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Chapter 367 367 - Won’t Participate

Sam was now looking at the message that he suddenly got from the warrior association. Well it was a message for re-examination. He needed to re-examine or he won't be able to participate in the match. Well it seems really they already found out his grade. Sam just sighs. He just really wanted to hide his strength and then enjoy the fight. Who could have thought that something like that would happen.

At the end, Sam decided to forfeit from the competition. He knows that even if he goes to the reexamination, then he won't be able to hide his strength, he needs to show his peak D-grade power. Because previously when he was very low on spiritual energy his concealment technique got deactivated and most likely because of this everyone was able to feel his power.

With that thought he decided not to participate in the match. So he informed the warrior association that he would like to forfeit from this competition.

Right now Sam was in his hotel room and thinking about the previous incident. Really even though all the base of the dark association in the Eden blue got destroy by the warrior association but those people still have a base that was their main base and that was present in different planets. But those people could still come to the Eden blue and Spread chaos. He really wanted to know what type of information those saints get from Gustav. But unfortunately nobody told him anything about that.

So right now, Sam wasn't sure if you will get the information or not.

'Sigh, I am really a teacher.' he thought while sighing. Sometime later he finally decided what to do. He decided that you will go to the Dungeon for these 5 days, because 5 days later it will be the final match between those finalists.

Even though he will not participate in this match, that does not mean he won't increase his power. He needed to get stronger as quickly as he could so that he could protect humanity from those people from the other world and that creature that was approaching the Eden blue.

With that decided Sam first decided to absorb all the remaining crystals and after that he was already ready to leave the room. Actually not only him but many other students also decided to visit the dungeon to collect resources. Most likely all the crystals from early D-grade to intermediate C-grade, already sold by the warrior association. As usual it is normal that he won't find those crystals in the shop because every student was anxiously waiting for those types of rewards that could help them to become powerful and because of this almost everyone buys the crystals from their shop.

One by one Sam was now absorbing the full essence of the crystals. With that all of the status points begin to increase. It takes him 1 hour to absorb all those crystals.


When Sam was busy absorbing those crystals, the organizer team already got his message and they became very surprised. Who could have thought that Sam decided to forfeit from the competition. Really it was a surprising thing but what can they do? Most likely Sam already knows that he needs to re-examine and even if he did that he won't be able to participate in the final as an intermediate D-grade warrior.

So right now they were discussing what they should do after that. They needed one more finalist who will fight Alexa in the final. Fortunately, Saint Markus gave them the idea of what they should do after that.

Wasting no time the organizer team quickly informed James and Tony. Well as you can guess, right now Saint Markus gave them the idea that they should hold a match between these two people. The winner of this match will be the finalist and fight Alexa in the final. Well really it was a great idea and because of this, they decided to go with this plan.


Like everyone, James and Tony were practicing. Even though they are unable to qualify for the final, that does not mean they won't practice. Not only that they were also preparing to go to the Dungeon but suddenly unexpectedly they got notification from the warrior association. They quickly looked at the message and really got very surprised because it was telling them that they should prepare themselves because tomorrow will be a match between them. Tony and James were very surprised after reading the message.

"What!!!!! Sam decided not to participate in the competition?" The moment they got this information they were very surprised and at the same time very confused. Why would he do that? Is it because he got injured somehow while fighting Gustav. Instantly wasting no time, both of them quickly contact Sam.

Sam at this time already finished absorbing those crystals and he was planning to go to the Dungeon. But suddenly James and Tony called him and asked him why he wanted to forfeit from competition.

Well for a second Sam also got confused but only then he understood. Most likely because he decided not to participate the organizer team already decided how they should pick the finalist. They decided to hold a match between James and Tony and the winner of this match will be fighting Alexa in the final.

Sam also told them his reason. He told him that even though he was perfectly fine, it seems someone was targeting him and because of this, he wanted to increase his power as quickly as he could. Because of all of this he decided not to participate in the next match. Actually, as he expected, his friends did not know that he was a peak D-grade warrior. Most likely they were not able to feel that. So he also decided not to tell them about this.

Tony and James after hearing his reason also agree with him. It really seems someone is targeting him. In the previous competition he got poisoned by someone and in this competition he got attacked by someone. And both of these have a connection with the dark association. So they naturally agreed with him that he needed to be careful at this time and he should increase his power so that he could protect himself.

'Sigh, it seems the dark association really sees me as an enemy of them. Haha… it is natural for them to see me as an enemy because from the college entrance examination, I am the reason that their plan failed. But, still I need it to become powerful so that I can protect myself and my family. Fortunately the dark association still didn't target mom and dad. But who can give me the assurance that they won't do that?' currently Sam was thinking all of this.

It was really fortunate that the dark association still did not attack his family and his friends. But they can do anything so it was a serious matter.

'Sigh, I really wanted to destroy this dark association. Every time they will try to interfere. From the college entrance examination to the annual college grade competition, always those dark associations interfere with the competition.' Sam just sighs after thinking that. But this time not only those dark associations but even people from the other world also decided to participate. Who can tell him why those people from the other world also decided to participate in this college competition?

Well, Sam just decided to forget about that. He already informs both Tony and James that he was going toward the Dungeon and because of this he won't be able to attend tomorrow's match. So he already said good luck to both of them. Also he won't just go to the Dungeon for 5 days. Most likely he will spend some days inside of the Dungeon and try to increase his power as much as he can.

With that he already checked his inventory. After everything was ready he also already equipped his armor and then left the hotel. He also already informs his parents and sister that he will go to the Dungeon and won't participate in the next match. As expected all of them were also very shocked the moment they heard that he wouldn't participate but Sam calmly told them his reason and they just agreed with him.


Sometime later,

Sam is already inside of the Kobold Dungeon. Not only that, he is also on the third floor. He decided that he will take the risk and decided to kill those early C-grade monsters. This will give him those crystals that will increase his power more than those peak D-grade crystals. With that using his concealment technique, he decided to kill those Monsters. Fortunately with the original spiritual energy, he could kill those monsters easily.

On the other hand Alexa and his other friends also get surprised the moment they hear that Sam won't participate in the next match. At first he also thought that he was injured but fortunately Tony told them his real reason.

___________To be continued___________

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