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So I Am A Demon Descendent!

Chapter 30: Ghost Infant

Chapter 30: Ghost Infant

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

After getting up in the morning, Li Xianyu, Great-Grandma, and his bodyguard went to the bookstore to buy some books of professional knowledge, one of which was the original English book. Professor Qin often said that if they wanted to really understand the ideas and contents expressed by the author, they had to read the original version, not the Chinese translation.

Professor Qin solemnly recommended everyone to read the original Russian book, but everyone was already struggling to read English, so Russian was naturally impossible. Professor Qin sighed that if one can master one more foreign language, they will have a wider path in the future.

So what if you know Russian? Such a show-off.

In a pile of books of professional knowledge, there was a book for leisure. The title of the book was My Sister is a Great Celebrity.

What a great book.

Great-Grandma followed blindly, and didn’t touch a book for the whole time. She would glance at books with aesthetic covers but quickly lost interest. Like she said, “I don’t like to learn, I get sleepy whenever I read.”

When they were about to check out, they found that San Wu was gone. When they went to find her, they found her in the depths of the bookstore, holding a book titled How to Improve Your Interpersonal Relationships. At first glance, it was like Chicken Soup for the Soul, and the whole article was major principles, but it was also nonsense.

The epitome of chicken soup essays was Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba. He once said, “Now young people think of countless ways before going to bed but when they wake up, they walk the same way obediently.”

Li Xianyu felt that his speech could be applied in various contexts: When listening to it, realization dawned on him and felt that he was one step away from success. But when he woke up the next day and thought about it, only this came to mind: Who are you and what did you say?

“Aren’t you a humanoid mockery machine, and walking machine that attracts hate? Why are you looking at this?” Li Xianyu wondered.

“I also like to get along well with everyone,” San Wu said seriously. Her little face had no expression, but Li Xianyu can see that there was slight unhappiness in the depths of her eyes.

San Wu said, “It suits me very well.”

Li Xianyu rolled his eyes and said, “This thing is useless.” He casually took out another book Joke Book 101 from the bookshelf on the other side and stuffed it in San Wu’s hands. “You can better improve your EQ looking at this.”

San Wu was slightly touched as she solemnly took the book. “Thank you.”

At 09:30 AM, at the gate of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Li Xianyu was leading San Wu and Great-Grandma, as they stood at the school gate. He looked at the direction of the campus and said, “I suddenly have a bold idea.”

As San Wu walked and read, a light bulb lit up on her head. She quickly turned back a few pages and read according to the book, “For your bold ideas, the country has a set of mature *.”

Her educational level was relatively low, so far she still could not read many words. For example, once she saw Li Xianyu’s box of kidney-tonifying medicine, she could only read the word, separating it by its parts.

Li Xianyu face-palmed and said “San Wu, that word is pronounced as ‘law’, not an asterisk.”

San Wu nodded, indicating that she has learned.

Li Xianyu continued, “You two take my arm and pretend to be my girlfriends.”

Great-Grandma immediately rejected, “No.”

Li Xianyu said, “Great-Grandma, come on, cooperate with me. It is rare for me to show off in front of others.”

Great-Grandma said in disdain, “How childish, how can I pretend to be a great-grandson’s girlfriend? It’s not befitting of my status. Don’t even think about it.”

Li Xianyu said, “I’ll give you 500 dollars, are you doing it?”

Great-Grandma smiled brightly, “I’m doing it.” Great-Grandma was easier to deal with than the ice at home.

Li Xianyu stretched out his left arm, and Great-Grandma held it obediently. He then stretched out his right arm, and San Wu held it expressionlessly.

Along the way, they frequently attracted the attention of the students and teachers. Envious and jealous gazes directed towards them almost never stopped. Although Li Xianyu was handsome and had good grades, but he was never enjoyed such attention. He held Great-Grandma and San Wu, and no matter where he went, it was a beautiful scenery. He felt great.

