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Sin System: Demonic Harem After Reincarnation

Chapter 175.Perry’s Lssues

– (R-18) –

''Master, you seem hasty…'' Perry giggled, feeling Jake's hands on her long thighs.

They were inside a rather small room which was fully marbled. Laying on her back on a double bed, Perry had her legs up.

Her naked master slowly pulled down her transparent, black stockings. His fingers scraped her soft flesh, going from her lower thighs to knees, then the calves, and ankle.

Jake threw the stockings and clutched her feet. They were small and soft. He let them slip from his hands, and bent down.

Perry spread her legs in anticipation. She wasn't wearing a panty underneath her stockings. He could see her delicate, pink pussy.

''Cwh…'' Jake kissed it and began licking, as if he was tasting a fine dish.

''Ah~'' Perry's delightful moan sprinkled an erotic flavour into the air of this room.

The sound of Jake's lips sucking on her juicy cunt mixed with Perry's sweet moans, and it aroused them both.

Jake's fingers clenched the flesh of her thighs as he slid his tongue through her slit.

''Mrrmm~'' Perry's eyes rolled in pleasure and she looked down. Seeing her master's hard dick, she slowly moved her legs.

'Oh?' Jake felt small toes tickle his rod. He found that Perry was rubbing it with feet, which were surprisingly warm.

''M-Master, do you like it?'' She patted Jake who had his head buried between her thighs.

''Mrrmm… Not bad,'' He replied while tasting her pussy. His long tongue hit her sensitive spots and Perry clutched the bedsheet.

''Annhh~ It feels so good…''

Her feet trembled as she rubbed them against his hard cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth. The fragile softness and feminine warmth sent tickling sensations of pleasure into Jake's mind.

His little brother throbbed, overjoyed, caressed between Perry's little feet. She turned and twisted her them while Jake's tongue rolled inside her canal.

''Annhh!'' Perry could feel something welling up inside her. That feeling was rising…

''Master, I'm… Ah~ I'm cumming…!''

She closed her eyes as her body trembled. Perry jerked in orgasmic pleasure, and sweat trickled off from her smooth skin.

Playfully licking his lips, Jake straightened himself and looked at her. Perry stopped rubbing his member with her feet.

The Dark Priestess had her lower body naked and upper body covered with a white shirt.

Perry placed her thin wrist between her breasts whose flesh trembled with the slightest movement. She slowly spread her legs more and gave Jake a side-eyed glance.

Face flushed, eyes moist, and breaths heavy… It was too tempting to stare at a vulnerable woman who just had an orgasm.

''Hah… Hah… Ravage me, master~''

Jake climbed on the bed as he heard her. He couldn't wait any longer. Spreading her wet pussy with his fingers, Jake smoothly slid his hard rod inside.

He then hugged her slender thighs with his left arm and grabbed one of her juicy boobs with his right arm.

Jake's hips moved on their own. He hadn't fucked his priestess in quite some time.

''I want it rough, master…'' Perry seductively bit her lower lip and placed her legs on his shoulders.

Jake smiled. ''You know I always like it rough.''


Jake rammed his fat cock all the way in and began powerfully thrusting, smacking Perry's delicate pussy which tightened in pleasure.

''Mrm… Annhh! Annh! Yes, like that~''

The double bed rocked under the force of Jake's thrusts. He tended to be aggressive during sex.

Jake ripped Perry's shirt and grabbed her jiggling breasts. Squeezing them, he fucked this beautiful woman who lay under him.

Pah! Phah!

The crisp sound which came from pounding her wet pussy led Jake to become more rough.

When her master ravaged her like a beast, it aroused Perry more. Looking into his dangerous eyes, she cried, ''Harder!''


Jake slapped her left thigh and bent it against her belly. His meaty cock plowed Perry's dripping cunt, clapping her booty in rhythm.

He leaned down and suckled her hard nipples. When Jake lightly bit them, Perry jerked as if a jolt of electricity had passed through her body.

''T-That…! Master, annghh~''

Being stimulated like that, Perry felt her pussy getting hotter. As Jake railed his beautiful dark priestess, she hugged his neck and cried in pleasure.

''Shh… damn sexy…'' Jake gasped and kissed Perry's mouth, subduing her moans while roughly pounding her.

''Mmm… Mrrmnnh…''

Caged under her master's warm embrace and restrained by his strong grip, Perry was unable to move at all. As their kiss broke, saliva dripped from her lips.


Straightening his upper body, Jake slapped her right thigh and bent it as well. He could feel how she got more submissive while getting fucked.

''Annhh! Ah! Mnnh, yes~''

Perry squirted while trembling. Feeling her master's dick sliding in and out of her canal gave her indescribable pleasure.

She tightened her insides more as her knees turned weak. Perry glanced at Jake and cried, ''More, more!''

Hearing those words in a sharp womanly voice roused Jake. His dick suddenly throbbed and thick threads of cum shot inside her.

''Annhhh~'' Tears flowed from Perry's eyes as she felt the hot dick milk pouring into her womb.

''Master's semen…'' She looked down and rubbed her belly in happiness. But Perry suddenly realized she was infertile currently.

Letting out a sullen pout, she placed her small hands on Jake's abs. He could taste the unexpected change in her mood.

Jake leaned over. She hugged him and whispered, ''I want to get pregnant too, master.''

Later that afternoon, Jake ordered Erin to retract her remaining vampiric essence from Perry's body. The Dark Priestess's fangs disappeared and the excessive whiteness on her skin gained a healthy wheat color.

With the vampiric essence gone, Perry could finally bear children. Though she had his cum from earlier, Jake felt a bit unsure. So he fucked her again in the evening, and came multiple times inside her.

Of course, that got Erin and the others a free excuse to have sex again. Jake didn't mind it, though.

As they would be leaving tomorrow, why not have another round with them? In the end, he fucked them all until they were thoroughly satisfied.

At midnight, outside the room where Jake stayed with his women, Fiona took a peek with mana sense and immediately ran away.

She had heard cries and slapping sounds coming from inside, and a question kept bugging her mind.

'What did daddy do with them in the room…?'


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