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‘Oh, now that’s interesting,’ he thought.

Beside him, Vin didn’t notice the change in Jake’s expression. However, Maise did and she had a feeling that Jake knew something.

However, it was just a feeling, maybe she was being too paranoid. The deed has already been done, there was no use crying over it. But how could her brother marry now. What about her?

Maise ran inside the house. Jake and Vin followed while looking around.

The marriage ceremony in this world consisted of the processions and the vows.

The first part started about an hour later. Yahul was dressed in flamboyant robes made of actual silk which was a luxury for these villagers. Despite the best wishes from his friends and family, the 20-year-old man wasn’t cheerful at all.

Maise kept looking at her brother with guilty eyes as he proceeded towards the decorated pavilion with his friends.

On the other side, Jake finally saw the bride similarly proceeding with her family, friends and bridesmaids. A beauty, indeed. Having light blonde hair, green eyes and a tall body. Her name was Elena Smith, the daughter of the village chief.

Her marriage was a little late compared to other girls’. It was because she had spent time in Orlando studying history and politics. She was already 18, he had heard.

Her curves were hidden by her large dress, but Jake could tell that she had an symmetric outline and ample assests. Now, if her personality was good, then marrying this girl was the same as ascending to the heavens.

Jake glanced at Yahul. ‘However, you’re unfortunate.’

With loud cheers, the villagers threw flowers soaked in Blessed Water at the processions. The bride and the groom both met in the pavilion.

One thing that Jake found strange here was this tradition. Yahul was required to wear a mask. Actually, Elena hadn’t seen her future husband’s face even now.

This was all arranged by her parents and she could only see him after the marriage was completed.

‘Bullshit,’ Jake thought, looking at the ongoing wedding. The village priest’s voice was clear as he asked the couple to take their wedding vows.

There were a lot of things questionable about the vows as well. It fundamentally favoured the groom and his family. Some minutes passed. When they finished taking their vows, the priest officially announced that they were married.

Then, both the bride and the groom wore eachother’s garlands. Two clumsy bards began singing and poor musicians beat their instruments.

‘No kissing, I guess. He’s wearing a mask… I guess she gets to see his face soon enough?’ Jake thought. He still hadn’t interfered because to him, this marriage meant nothing.

With his hands folded, Jake looked at the surrouding villagers all dancing and celebrating, women and men inviting people to another venue for party.

Everyone seemed exicted, yet the fun for him hadn’t even started.

Night came, blanketing the sky with bright stars. Tonight, for Yahul, was the Night of Consummation. However, he was instead with his group of friends, drowned in alcohol.

“Lucky bastard!”


They played, giving Yahul more alcohol and hyping him until he forgot about what happened with Maise.

Jake came forward at this moment and clapped. “Well guys, let’s not keep this fella here all night.”

He was pretty informal in his speech and they didn’t notice it. It was a happy occasion so everyone’s favourability towards eachother had increased.

“Yea, you don’t wanna keep the bride waiting, do you?”

“Go go. Don’t make me help!”

They teased Yahul as he hiccuped and followed Jake. The other people who were partying till late night noticed them and smiled.

With this, yet another marriage would be concluded. They expected a child to be born 9 months later.

Yahul shyly nodded to everyone and walked towards his house which was empty except for the bride tonight. Jake was like a true brother as he helped Yahul from falling over.

However, when they disappeared from the lights’ ranges, Jake smoothly turned directions. Yahul noticed it and said, “Johnny, this isn’t the right way!”

However, the always friendly and serious aventurer Johnny didn’t speak at this moment. He kept pushing Yahul by his shoulder until they reached a storeroom near the house.

Crickets made noises in the dark and cool wind flowed, providing a moment for sobriety for Yahul.

“I think we shoul- ack!” He unexpectedly got a punch on his stomach.

The next moment, Jake lifted him with one hand and threw his body at the storeroom.


The door burst open and Yahul slid inside, already unconscious. Jake clapped his hands even though they weren’t dusty and walked towards the storeroom. He kicked the unconscious body inside, and shut the wooden door before locking it from the outside.

“Fuh, I guess that’s enough.”

Jake turned around and walked towards the house. When he reached the front door, he took out the groom’s mask which he had stolen from Yahul.

Wearing it, he entered the house.

‘This certainly is a new experience… Stealing someone’s bride,’ Jake thought as he went upstairs.

Inside her new room, Elena was sitting while wearing loose clothes, anticipating her husband to enter. She had been told daily by her mother that she must please her husband on the Night of Consummation.

And it was tonight.

She would become a wife and an adult. A new life, a new experience… What would it be like? Elena was a bit nervous yet anticipant.

She was told that it would hurt during the first time, yet she was brave. Deep inside her, she was just a girl wanting to be loved.

‘I wonder what his face looks like…’ Just as she thought this, the door of her room clicked open and a tall man came in.

The room’s lighting was purposely made to be a bit dark. Elena didn’t notice the physique difference.

Eh, he seemed a bit too tall. No no, he’s wearing that mask, it has to be her husband Yahul. Elena titled her head up. At this moment, Jake took off his mask and his handsome face stunned her.

“I… You…” She found herself unable to speak.

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