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Erpis Village was a peaceful human settlement in the northeast of Karsuda Province. The air was fresh; the people were nice, and life was simple. The god’s light blessed this village.

Today, an inconspicuous adventurer entered the village. He was tall and handsome, talked to men like brothers and women like well… let’s say that he had a good tongue. Going by the name of Johnny and hailing from a faraway river town, he introduced himself as a rookie adventurer just starting to take quests.

But my oh my, with such large muscles and a warrior’s around him – how could he be a newbie? The simple villagers wondered. Maybe he brought some stories with him, right? Like saving the princess of a country… The village’s maidens were quick to make a hero out of any handsome young man they saw.

”Seems interesting yet disappointing at the same time,” Jake muttered. It had been about two hours since he came here. The sun was about to set and its light dyed the roof tiles orange. The sky was already dark, however. It seemed like rain was coming.

As he walked on the muddy trails between the wooden houses, he could see cow dung littered here and there. He saw some women carrying water in wooden buckets. There was a well at the center of this village.

The men were busy with farmwork. There were also some wood workers carrying long logs on their shoulders. Life was harsh, but the villagers were hardworking and didn’t complain.

The only notable thing about this village was the small chapel for the God of Light near a clearing in the south.

He could rule this entire village if he used his powers, but Erpis was rather close to a city and other adventurers came to stop by from time to time.

‘Still, this is the perfect place to farm points.’ Jake looked around with a smirk on his face. After spending about two days here, he planned to visit a nearby town.

He had heard that a group of western merchants were expected to stop here two days later. At Rustfall Town, he planned to register himself as an adventurer. He didn’t have his guild card. In this world, becoming an adventurer was the easiest way to gain an identity. That way, he wouldn’t be scrutinized everywhere he went.

”Welcome back!” said a boy as Jake entered the inn.

”Where’s the hostess, Rohan?” Jake asked with a smile on his face. He leaned on the inn’s bar counter, watching the 10-year-old boy rubbing glasses.

”She has gone to help with the marriage ceremony happening tomorrow,” Rohan replied. He then immediately asked, ”Have you been to Orlando?”

He was a bright boy with curious eyes. Jake indulged the hostess’s son with a bunch of lies – saying things like I have seen an elf, sung songs with a bard, fought a minotaur, and saved a village like this with his fellow adventurers.

‘I don’t even know what Orlando looks like,’ was his thought as he chatted with Rohan. Jake quickly got bored. He was about to head out again, but saw a girl with a bucket full of dried clothes enter the inn from the back door.

She gave a quick glance at him and then headed upstairs.

”Niru, mom said to cook-”

”I know, I know!” Niru shouted. She sounded annoyed as she stomped on the staircase while climbing.

Jake had his eyes on her the whole time. After he could no longer see her gown, he turned to Rohan, who was standing there with a confused face.

”She’s my elder sister Niru,” Rohan said. ”She’s like this sometimes. I don’t know why.”

The boy wiped his forehead and put the glass on the counter. He picked another glass and started rubbing it.

Suddenly, Jake heard raindrops hitting the roof tiles. Soon, it started pouring. The people inside ran to their homes. Jake heard shouts.

”Tie the cattle!”

”Come on fast.”

”Ahhh, I lost my sickle!”

Just a simple rain, yet it affected the villagers this much.

Night came, and Honey Fork Inn was filled with people.

The rain hadn’t stopped even after an hour. Winds were raging, thunder was booming – it was an early monsoon. All windows were closed and lamps were lit. The inn had a fireplace which kept things warm.

Sitting on a cozy chair, Jake was listening to the talks of the people inside. Most were travelers, and he also found a few F-Rank adventurers. He was with them at the moment.

”Congrats Yahul,” He said to a young man sitting opposite him. Others were also congratulating him.

”Thanks guys.” Yahul drank his ale and blushed. It was his marriage tomorrow.

”You won’t believe it Johnny, His soon-to-be wife is more beautiful than Niru.” A girl patted the back of Jake’s palm. She was Maise, an archer and an F-Rank adventurer. She and Yahul were from this village.

”You and Vin should definitely stay until the marriage!” Maise said enthusiastically. She then raised her mug and everyone cheered again.

‘Indeed, I’d like to see this bride…’ Jake drank his beer while casually planning to cuck his new friend Yahul.

He had befriended these adventurers in a short time. It might be because he had dealt with a group of troublesome adventurers single-handedly. That happened just a while ago inside this very inn. Thus, everyone seemed more friendly with him.

”Here here,” Two hands suddenly placed more mugs on the table. From this voice, it was the hostess Rose. She was Niru and Rohan’s mother, the widow who owned this inn.

“You’re really amazing!” Rose patted Jake’s back. Her face was flushed. It seemed she was drunk.

“Ahaha, it’s nothing.” Jake rubbed the back of his head like a true rookie. 𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

Actually, in the earlier fight, he had swung his sword like a brute. He won that fight purely because of his higher stats and he didn’t like that.

‘I don’t have any techniques with me. I’ll have to learn how to fight.’ Jake made another goal in his mind.

He then checked out Rose. She had black hair like most villagers he saw. Her head was small and she had a rather cute face with a small mouth and long eyebrows. Her irises were the common brown and the shape of her face was round.

Wearing a tight gown with an apron over it, she seemed like a hardworking mother.

‘Her gown’s chest area seems like it’s about to burst…’

Jake was sure that she wasn’t older than 36. People in this world became parents at 17-18 or even younger. On modern earth, that would be considered illegal, but it was common here.

Youths were actually encouraged to marry and have kids after they turned 16. Thus, even though she had an 18-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son, she still looked young.

She was his first target, a milf.

“Ah, I’m full. I… I can’t drink anymore!” Yahul slammed the table with his mug and placed his head down. It seemed like he was about to sleep here.

“I’m going to sleep.” Vin stood up. Patting Yahul’s head, she waved at him and Maise.

“Don’t keep the groom here or he might miss his marriage tomorrow,” She said as she went upstairs.

The people in the hall laughed. Another bout of conversation followed.

“The rain is intense, I don’t think he’ll be able to go home anytime soon,” Jake said, eating his food.

“Aunt, you have a spare room, right?” Maise stood up and took out her cloth purse.

“Keep it,” Rose smiled. “He can sleep in the backroom.”

She then glanced up at the roof. She hoped that this rain would clear up tomorrow.

Thankfully, the pouring stopped as the night deepened. One by one, people stood up and left. Most went to their homes while some headed upstairs.

Jake didn’t have any money with him. However, he knew that one low-grade mana crystal was worth 10 gold coins. It was the hard currency which was accepted anywhere.

“Looks like I’ll go to sleep as well.” Jake stood up, pushing his chair back.

The sound of dishes being washed was heard. Niru was in the kitchen. Rose was about to call her son but then remembered that he was already asleep.

“Johnny, do you know which is your room?” She asked him. She hadn’t sobered up and felt like Jake hadn’t gotten his key yet.

Tap… Tap… Tap…

The rain came again, wetting the night.

Jake stretched his body and then said, “No, can you please take me there?”

He lied.

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