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Chapter 28

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In the evening, Li Xianyu lay on the sofa. Not far away, at the computer table, Great-Grandma sat straight, typing at the keyboard with a clatter, playing games. Great-Grandma was a young lady of a big, noble family, and her upbringing and discipline can be seen in many details.

When she sat down, she never sat with her thighs wide open, and her back was habitually straight. For example, when she quarrelled with her great-grandson, she would say over and over again and again, “You naughty grandson, you unfilial child...”

She can’t even say “son of a bitch,” let alone curse at Li Xianyu’s ancestors. Of course, she may also think that she was scolding herself.

Li Xianyu sensed the shortcomings of her team. Great-Grandma used to be a respectable person, but now she was a tiger who has had her teeth pulled out. At most, she could act cute. San Wu was not afraid of vengeful spirits, but she had no special means to deal with them. The only reason she could eliminate vengeful spirits was from grade and equipment?

When it came to equipment, Baoze Group’s standard equipment was very interesting. As long as he has a wallet spatial device after he becomes a regular employee, if he takes it to smuggle prohibited goods, he would certainly make a lot of money.

If he were to go to Japan to transport a bunch of pornos back to sell, he would definitely make a lot of money. As for himself, staying calm and keeping himself from screaming in front of the vengeful spirits was his limit.

I wonder if there are any Maoshan descendants in the company that you can give to me as a new senior?

In the demon descendants members chat group at the headquarters, it showed that 99 messages were not seen, and Li Xianyu scrolled through them from the start.

King Kong: “@Walking Pile Driver Get out, I’m going to kill you.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “What are you doing? Isn’t it just a poem? It’s just a joke, why are you not letting him go?”

King Kong: “I don’t care. I’ll kill him. Who knows his address?”

Li Bai: “Asking for the address too, my fifty meters knife is ready.”

Lady Killer: “This newcomer is too cheeky, he’s probably the skin that was peeled off from Li Shizhen’s body.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Let’s form a team to shove something up his ass, he’s truly a pain in the ass.”

[Medical Department Vice Team Leader] Li Shizhen: “@Lady Killer Scram.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “What did he do again?”

The newcomer with a big penis seemed to enrage many people.

King Kong: “You didn’t download his videos? [surprise]”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “Pfft, I don’t look at that kind of thing.”

Lady Killer: “I downloaded the first video, it took an hour, unexpectedly.” It’s the... Calabash Brothers. Ah, I can’t believe I stumbled and got played by a newcomer.”

King Kong: “I took off my pants and my whole room reverberated with nursery rhymes. Now my mind is full of: Calabash, calabash, seven melons on a vine. [covers face]”

Li Bai: [covers face]

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: [covers face]

[Files Administrator] Mo Fei: “I suddenly have an idea. When he becomes a regular employee, I’ll give him a code name called ‘Li Shizhen’s skin.’ What do you think?”

[Medical Department Vice Team Leader] Li Shizhen: “You scram too.”

[Files Administrator] Mo Fei: “This is my right.”

[Medical Department Vice Team Leader] Li Shizhen: “Hah, don’t look for me for acupuncture in the future.”

[Files Administrator] Mo Fei: “...”

Li Xianyu broke out in a cold sweat, looks like he has enraged everyone.

“Guys, I’m just kidding.” After typing, Li Xianyu silently deleted it. Forget it, I should remain silent and not show up at this time. If not I’ll get roasted.

It was already late but the guys were still spamming the chat. Don’t they have a sex life?

He withdrew from the group interface and sent a message to Lightning King: “Lightning King, are you here? There are a few things I want to consult with you.”

It was not until he and the two brats entered the Stewed Chicken Hotel on the edge of Shaxian County that Lightning King returned his message: “What’s up?”

Li Xianyu organized his words: “San Wu’s specialization doesn’t seem to match our missions. Can you arrange a professional ghost catcher to be my senior?”

Lightning King: “No.”

Li Xianyu: “That’s too decisive. I thought you said there were many talents. Aren’t vengeful spirits very low-grade? It’s not hard to find a ghost expert.”

Lightning King: “Would you like Ning Caichen?”

Li Xianyu: “Lightning King, are you happy to snark at me? I am unhappy. I am the successor of the Unparalleled War Spirit. If something were to happen to me, it would be a great loss.”

Lightning King: “Most of the demon descendants members in the company are very busy and have their own missions. Even if they do not have, they have to be on standby on 24 hours. There is really no spare manpower arrangements to be a bodyguard for you. What’s more, this bunch of guys are proud, no one can tame them except for Big Boss. Although I am the head of department, but if they are unhappy, they will still ignore me. San Wu is great. She completes all the tasks I give her without any complaints.”

Li Xianyu: “I am the successor of the Unparalleled War Spirit.”

Knock on the blackboard and emphasize the main points.

Lightning King: “Li Xianyu, although this sentence is a little hurtful, but I still have to say it: The three illusions of life is: ‘I am the protagonist.’”

