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– (R-18) –

Jake felt like he was tasting pasta. The texture of her insides was silky. He grabbed her thighs and tasted some more while moving his abdomen.

His thick rod entered her mouth and got back, only to re-enter. Jake could feel his foreskin slipping through Rose’s lips, going back to show his glans.

Subjected to the ecstasy of having his cock sucked inside her salivating mouth, Jake felt divine pleasure. He started moving his hip more frequently, pressing her breasts with his thighs. He could feel the softness of her boobs overwhelming him.

”Oughh! Oghhh!”

Gagging sounds came out of Rose’s mouth as she swallowed his dick. She was getting crazy as Jake buried his face between her thighs. His tongue invaded her every region. Jake didn’t know which was more sensitive, but he did a pretty good job in pleasuring her.

They rolled on the bed, and now Rose sat on top. Jake’s entire face was pressed under her humongous ass. He couldn’t help but relish at the softness of it.

Slurp… Slurp…

Rose thirstily sucked his cock more. She couldn’t wait to have his cum. Her eyes showed lust and this hardworking mother started deep-throating him.

Jake suddenly felt a fleshy softness press his dick together. Rose had mushed his rod between her breasts while sucking it.

‘Whoa… damn, I wanna cum…’ Jake was pleased with her techniques. The soft and heavy sensation on his crotch while the slippery feeling on his dick – Jake was drowning in pleasure he never knew existed.

‘Mmm, this tasty pussy…’ Jake ate more of Rose’s lower lips, inciting soft moans from her.

”Mrrmm! Unmm… Ah~”

Suddenly, Jake felt a familiar tingling sensation all over his body. His veiny cock jerked inside Rose’s mouth, who was busy sucking. A gush of semen flowed from his balls and shot into her mouth.

Suddenly, Rose slipped his dick out and moaned loudly.


She squirted on his face, her mouth open with sticky white fluid dropping from it. Cum shot from Jake’s tip hole again, smearing her face white.

Then they both tacitly broke the 69 position. At this moment, the lust Rose felt fully controlled her. When Jake stood up and pulled her under him, she immediately spread her legs.

”Here, it belongs inside…” Rose lightly held his dick by her feet and pulled it closer to her reddish-pink cave. Making wet fleshy sounds, Jake’s meat stick went inside her lower lips.

”Oh…” Jake was surprised. Rose hadn’t fucked in 5 years and her pussy was actually tighter than he thought it would be.

”Ah~” Rose opened her mouth as her eyes became hazy. She finally felt a rod inside her. She had missed this feeling. It was even greater with Jake’s thicker cock.

The second floor’s room was rather cold with the outside wind. Some rain had entered and was wetting the floors. Yet, Jake didn’t bother to close the window and thrusted deeper.

”Yes! Annh! That’s right, more!” cried Rose as Jake put her legs over his shoulders and hugged her thighs with both his arms, moving his lower abdomen.

”Annhh! Annnh!” The bed started rocking.

Jake leaned towards Rose, bending her legs. He sank his palms into her large juicy breasts. Pinching her nipples, Jake thrust harder.

Pah! His balls kissed the lower part of her cunt.

Pah! His tip touched the boundary of her womb.

Pah… Pah… Pah… He began fucking her harder.

The air inside the room gained the sound of vigor and the smell of promiscuity. Jake started gasping, feeling how good fucking Rose felt.

She was moaning non-stop. It was as if she was a starving beggar getting to eat 7-star cuisine for the first time. She just couldn’t help it and wanted Jake to fuck her until he could no longer.

Jake wasn’t mindlessly mating like a pig this time. He paid attention to the system’s notification and noticed that after having sex in the missionary position for some time, the system would give less Evil Points.

So he switched to another position, keeping Rose’s one leg straight and bending another one to the extreme. He thrusted again and his rod felt more pressure when passing through her split-shaped vulva.

”Annhh! Annhh!”

Rose’s titties violently jiggled as he pounded. Her torn gown was still tight around her waist, making it seem more thin compared to her breasts and ass. Jake locked eyes with her while fucking.

”Tell me Rose, who am I?”

”Brau- Annh! Annh!” He smacked her pussy harder, creating more vulgar noises.

”Who am I?”

”You- Annnh~ You’re Johnny- Annh! Adventurer Johnny~” Rose was having trouble speaking while moaning.

”That’s right, but incorrect,” Jake smirked and suddenly lifted her.

”Huh- Ah~”

Jake stood up from the bed and Rose hugged him with her arms and legs, latching onto him as he thrust his dick inside. A potion bottle suddenly appeared in his left hand. Jake pulled the cork with [Demonic Grasp] and told her to drink it.

Rose would have been cautious at other times, but somehow feeling his mighty rod slaying her pussy, she felt like she should obey him. She sucked the bottle’s tip and gulped the light-blue potion in one go.

Rose felt a chilling cold tickle her body then that feeling disappeared.

”Good!” Jake held her ass and moved his hips in that standing position. He sucked on her nipples and Rose couldn’t take it anymore.

”Annnh!” With a loud primal cry, she orgasmed and Jake also cummed inside her. That potion was a system-certified contraceptive. He almost didn’t believe that it had such things.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 1100 Evil Points!]

”Ah… Cumming inside you felt good Rose, but we aren’t done yet!” Jake still had many positions he could try. The night was long.

He brought her down and told her to face the window. The wind had stopped blowing, but the torrential rain hadn’t stopped.

Boom! The sky thundered again as Rose held onto the window sill which was quite low. Looking behind her, she spread her legs and bent her belly downward. The curve formed on her back emphasized her fat ass, which formed a cleavage of their own.

With her waist tightened and the remaining skirt of her gown hiding bits of her round white buttocks, this sexy doggy position made Jake’s little brother rise in no time, becoming hard and thick.

Jake caught his rod and aligned it against her pussy. He then rubbed her vulva with the tip while Rose anticipatedly waited. Standing straight, he spread his legs and settled all of her buttocks comfortably against his pelvis.

Penetrating her sexy pussy from behind, his pipe went deep inside and felt her warm, soft, and wet fleshy canal.


He took handfuls of her buttocks and looked at her. Rose’s cute face was morphed in pleasure. As she turned around, her long black hair matted her back. Her milk glands hung from her chest and even a slightest movement would make them jiggle.

”Now then… let’s fuck!” Jake moved back his hip and half of his cock exited her vagina. Immediately, he thrust forward and his thighs slammed into her ass, making waves run on them.

Pah! A crisp pounding sound entered his ears, along with Rose’s sweet moan.

”Annhhh!” She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, joyfully crying as more thrusts pounded her mounds.

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