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So I Am A Demon Descendent!

Chapter 381: The Helplessness And Sorrow Of Unrequited Love

Chapter 381: The Helplessness And Sorrow Of Unrequited Love

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The Holy Infant seemed to be faltering. It was like how a child who had just learned to walk would stagger clumsily. However, if one were to compare its speed to the demon descendants around it, one could see that it was travelling extremely fast.

This was because the demon descendants from those overseas forces had to rush to catch up with it. A woman in a long colorful dress stood on its shoulder, her face passionate and excited.

At the most critical moment, the Holy Infant was only a step away from Gokudo Path. With the gathering of demon descendants in the Great Deities Palace, It was difficult for the Soul Destroying Alliance to hunt for eligible demon descendants. Occasionally, they saw two or three small ones. For the needs of the Holy Infant, it was like a drop in the ocean. It was too lazy to kill them.

There was no other way for the Holy Infant to enter Gokudo Path but to fight to the death with Baoze’s people.

The hunter met the prey, which culminated in this inevitable result.

Baoze’s people didn’t know about the growth of the Holy Infant. After seeing this monster, they sighed in resignation. Hundreds of meters away, they still felt a chill and an unbelievable sense of fear.

A cry of bitterness and pain seemed to sound in their ears.

Earth God’s face suddenly turned grim. “What is that thing? It’s probably better than our big boss.”

Fire God looked at it for a long time and said in a deep voice, “It’s about to enter the Gokudo Path.”

Thunderlord looked away from the Holy Infant and glanced at everyone. “San Wu and Equal are not here. Fire God is no longer at his peak, he just needs to protect himself. There are only seven people here who can fight.”

It should have been manageable for the seven of them to fight a Half-Step Gokudo Path, but if the other party was a peak Half-Step Gokudo Path, the situation would be different.

“It’s a good thing that we have the Unparalleled War Spirit.” Thunderlord looked at Great-Grandma, who was not far away.

“Old man, we’ll leave the big guy to you.” Earth God said with a smile, “Can you defend against it? Or I’ll stay to protect you.”

“Scram. You were not born when I was fighting,” Fire God cursed.

The crowd laughed.

“Ready!” Thunderlord raised his right hand, gathered his thunder spear in his palm, twisted his back and swung his arm. The spear turned into a flash of lightning and shot towards the Holy Infant. “Attack!”

Baoze’s employees, who were prepared, fired their weapons. Machine guns, submachine guns, RPG, sniper guns... It didn’t feel like a battle in the demon descendants’ community, but a fight between armed groups.

A cloud of black smoke curled up to meet the spear. It seemed light and slow but in fact, it was very fast.

The thunder spear stabbed into the black smoke and crackled, like lightning flickering amongst the dark clouds. It then disappeared. It had blocked Thunderlord’s hard strike easily.

At the same time, the people of the Soul Destroying Alliance also took out heat weapons to fight back. The two sides fired at each other across the air. The fire was so bright and loud that the scene’s graphics did not lose the special effects of anti-Japanese dramas.

The demon descendant families, Taoist and Buddhist Associations, and scattered cultivators’ organizations that lacked long distance heat weapons spread out consciously and did not stand with Baoze’s people, so as to avoid being hit by stray bullets and dying in vain as a result.

On the vast plains, there were no suitable obstacles to hide behind. Defense here was based on one’s own body and ability. Fortunately, there was Tian Hao, an employee of Baoze, who had an earth-themed ability. He pulled up a wall half a human high in front of his camp, blocking most of the bullets.

There were similar methods used within the Soul Destroying Alliance. The Holy Infant alone could block most of the firepower. Countless spirits formed the first barrier to block all the bullets and missiles.

Technology weapons had pros and cons. The powerful explosive force made demon descendants fear it. Rocket grenades and other grenades could even pose problems to S-classes if they were hit, and would have even killed them.

The drawback was poor accuracy. It was often unable to hit the top experts.

Unless one had a precision strike ability, one wouldn’t be able to withstand or avoid it.

Even if one had a precision strike ability, there was a solution. If one couldn’t avoid it, one could still block it. This was the real material world, not the gaming world where one would be hunted to the ends of the world and still couldn’t block it.

Hence, those powerful rockets and shrapnels, which couldn’t fly as fast as bullets, were shot down before they could do anything. They were detonated in mid-air.

When the distance between the two sides was 100 meters, except Fire God, the seven S-class soldiers dashed in front to welcome the Holy Infant and the foreign forces with many experts.