Li Xianyu: “...”

Lightning King: “You have to grow up, right? Accidents like these can only be prevented and can’t be stopped. You can’t expect yourself to be safe. Now that you have entered the profession, you must be aware of it. San Wu is one of the few S-Grade employees in the company, and if she can’t protect you, that’s God’s will. Let me give you another inside story. When I took over the Black Water Spirit Bead from the Buddhist society, the board of directors held a meeting and had a heated discussion. More than half of the shareholders proposed to seal your Great-Grandma temporarily and wait for your descendants to be born in the future. We will then recruit the child into Baoze Group, cultivate him/her from an early age, and give him/her the Black Water Spirit Bead to break the war spirit’s seal.”

Li Xianyu: “Why?”

Lightning King: “Being the inheritor of a Gokudo Path is a double-edged sword. If you use it well you would be invincible, use it badly and you will face endless harm. Your father was the best example, and he was really afraid of being killed. The board does not trust you as you were brought up wildly outside their control. Only when they are raised from an early age by them can they feel at ease.”

How can I be wild? I also have a father and a mother and a sister.

Li Xianyu: “What the hell is a Gokudo Path inheritor?”

Lightning King: “It’s a long story. You can come to the company to check the information by yourself. Is there anything else? I’m busy.” 𝗶𝙣𝗻𝚛eα𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝑚

Li Xianyu: “I don’t have proper business, but there is a little thing I want to ask you for help...”

He hesitated before sending the message: “I want to advance one month’s salary to buy a game helmet for my Great-Grandma. In addition, do the employees have an employee price?”

No one answered for half a day.

Li Xianyu: “Lightning King?”

Li Xianyu: “You are so stingy that you pretend you can’t see it?”

After sending it, Li Xianyu withdrew the message again.


Baoze Group, 11:00 PM at night.

Lightning King took the elevator to the first floor, passed through the heavily guarded entrances, and finally stopped at the door of a black alloy elevator. He first typed the password, then underwent iris authentication, and finally took out his silver employee card. With a ding, the elevator door opened.

On the elevator floor buttons, the highest was the first floor, the lowest was negative eighth floor. That was to say, there is still a building hidden under the ground of Baoze Group. Lightning King entered the elevator and pressed the button on the third floor, and the elevator carried him down.

In a crisp voice, the elevator door opened. A spacious corridor appeared at the elevator entrance. There were marble brick floors on both sides of the room, where demon descendants members who were criminal perpetrators were imprisoned. As one walked on, the demon descendants kept were more ferocious.

There were recalcitrant thousand-year-old demons, ferocious bloodthirsty cult members, clans, fallen members from family groups, and foreign spies.

Most of them were captured by the big boss of Baoze Group when they cleaned up the demon descendants community. Some were killed while some were still imprisoned here.

Lightning King walked through the rooms with a serious expression. The door of the room was forged with special alloy, complicated runes were painted on the wall, and steel plates were embedded in the wall. When the prison was built, dozens of elders from the Taoist and Buddhist religions took part in the construction.

Baoze Group had another name in the demon descendants community, called the Demon Sealing Compound, which referred to this prison.

Lightning King stopped at Door 9, and entered the password again. After the iris identification, the 12 built-in locks clicked open and the iron door opened automatically.

The room area was nearly fifty square meters and the furnishings were simple. There was the bed, the desk, the toilet and nothing else.

Qingqing and her brother, who were recently arrested, were locked up in room 9. Their wrists were bound by iron hoops, a Demon Entrapment Bracelet made specially for demon descendants that curbed the activity of their cells.

“What can I do for you? You’ll be executed in three days.” Lightning King pulled over the chair by the desk, sat down, crossed his legs and lit a cigarette for himself. “One: wantonly killing human beings, a capital sin! Two: Without permission, awakening after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, capital crime. You’d better have enough bargaining chips.”

The man whispered, “We know our crimes are unforgivable, but we won’t dare to bother if we didn’t have full confidence.”

After pausing, he said bluntly after seeing Lightning King’s expressionless face, “This time, we sneaked into Shanghai in order to avoid our pursuers. Qingqing also had to absorb essence as a last resort. Her cultivation is shallow, and I was seriously injured. I could only resist them if I recovered as fast as possible.”

“That’s not a reason for you to kill innocent people indiscriminately,” Lightning King said nonchalantly.

“Yes,” said the man, nodding. “We grew up in the middle of the Central Plains, and were nourished by a treasure, and developed wisdom. Qingqing is naughty and once fought with others. She revealed the treasure, and pursuers have been chasing us since then.”

“What treasure?” Lightning King asked.

The man looked at him, “At first we didn’t know what the treasure was called, but after narrowly escaping death, the other party unwittingly revealed it.”

He paused and built suspense before slowly exhaling, “Lightning King, have you heard of the Great Deities Palace?”

Lightning King, who had crossed his legs, sat up straight suddenly, and the expression on his face changed from indifferent to serious.

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