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So I Am A Demon Descendent!

Chapter 12: I Can’t Accept This Style

Chapter 12: I Can’t Accept This Style

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

When the treacherous light in the man’s eyes dissipated, Li Xianyu immediately regained consciousness and asked in horror, “What have you done to me? Y-Y-You, what are you doing?”

The man ignored him, and with a flick of his fingers, Li Xianyu felt pain in some joints, lying limp on the bed, and unable to exert force.

Qingqing giggled and said, “You humans have a saying that dying when you are having sex is a good way to go. Don’t be afraid, I will let you die in bliss.”

Under the light, the beauty was enchanting. Her fox tail gently swept across Li Xianyu’s hairy legs, the two fox ears on her head twitched, appearing very excited.

Li Xianyu was confused.

Qingqing saw his stunned face and chuckled, “Are you really borne from an ancient demon bloodline? You haven’t even heard of the nourishment technique. Of all living things, eating is the most basic desire. Every life will grow in predation after its birth. Man is the strongest of all spirits, and although their essence and blood are not as large as beasts, they are the purest and are of the greatest benefit to spiritual practice.”

“I see. You killed Zhang Mingyu, having sex with him with Xu Wei’s appearance, and then sucked his essence dry.” Realization dawned on Li Xianyu, and he was surprised and infuriated. “Xu Wei, what did you do to Xu Wei?”

“You can’t even save yourself. Why worry about her?” Qingqing smiled. “She’s lying in the wardrobe and has been dead for three days. You’ll see each other soon.”


Although he had guessed what had happened, when his suspicions were confirmed, Li Xianyu still felt great sadness.

The faint stench he smelled when he entered the house was the rotting stench of Xu Wei’s corpse.

Thinking of his conversation with Great-Grandma not long ago, Great-grandma said confidently, “The world is not so dangerous. Didn’t you live to be twenty years old?”

Welp, Great-grandma just jinxed me.

As he thought that, the demoness had begun to take off his clothes.

I can’t die so easily!

Li Xianyu’s thoughts churned hurriedly, thinking about the way to survive.

He’s just going to ignore their status as demon descendants, and just treat it as rape.

What do girls do when they face rape?

Curse and swear, and fight back?

Well if they fight back well, they could still save their dignity. But what if I am hit and then faint?

Then, there was only one way left.

Defecate in my pants.

This is definitely the most effective way now. I can’t beat them, but I can disgust them to death.

Li Xianyu tried, but failed...

Li Xianyu looked at the man and made a last effort. “Are you her man? Doesn’t it hurt to watch your woman have sex with someone else?”

The man said bluntly, “Not at all. I’m even looking forward to it a little.”

Li Xianyu was speechless.

“Hmm, it looks good, but it’s useless.” Qingqing frowned.

Li Xianyu’s manhood remained motionless, regardless of how Qingqing stimulated it. It was unmoved, almost as stable as an old dog.

Li Xianyu was delighted. “Well, feel free to enjoy my erectile dysfunction.”

When the man saw it, he reminded, “He can take some drugs for it. It’s not a big problem.”

Qingqing immediately got up, went to the nightstand, and found a porcelain bottle with blue and white flower pattern. She poured out a small brown pill and fed it to Li Xianyu. When Li Xianyu refused to eat, she forcefully pried Li Xianyu’s mouth open and fed him.

The medicine melted, and his stomach grew warm.

There was no progress.

Qingqing frowned, fed him two more, and waited a few minutes. “He’s so useless at such a young age, Big Brother, our Pleasure Pills are not working. It seems that he’s useless. We might as well kill him.”

The man nodded. “I have learned a lot today.”

Li Xianyu could not say anything.

“Wait!” Li Xianyu saw Qingqing raise her hands, her nails sharp, he immediately called out in fear, “My great-grandma is very powerful. If you kill me, forget about leaving Shanghai.”

Qingqing scoffed, “You have not awakened at such an old age. You either have scattered training or is from a small family, what kind of master can there be in the family? I’m afraid your grandparents don’t even have the level of Baoze’s junior staff.”

What is Baoze? Li Xianyu smiled coldly. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Perhaps his bravado was so good that the handsome man who was on the run thought about it and asked, “What is your great-grandmother’s name?”

Li Xianyu naturally did not know about Great-Grandmother’s name. He asked, but she did not want to tell him.

Li Xianyu, with a tight face, said, “You don’t deserve to know my great-grandmother’s name, but you must have heard of war spirits.”

He knew nothing about the demon descendant community, and did not dare to boast too much, in case the cat was out of the bag. He could only hope that Great-Grandma was as she said, a powerful character.

But he didn’t expect...

The room suddenly turned silent.

Next, the room fell into silence, with only two sounds of breathing that grew more agitated.