There was a professional class in the morning and the teacher was Professor Qin. Professor Qin is very popular with the students, because he has a pair of filial children. Although both have quit showbiz for a long time and was not in the public eye in recent years, their legends still spread in the industry, despite them not being in the industry anymore.

Professor Qin occasionally talked about the daily lives of his children. At this time, boys and girls showed sufficient interest.

Li Xianyu felt that Professor Qin was an old man who loved face and liked to boast.

There was a lot of noise in the classroom, the boys were chatting rambunctiously, while the girls were laughing.

When Li Xianyu hugged a lady on his left and right into the classroom, the whole classroom, dozens of students were immediately speechless. The huge classroom suddenly quieted down, as everyone’s gazes fell on Li Xianyu and the two.

These days, it was common for college students to fall in love. It was normal to hold hands and kiss and flaunt their relationship in broad daylight. But even Prince Charming Zhang Mingyu, who was handsome and rich, has never had a move of hugging ladies left and right in public.

Because that would attract hatred.

The boys were first attracted by Great-Grandma and San Wu’s beauty then became deeply jealous. The girl was also surprised by their beauty, and then also became deeply jealous.

At this moment, it would have been perfect if a background music was playing.

He hugged the two girls through the not-spacious steps aisle and sat in the last row, just as the bell rang.

Before Professor Qin entered the classroom, among his roommates, Yang Guangtai and Huang Yicong left their original seats and slipped into the back row.

Yang Guangtai was speechless. “Li Xianyu...”

“Don’t say anything. Yes, they are my girlfriends.” Li Xianyu threw out a proud expression. “Both are.”

Huang Yicong asked, “How did you do that?”

Li Xianyu said arrogantly, “I did nothing, just conquered them with my charm. They are also willing to live in peace for me.”

Great-Grandma pursed her lips quietly.

The roommates were surprised and looked at him differently.

Li Xianyu was deeply satisfied, this wave of boasting was really great.

Professor Qin came before the bell ended. Professor Qin was in his fifties and his hair was still not white, and he is full of spirit. When he stood and lectured, his back was always straight, so he looked very authoritative. Plus he had very chiseled features, and thus was very popular with female college students.

Li Xianyu turned his pen and listened to the class without paying much attention. Great-Grandma on his left turned her mobile phone on silent and played mobile games. San Wu on the right look at her joke book with much concentration. When she encountered words that she didn’t know, she checked them with her mobile phone, and then annotated the pinyin with a pen.

A lively grandmother with a mole in the corner of the eye on the left and a lotus beauty with impeccable temperament on the right.

Li Xianyu felt that the peak of his nine-year compulsory education, three years of high school and four years of college had arrived today.

“Ying ying ying...”

In addition to Professor Qin Qin’s crisp lecture, Li Xianyu also heard a delicate cry, like a kitten and a baby.

“Ying ying ying...”

A few minutes later, the cry came again.

It was not illusory. Why was there a kitten meowing in the classroom? was someone watching a video? No, if someone had played the video blatantly in class, Professor Qin’s lecture would have been interrupted long ago, and no one seemed to have heard it.

Then there was only one explanation... Li Xianyu immediately grew alert, looking cautiously left and right.

“Take it easy, calm down and get rid of your distractions,” Great-Grandma bowed her head to play the game and whispered.

Li Xianyu took a deep breath, closed his eyes, regulated his breathing, and the cry disappeared. Then, his eyes grew hot, and he finally saw the thing that made the cry.

Sitting in the first row, a blood red baby was riding on the neck of a girl with long hair that reached her shoulders. As Li Xianyu was sitting at a high point, it was very prominent and horrifying.

It seemed to be aware of the burning gaze behind it, and the baby stopped crying. It turned its head slowly, its body did not move, and twisted its head behind it.

After seeing the baby’s front side, Li Xianyu jumped reflexively, and his scalp became numb. It was a blood-red face, as if it had been skinned and was tender red. Its face had vague features, and there were protruding green tendons under its tender bright red tender skin.

It had no eyes, but Li Xianyu felt like it is staring at him.