There was a deafening roar. Ape God executed Heavenly Dharmakāya while running, turning into a 16 meter tall giant ape. Behind the giant ape were three S-classes. When they neared the Holy Infant, they suddenly accelerated and integrated into the giant ape’s body.

This time, the giant ape’s momentum soared. In an instant, it rose from peak S-class to Half-Step Gokudo Path. After crossing the threshold of a Half-Step Gokudo Path, it was still growing more powerful. In the end, it seemed to have reached some kind of bottleneck, and the ape’s aura stabilised.

Baoze’s ten gods claimed to be able to compete with Gokudo Paths. Naturally, they had special cooperative attack skills. Otherwise, in front of Gokudo Path masters, who could squash Half-Step Gokudo Paths with one hand, quantity was insignificant.


The giant ape and the Holy Infant’s limbs collided. At the moment when the two sides collided with each other, there seemed to be a giant drumming sound which knocked the senses out of every demon descendant present.

The woman on the Holy Infant’s shoulder turned back and just dodged the impact from the collision, falling far behind the people from the Soul Destroying Alliance.

The giant ape roared at the Holy Infant.

The Holy Infant returned the favour and opened its mouth to roar. Its roar was different from the giant ape’s, which was just a pure roar. The Holy Infant spouted a pure black energy beam from its mouth directly towards the giant ape’s head.

The beam of light penetrated the ape’s head and left a deep hole in the ground behind it.

A human figure descended from the sky and stepped on the top of the Holy Infant’s. The Holy Infant, 20 meters tall, fell to its knees.

The giant ape, solidified with qi, assembled its head again, kicked over the Holy Infant, rode on it, raised its fist and beat it.

The Holy Infant roared violently as black smoke around it gushed like an air pump, sending the giant ape flying.

The two giant monsters were entwined together. Every time the Holy Infant’s black smoke rose, it could easily kill an ordinary S-class. A fist from the giant ape could kill a bunch of demon descendants too.

At this moment, the battle in the Great Deities Palace was probably one of the most heroic in the demon descendants’ community within the past decade.

When Baoze destroyed the Great Demons’ Alliance, the battle between the two Half-Step Gokudo Path experts could not compare to this. The battle between Li Peiyun and Taoist Venerable in the Forum Conference was far from this, while the Demonic Priest’s appearance later was considered a unilateral killing and was not considered as a battle.

Further back, when Baoze exterminated the Ancient Gods’ Clan, Qin Ze fought two Half-Step Gokudo Paths. The Half-Step Gokudo Paths of the Ancient Gods’ Clan was the weakest among those in this level, which could not compare to the quality of this battle as well.

As there was the Unparalleled War Spirit to suppress the opponent and provide aid, the giant ape seemed to dominate the Holy Infant.

The Holy Infant was angry and launched a counterattack.

The Unparalleled War Spirit beat it up together with the giant ape.

The Holy Infant was angry again and launched a counterattack.

The Unparalleled War Spirit beat it up together with the giant ape, again.

The battle followed this approximate rhythm.

However, it couldn’t be killed in a short while. The vitality of the Holy Infant was extremely strong. It was hard to kill. It could only be slowly ground to death. In addition, the level of Great-Grandma was a little lacking amongst the Half-Step Gokudo Paths. At this time, the Holy Infant was regarded as invincible within the realm of Half-Step Gokudo Path, as it was not far from the Gokudo Path.

Seeing that the Holy Infant was getting defeated in a difficult situation, the Thai woman shouted, “What are you waiting for?”

Upon hearing this, Wright Green, who was leading the assault on Baoze, whistled brightly using his index fingers.


King Kong looked at the fierce battle ahead, thought about it, and shouted, “Wang Lao’er, if I throw you out, can I knock it out?”

“Please spare me,” said Wang Lao’er, scared.

What kind of joke was that? The only outcome was that he would die.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady shouted, “Don’t talk about this! It’s not a battle we can intervene in. Prepare to face the enemy.”

Being shouted at like that, the people around her couldn’t help but shrink their necks. Recently, the long-legged beauty was particularly irascible. The compliments were little before she would start swearing. Whenever she thought of that guy wandering outside, leaving her feeling abandoned in Baoze’s camp, she felt particularly upset.

There was no guarantee whether he was dead or alive. Pui, no one would collect his corpse.