The enchanting amorous expression on Qingqing’s face was now deathly pale. Her eyes trembled, then wriggled her neck, her face ashen. She looked at the handsome man with an expression of a little girl inadvertently making a big mistake.

The man was not much calmer than Qingqing. As he saw her glance over, he just took a deep breath, and tried to remain composed. “War spirit? I’ve never heard of it.”

Li Xianyu’s bravado immediately weakened. “Unparalleled War Spirit. Have you really never heard of it?”

Unparalleled War Spirit!

Qingqin’s delicate body fell askew. As she sat on the bed, her fair figure trembled violently.

The handsome man’s fingers trembled. “Qingqing, what’s his surname?”

“Surname, surname Li..” Qingqing muttered in despair. “However, he is clearly just an ordinary person, and has not yet awakened.”

As if she had thought of something, her energy grew despondent.

“It makes sense if he’s an ordinary person,” the handsome man said bitterly.


Li Xianyu suddenly heard a dull collision sound behind him. When he looked back, the handsome man and Qingqing’s palms collided with each other.

Murderous intent in Qingqing’ eyes skyrocketed with madness. “Big Brother, don’t stop me, let me kill him.”

“Even if you kill him, can you escape the sanction from the Unparalleled War Spirit? Who in the demon descendant community can escape from her?”

“If you offend the unparalleled soul of war, you won’t be able to escape from death, so you might as well kill her descendant and die together with him.”

After experiencing great fear, the woman lost her cool. The handsome man looked more rational, his eyes turned quickly, as he searched countermeasures.

Just as Li Xianyu was desperate, a fierce knocking came from the door.

“Open the door, I need to check your water meter.”

With the fierce knocks on the door, calls came from outside the door.

Qingqing and the man looked at each other in horror, and they all saw the look of fear in each other’s eyes.

Qingqing calmed down and replied, “The water meter is outside.”

The voice outside the door paused and changed his words, “Open the door, the community sends our regards.”

Qingqing shouted, “Thank you, community, but we don’t need it.”

While the two sides were wrangling, Li Xianyu glanced from the corners of the eyes and saw the curtains move vaguely, as if something were hidden behind the curtain and was ready to strike. Qingqing and the man focused on the direction of the gate, as if they were facing a great enemy, and did not notice the subtle movements behind the curtains.

The voice outside the door was annoyed and roared, “You should know better. Explosives Team One, go.”

Qingqing subconsciously crouched–the action of a wild beast getting ready to pounce. Her fox tail straight up, as she bared her teeth and issued a silent roar.

The man and her movements were the same. Neither of them cared about Li Xianyu, and did not notice the curtains from beginning to end.

At that moment, two beams of golden light sprang out from under the curtains, swooping in the air like a dragon. With a whoosh, it tied the man and Qingqing up tightly. It was a very elegant way of binding, scientific name: tortoise armour binding!

The two roared in rage and Li Xianyu noticed that the golden light was actually two ropes with shimmering gold rays. No matter how the two demon descendants struggled, they could not break free. On the contrary, they made the rope tighter, and the rope seemed to have a natural restraint effect on them. They were like hot cables branded on the skin, as smoke rose, while the stench scorched their nostrils.


The sound of the lock popping open rang outside, followed by footsteps.

Li Xianyu lay in bed, his eyes turning, trying hard to see who had come.

Soon, an old man appeared in his view, gray hair, wrinkled skin, with a neighborhood security uniform.

“Hey, Li Xianyu.” The old man’s face turned into a chrysanthemum. 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

He took out his cell phone and, without saying a word, took three photos in a row.

Li Xianyu looked at him in a daze, then closed his eyes, opened them again, looked at him, and repeated several times.

“Is it that hard to believe that you escaped from death’s door?” The old man asked.

“No,”‘ Li Xianyu said. “I must have opened my eyes wrongly, let me do that again.”

“You will see me even if you open your eyes ten thousand times, or have you really longed for your well-endowed great-grandmother in your family to save you?” The old man shrugged. “In fact, when I got her call, she seemed to be playing games.”

Li Xianyu murmured, “I just can’t accept Old Master Qin, your character establishment.”

He couldn’t be more familiar with the person standing in front of him. The concierge of the community, Old Master Qin, is a very obscene old man. He had several lovers in the district, because he was also a pervert, he and Li Xianyu shared something in common. But since living with a beautiful great-grandmother, Li Xianyu decided to stay away from Old Master Qin.

Old Master Qin’s ‘illustrious’ reputation was spread by thousands of people, and his story was told by thousands of families.

Li Xianyu had to be guarded.

But he never dreamed that Old Master Qin was so amazing that he easily subdued two demon descendants with two leather ropes and rescued him from the tiger’s mouth.

This was nothing like Old Master Qin’s style.

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