sudden ceasing of the ringing, Changqing looked over in Fu Yu’s direction with bewilderment. “Why aren’t you picking up the call?”

“I don’t want to be answering a phone call while I have an important person next to me,” Fu Yu answered Changqing in a lazy tone.

Is that important person me?

Gazing at Fu Yu’s striking eyes and eyebrows, mixed feelings gradually swelled in Changqing’s heart, and she spoke in a displeased tone. “Brother Fu Yu, you’re dating Guan Ying. Please don’t do this to her again. Girls will get very upset if their calls are rejected.”

The color of Fu Yu’s pupils darkened gradually. “Are you good friends with Guan Ying?”

“Yeah, we’re besties.” Changqing replied, nodding her head. “That’s why you have to treat Guan Ying better.”

Fu Yu clutched the steering wheel tightly, his eyebrows frowning, and his gaze fixated on Changqing.

Feeling stifled by Fu Yu’s gaze, Changqing uttered, “As for... those experiences we had together before, they became a thing of the past to me ages ago. I feel quite sorry you had to constantly look out for me back then. I’m all grown up now, and I can hardly remember those memories anymore. Brother Fu Yu, I’m genuinely glad you were able to find someone you like. Guan Ying is an excellent girl.”

“Is that so?” The veins on the backs of Fu Yu’s hands bulged from his skin, but unfortunately, Changqing didn’t notice it.

When they arrived at the entrance of the villa, Changqing took off her seatbelt and bade Fu Yu farewell. “Brother Fu Yu, goodnight.”

Her bright peach blossom eyes were intentionally widened as much as possible as she was worried Fu Yu might discover she had a soft spot for him from the look of her eyes. While looking at Changqing’s face, Fu Yu’s hand muscles gradually relaxed. He couldn’t stop himself, but he gently pinched her pink tender cheek all of a sudden.

Ever since he was little, he had always pinched her cheeks, so much so that he lost track of the number of times he had done so. He pinched her in moments like when he was being intimate with her, when he felt angry or naughty, and many more... 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

Unable to restrain the sadness and pain in her heart any longer, Changqing turned away, and she started walking toward the villa.

After watching Changqing’s figure walk away until she was out of sight, the tenderness reflected in Fu Yu’s eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced with a frigid coldness. He switched on his phone and saw that there were several missed calls from Guan Ying. He dialed back, and with a somber tone, he reprimanded Guan Ying. “Guan Ying, I’ve told you this before. Stop calling me if you have nothing in particular worth mentioning to me.”

“... I... I just wanted to ask if you returned from your business trip,” Guan Ying said feebly as she was frightened by Fu Yu’s tone.

“You need to keep this in your head. We’re just using each other for our own benefits. I don’t like you at all. I’ve seen tons of women who are like you.” Depressing and cruel words akin to a sharp awl spewed out from Fu Yu’s thin lips despite their graceful and delicate appearance.


The next day, afraid she would bump into Zuo Qian, Changqing tried hard to remain unseen at the TV station. Fortunately for her, she had a variety show from the cartoon and animation channel to record during the day, and meanwhile, Zuo Qian had personal matters to attend to as well, so the two of them didn’t come across each other the entire afternoon.

After Changqing finished with her work, she switched on her phone and realized there were two missed calls, both by Song Chuyi.

She immediately called him back. “The recording of my show just wrapped up...”

“I know. I’ve almost reached the TV station. Get ready to come out,” Song Chuyi said. True to form, he spoke in a concise manner as always.

He waited outside the TV station for 15 minutes before he saw Changqing rushing out from the building. Changqing was wearing a plain and elegant lotus chiffon sleeve top and blue shorts despite the cold weather. Apparently, due to her obsession to look pretty, Changqing wore those clothes even when she knew she would be confronted by the cold weather. Fortunately, her attire included a light tan windbreaker on top of her blouse. While she was walking over to Song Chuyi, the poise of a fashionable woman was exuded from within her.

Song Chuyi’s eyes were glued to her the entire time it took until she got to the front of his car. He had to acknowledge that the marriage partner he randomly selected was indeed a gorgeous woman. However, the huge pile of gifts she was carrying in her hands seemed to be a mismatch for her fashionable flair.

He rolled down the window of the car and said in a monotone voice: “I’ve already prepared the gifts. Put those things in the trunk and take them back to your house later during the night.”

Changqing was sweating profusely from carrying the gifts. Upon hearing his words, she became agitated. She felt it was all Yan Lei’s fault as he pressured her into bringing gifts over to the Song family, saying things like it would look bad if she visited them empty-handed. “You brought gifts over when you visited our house, so it’s natural that I bring gifts over when I’m visiting your house too.”

Changqing’s words injected a rare change of color in Song Chuyi’s hardly moving eyes, and he said, “We’re in a marriage together. It goes without saying that the man will take care of these things.”

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