With regards to Li Xianyu’s hunting and killing of demon descendants, it was an underground operation. Earth God and the rest kept this secret and would not tell her about it.

Thunderlord and the others, as well as the Unparalleled War Spirit, were temporarily held up by the Holy Infant. This was actually very unfavorable to the senior employees of Baoze. They had no peak S-class combat power here. However, the overseas experts, although little in numbers, comprised over ten S-classes and 6 to 7 peak S-classes.

On the other hand, they had no reason to be afraid too. There was no lack of S-classes in the Taoist and Buddhist associations and major demon descendant families, and there were also top S-class forces in the allied foreign forces, such as from the Sakurai family and the Murray family.

They had several times more experts than the other party.

King Kong clapped his chest. He just wanted to imitate Lightning King and say, “Not a big problem.”

Then, the loud whistle sounded, and then...


A rocket exploded amongst Baoze’s senior staff. They were all sent flying, along with their fingers and arms, killing one and seriously injuring three.

What was going on?

The sudden attack was from behind. Everyone was caught off-guard, and two more rockets detonated amongst the crowd.

Baoze’s senior employees were experienced and had strong adaptability in battle. Although they were still ignorant, they were not as unprepared as before. This time, there were no dead people and only two were injured.

After all, not every employee was a major in defense like Wang Lao’er.

“Bastards!” Fire God snarled angrily.

The culprits were the Shen family, Wang family, and Wu family, as well as the Sakurai family and Murray family from the overseas forces.

Just now, when all the forces opened up their distance, these few families quietly approached Baoze’s people and made a gesture of facing the enemy together.

It was too unexpected. No one would think that they had actually colluded with the Holy Infant. There was no reason at all. They were totally unrelated forces.

After the sneak attack, the Shen, Wang and Wu families, along with Japan’s Sakurai family and England’s Murray family, rampaged their way into Baoze’s camp, led by their respective family leaders.

There were four out of the seven big families present here. At the moment, three of them struck Baoze at the same time.

The heads of the three families attacked ferociously and took the lives of Baoze’s employees.

Before gathering with Baoze Group, the Shen family and the Wang family talked to the head of the Wu family. The two sides had a secret talk and successfully reached an alliance pact.

“To tell you the truth, we are all members of the Soul Destroying Alliance.”

“Soul Destroying Alliance?”

“Yeah, to destroy the Unparalleled War Spirit. Before we met you, we had contact with the Soul Destroying Alliance. Most of their demon descendants died in Baoze’s hands.”


“Don’t you understand? Baoze wants to take this opportunity to get rid of us. They want to rule the world, just as they killed all the experts of the Wu family back then. If you want revenge and the Wu family to rise again, you can cooperate with us and leave all the ten gods of Baoze here. The demon descendants’ community will be ours. We have ruled the demon descendants’ community for nearly 200 years. Why should Baoze be able to control us?”

The head of the Wu family couldn’t help thinking of the secret talk a few hours ago.

That’s right. The demon descendants’ community is ours. Why should Baoze be able to control us? Kill the ten gods of Baoze, and the demon descendants’ community will be ruled by the big families again.

He had to agree. If he didn’t, the outcome of that discussion would be that the Wu family’s leader would change hands.

Fire God wanted to return to rescue his colleagues. However, the people of the Soul Destroying Alliance reached him, flanking him from the front and back. Their chemistry was evident.


Fire God’s palms blazed with fire. They clashed with Gauss Kashub and Eva Carpe’s palms.

As the flames were disintegrated, the old man spat out a mouthful of blood towards the Baoze camp.

He hadn’t fully recovered and couldn’t withstand the attacks of the two peak S-classes.

“Fire God!” Thunderbolt Battle Lady was the quickest to respond. She supported Fire God and rushed out of the camp with him directly. Several flashes later, they escaped to a hundred meters away.

“Are you all right!” The arm which she was using to support the old man trembled slightly. She was shot twice in her left shoulder. This was not a TV play. She was shot twice, and it was not just two holes in her body.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s shoulder blade had been smashed. The bullet rotating at high speed not only twisted the flesh together, but also made the wound ferocious looking.

Normally, the bullets could not hit her at all, but those bullets came from behind and caught her off guard.

What was worse was that Li Xianyu’s blood had lost its effect. Furthermore, he was not here.

Fire God didn’t notice the injury of Thunderbolt Battle Lady, looking at the senior employees who were being attacked by the two forces and were being dissolved in an instant. The 70-year old man was shaking all over.