“Wah wah~” The blood-red baby suddenly made a sharp cry. The voice turned into an invisible hand, and grabbed Li Xianyu’s throat and heart. It made him pale and he had difficulty breathing.

“Ghost Infant, a vengeful spirit that was transformed from a baby’s spirit.” Great-Grandma pushed his head to one side and reprimanded, “I told you not to make direct eye contact with vengeful spirits. It will haunt you. Fortunately, the ghost infant has a great attachment and resentment to his mother, and he will not leave his mother easily.”

After looking away, the suffocating feeling of being unable to breathe disappeared.

Li Xianyu calmed his mind and patted Huang Yicong in the front seat on the shoulder. When he looked back, he whispered, “Who is that woman again?”

Huang Yicong followed his gaze and replied, “That’s Zhang Ying, what’s wrong?”

So it’s her.

They were in the same class, and although they were not very familiar, they still knew each other. It was mainly because the ghost infant was riding on her neck, so he could not see her back clearly.

A thought flashed in Li Xianyu’s heart. “I remember she was suspended from school.”

Huang Yicong replied with “Mhm.” He whispered in a tone full of gossip, “I heard that she became a rich man’s sugar baby and earned a lot of money, so she came back to school again.”

Students who stayed on campus were familiar with news from the grapevine. Li Xianyu rarely stayed in school besides going to classes.

Huang Yicong was unsure when he asked for more details.

He didn’t know if she had become a sugar baby, but one thing can be confirmed that happened when she was suspended from school was: an abortion.

Of course, there was no need to be away from school for such a long time after an abortion. Something else should had happened. Li Xianyu’s brain conjured up a melodramatic plot about the other woman trying to bring down the lawful wife using her baby but failed.

It was a reasonable guess from Li Xianyu. The fetus turned into a ghost infant because of resentment. At least it meant that it has developed enough, otherwise it will not produce consciousness if it was just a grape seed.

However, none of this mattered. There were too many dirty things in college. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics culture was still alright, but some low-grade universities in Shanghai had 9 out of 10 women who were prostitutes, and 9 out of 10 men who were gay.

Most importantly, Zhang Ying was haunted by the ghost infant.

The little red man was hideous and ugly than any other spirit he had ever seen, and it was clear that it was a murderous entity at first sight.

“San Wu.” Li Xianyu lowered his voice. “Do you want to kill this little red guy?”

Great-Grandma hummed. “It’s not a company mission. It’s none of your business.”

Li Xianyu just said, “Great-Grandma, what you said is wrong. We must love our work no matter which industry we are in, this is our slogan. We can go back to write a report, and let San Wu be the guarantee to hand over to the company. I also will earn points reward.”

But San Wu shook her head.

Li Xianyu looked at her and asked, “What do you mean?”

Great-Grandma said, “She means to tell you to mind your own business. There are no immortals or Buddha in the world, but there is fate and karma. According to my experience, when you deal with spiritual events in the future, you must not blindly fight and kill, but resolve obsession. You did very well yesterday. Only when you run into a ferocious vengeful spirit can you exorcise them. Contamination with too many causes and consequences is detrimental to yourself.”

“The ghost infant is ignorant and unable to communicate with, thus it is difficult to resolve his grievances. It is entangled with the birth mother, and harbors not only resentment, but also a baby’s instinct. The girl at most will have one serious illness, so mind your own business.”

“Is that right?” Li Xianyu asked San Wu, and the latter nodded.

Professor Qin stopped on the podium and glanced disgruntledly at the three people who were whispering to each other. “I’ve always said that if you don’t want to listen to my class, you can sleep, you can skip class, you can do something else, but you have to be absolutely quiet. The female student on the left side of the last row, you stand up and solve this problem.”

He knocked on the blackboard. No one paid attention to him.

“Yes you, the girl in the white sweater,” Professor Qin accentuated his tone solemnly.

Li Xianyu kicked Great-Grandma in the calf under the table. “He’s calling you.”

Great-Grandma then reacted and got up in a daze.

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