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– (R-18) –

The sounds of fucking were crisp and clear. Yahul’s mother had a good ass which jiggled when hammered.

”What did I tell you?” Grabbing her wrists, Jake bent them on her lower back and plowed deeper.

”To- Ah~ To stay put!”


”Nice, you didn’t forget. But this deserves some punishment.” Ripping her cunt with his dick, Jake leaned and held Jenna’s chin. He turned her head towards the window and moved his hips faster.

Pahh! Pah! Pahh!

His balls slapped her dripping wet vulva while she moaned facing her son. The look on her face made Yahul bounce away as if he had seen a ghost.

As Jake drilled Jenna’s motherly pussy, clapping her buttocks in succession and bending her legs to his will, the other women impatiently moaned. However, that only added to his fun.

”How does it feel to be fucked in front of your son?” He grabbed Jenna’s blonde hair and pulled it while thrusting deeper.

”It feels great, Annaahh! More~ Ahh~”


”Yes, punish me more~ Annhh!”

Hearing his own mom’s rear getting smacked hard, her moans and even her pleas for more of it, Yahul felt dizzy. He wanted to stop all of this, but his severe injuries hindered him.

”Annh! I’m cumming~”

After finishing with her, Jake quickly switched to the girl who had come from upstairs. She was rather thin but cute. In front of Jake, however, she really looked too small even though she was 19.

Her petite ass was something new to Jake. He was worried that his cock might not fit inside her, but thankfully, it did. She was not a virgin, yet it still felt tight to him.

”Mhhh~” Hazel’s lower lips were stretched to their limit when Jake slipped his meaty rod inside. She had not felt so content with sex in a long time.

She was actually pregnant. It had been five weeks, and her husband had stopped doing it with her because it was unholy to fuck until the baby was born, or so the Book of Light stated. However, Hazel didn’t care at this moment.

It felt good when Jake nailed her against the wall and pounded her bubble butt. It was so nice… His hot and hard rod dominantly cleaving a deeper way, Ah~ All the way inside to her womb. Spreading her naked legs, making her cum!

”Annhh~ Mhhh~ Yes, yeeess!”

Jake smiled deviously as he felt her insides tightening. She was about to cum and so was he. He had felt the unnatural resistance when his glans hit her womb and knew her condition.

Pah! Pahh! Pah!

Jake increased his movement and tears flowed out of Hazel’s eyes. He… he was being so rough!

”Aaannnh! Ahhh~ Ahh~” She couldn’t contain herself and cummed on spot. However, she again released a primal cry when Jake’s seeds burst inside her.

Plat! Plat!

Jake didn’t stop until he had shot every drop of his semen in her already full womb. That felt great… Pulling out, he turned his head to the other women and sat on a chair.

”Come here and sit.” Jake patted his lap. Elena’s mother was the fastest again as she came and immediately occupied his pelvis area with her tight fat buttocks.

Despite being over 35, she still retained most of her youthful charm. Such were the perks being a village leader’s wife. She didn’t need to do too much farm work.

After he slipped his dick in her, Jake comfortably spread his legs and let her do the work.

“Annhh~ Annhh!”

In this reverse cowgirl position, he could see her butt tremble as she smacked her meaty pussy on his hard rod.

While she was busy pleasing herself and Jake, he was kneading her motherly breasts. Soft and squishy… these flesh bags were to his liking.


As if called by her moans, every woman pounced on Jake again. Rose came and massaged his head with her humongous boobies, Niru and Maise stood on both sides as he rubbed their kitties, Jenna sat on his left thigh and kissed his neck, Vin switched places with Elena’ mother, and the remaining three girls took turns to kiss him.

Like this, Jake fucked each and every one of them. One healthy man and 9 sexy women, it was a tensome.

“Annhh~ Aaannh!”

“It’s my turn again~”

“Fuck me more!”

“Mrrrrrmmm~ I love it!”

Smacking peaches, slaying pussies – This debauchery lasted until the evening, until they could moan no more, and he could cum no more.

This was the first time Jake felt truly exhausted. After he was sure that he had expended his stamina and tried every fucking position, he unequipped the title. Leaving the women twitching there, he staggered upstairs.

Opening the door to Elena’s room, he found that she still hadn’t woken up. Her bed smelled of her juices which she had unintentionally released due to the effect of his title.

However, that didn’t bother him as he got over her and used her body as a pillow to sleep. He could get used to this softness…

It was midnight when Jake woke up. The outside wind was gently blowing the window cover, and there was silence everywhere.

Darkness reigned when the moon was not present. Jake examined his body and found that he had fully healed. Even his mana had regenerated.

Getting up from Elena’s body, he headed downstairs. Using his [Dark Fire], he brought a red light with him and saw the women still in the living room, laying on the floor.

He didn’t like all this mess, so he carried and placed all of them on three couches. After that, he touched each one’s head and used [Memory Erase], beginning to wipe what happened today.

However, when it came to Rose, her daughter, and Vin, he didn’t erase their memories. They were worth making his servants. As for others, he didn’t care about them.

After he was done with this job, Jake headed outside. Feeling the cool whistling wind and looking at the distant twinkling stars, he strolled this village while checking his system logs.

When he reached the village square, he found that the corpse was already taken care of. Jake looked around and saw no tents. The merchants had fled, but it didn’t bother him. They were ordinary merchants who came from the west, and posed no threat to him.

‘Alright!’ Jake waved his hand. He had been holding back his curiosity for a long time.

‘System, how many points do I have?’ As he asked internally, a panel immediately flashed in front of him, and Jake couldn’t help but gasp in surprise when he saw the amount.

[Evil Points: 23,600]

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