In less than half a minute, half of the 40 senior employees died. The victims were his familiar colleagues, or rather, his juniors.

Fire God had seen most of them grow. When they were rookies, they called him Old Master one by one. When Fire God was happy, he gave them words of advice. When he was unhappy, he would scold them to vent his anger. Normally, they did not dare to talk back, but when he turned away, they stuck their tongues out at him and rolled their eyes.

However, in the blink of an eye, more than half of them were killed or injured.

This happened just under his eyes. Their brains were smashed, their throats were slit, and their hearts were extracted.

“Those beasts!” Why did the several forces turn on them? The reason no longer mattered. With trembling hands, Fire God took out a bottle of dark-blue medicine from his wallet. It was Baoze’s famous “Real Man for Five Seconds”, and it was a life-threatening thing.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady turned pale and screamed, “Don’t!”

Fire God had injured his origins two days ago. Just now, he was injured again. If he were to take the medicine again and Li Xianyu was not here...

“Remember the first sentence in the employee’s handbook?”

If someone injures or disables one’s partner,

How he treats others will be how others treat him,

A wound for a wound, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,

As he has maimed, so he will be maimed.

It was such a famous sentence once regarded as a classic by Baoze employees. How would Thunderbolt Battle Lady not know?

However, she knew more about the price Fire God would pay.

Fire God murmured this sentence and broke away from Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s hand. He looked up and guzzled the medicine.

The blazing heat gushed out from his body, and the heat caused Thunderbolt Battle Lady to retreat. Hiss... His clothes burst into flames, and his eyebrows burned to ashes. The fire in Fire God’s body had lost control.

He earned his peak S-class status from fire. Controlling the flames was like controlling his hands and feet, but he had burned his clothes at this moment, which showed how violent the power in his body was.

The fire devoured him and turned him into a creature made of fire. Fire God was lifted to the sky by this heat and smashed himself into the area where it was most densely populated by the enemy.

“Back off!” Before he landed, the shouting preceded the sound of the impact.

The senior employees did not think twice and scrambled to retreat. In fact, there were only a small number of people left. There were only slightly more than 30 people in total. Half of them had died by now, and there were less than 20 left.

“Back off, back off...” Faul Anderson’s face changed dramatically, obviously anticipating a huge crisis.

The crowd scattered and fled, but it was too late. With a boom, the violent flames enveloped the air.

It was like a small missile exploding. It was beyond the limit of human power. So far, no one in the demon descendants’ community had ever cultivated a fire-themed ability to this level. Fire God had done it, but it was at the cost of his life.

Looking back for the last time in his life, he gave the honour to the Unparalleled War Spirit.

Fire God was born as a scattered cultivator without any sect. There was no other way but to practice his qi and his ability. He had a sense of chivalry and justice. It was a time when martial arts were deeply rooted in people’s hearts. 𝗶𝙣𝗻𝚛eα𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝑚

Once, when he was young, he heard that there was a cult in Western Hunan that had produced a powerful zombie. He used the zombie to carry drugs, traffick them and to rob houses. However, Fire God didn’t think twice. With a passionate mind, he set out to eliminate the evil thing.

However, the zombie was indestructible. His fire ability, which he had prided himself on, did not work. As he lay dying, a beautiful fairy-like girl descended from the sky and dissected the invincible zombie with her bare hands.

That relaxed posture was like a child dismantling a toy.

“Useless thing. You want to uphold justice? Are you living too comfortably?” The girl stood in front of him and looked down at him.

It was the first time that he saw the Unparalleled War Spirit, and her figure was deeply imprinted in his heart.

In Mount Niu’s scenic area, he had said that he was a friend who fought with her fourth grandson. It was actually a bluff. He didn’t want to lose face in front of the “phantom” he had chased.

The Unparalleled War Spirit couldn’t remember what had happened in those days. He was relieved, but was full of melancholy. In her endless life, he was just an insignificant passer-by.

However, the Unparalleled War Spirit meant everything to him when he was young.

At that time, the descendants of the Li family were not universally hated. At that time, Li Wushuang, the most gorgeous woman in the world, was the phantom pursued by many men.

To this day, he was old and dying, just like any other man who had been longing for the Unparalleled War Spirit. However, she was still gorgeous and her face remained unchanged.

The helplessness and sorrow of unrequited love.

At the very last, Fire God could only give her a look from afar, just like how he stared at her back from afar.

On this day, Fire God’s life ended.

The giant ape roared violently.

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