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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 59 - Theres Only One Room

Chapter 59: There’s Only One Room

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sheng Xiao did not know what Yu Huang was thinking. He shook his head and replied softly, “No.”

Yu Huang was confused when she heard Sheng Xiao’s random answer.

What did he mean?

Yu Huang looked into Sheng Xiao’s embarrassed eyes and realized that he was answering her question.

After receiving the answer she wanted, Yu Huang was shocked again. “Master Sheng is outstanding and one of a kind. No girl is pursuing you?”

Sheng Xiao shook his head.

It was precisely because he was a flower in the mirror that ordinary girls did not dare to pursue Sheng Xiao. They knew that they would not get him. Even if they liked Sheng Xiao, they only dared to crush on him secretly. No girl had ever dared to confess to him.

Sheng Xiao did not want to discuss personal matters anymore. He turned around and turned the head. He reminded Yu Huang, “Sit tight!”

Yu Huang grabbed Sheng Xiao’s shirt.

The motorcycle sped in the desert. Yu Huang’s black hair flapped in the wind. It slapped Sheng Xiao’s ears and neck. It did not hurt, but it was itchy.

Sheng Xiao frowned, but he did not remind Yu Huang to back off.

They drove all the way to the border city before changing into an off-road car and finding a restaurant to eat.

During the meal, Sheng Xiao asked Yu Huang, “Are you going back to the country or do you have other plans?”

Yu Huang didn’t hesitate and replied, “I’m going back to the country.”

“Then we can travel together. It’s getting late. Let’s stay in the border city for a night first and set off for the airport tomorrow morning.”


When they went to the hotel to get a room, Sheng Xiao walked in front while Yu Huang followed behind him calmly.

Sheng Xiao stood in front of the hotel registration counter. He turned around and extended his right hand to Yu Huang. “Give me your ID.”

Yu Huang quickly passed her identity card to Sheng Xiao.

The photo on Yu Huang’s identity card was a photo of her before she was disfigured. She was drop dead gorgeous, and anyone who saw her would be transfixed.

Sheng Xiao took the photo. He did not even look at the photo on the document carefully. He placed the document of him and Yu Huang on the table and said to the receptionist, “Hello, I want a suite.”

The Holy Spirit Continent’s identification card could be used globally. The identification card of ordinary people was grayish-white. A Beast Tamer’s identity card was silver-white, and a Purifying Spirit Master’s identity card was ice-blue. i𝑛𝓷𝙧𝘦𝚊d. 𝚌o𝓶

The receptionist saw the silver-white ID card.

Realizing that the man in front was a Beast Tamer, the receptionist didn’t dare to neglect him at all. He hurriedly stood up and used both hands to accept the ID.

When he saw the name on the document, the receptionist’s eyes widened. “Sheng… Sheng…” He was too excited and stammered.

Sheng Xiao looked at him coldly and reminded him, “Ma Yao.”

The staff understood that Sheng Xiao did not want to reveal his true identity. He shut his mouth and quickly registered their room.

After the procedure was completed, the receptionist handed over the room card and identity card with both hands. “Master, this is your room card. I wish the two of you a good night.”

Sheng Xiao took the room card and identity card. He called Yu Huang and walked to the elevator.

Yu Huang hurriedly followed.

When they were alone, Yu Huang grabbed Sheng Xiao’s wrist from behind and flipped his right hand up.

Seeing that he only had one room card in his hand, Yu Huang asked Sheng Xiao, “There’s only one room?”

Sheng Xiao explained, “The Rakshasa Empire is in chaos. When we’re out, we can take care of each other if we stay together.” Sheng Xiao looked serious when he spoke, making Yu Huang appear petty.

Yu Huang thought that it made sense and followed Sheng Xiao into the elevator.

The room was on the 19th floor.

As soon as they entered the room, Sheng Xiao turned around and said to Yu Huang, “Take a shower first.” Yu Huang had been lying in the Purgatory Sea for more than ten days and she was already smelly.

Yu Huang :”…”

She raised her arm and sniffed at her armpit. She was instantly frightened by her own stench.

Without saying anything else, Yu Huang hurriedly went into the bathroom. She noticed that the bathroom window was translucent. If she took a shower with the lights on, he would definitely be able to see her bodily curves from the outside.

Yu Huang switched off the light before removing her clothes to take a shower.

After taking a shower, she put on her clean clothes and walked out.

Sheng Xiao sat cross-legged on the carpet in the living room and meditated. He heard Yu Huang’s footsteps and asked, “Are you done?”

Yu Huang acknowledged it.

Sheng Xiao then turned to look at her.

Yu Huang had a few sets of clean clothes in her storage device. She was wearing a cardigan green silk shirt and a pair of white pants. She was not wearing any shoes.

Yu Huang’s feet were rarely exposed to the sun, so they were extremely fair. At this moment, her round and fair toes were touching the floor uneasily.

Sheng Xiao did not stare at her for long. He quickly looked away and said, “Take off your mask. There’s no one else here.”

Yu Huang said, “I’m too ugly. I’m afraid I’ll scare you.”

Sheng Xiao said, “It’s not like I haven’t seen you before.” Sheng Xiao had seen her post-disfigured face on the motorcycle.

Since Master Sheng did not care, Yu Huang would not care either. She took off her mask and threw it on the bed. Then, she walked to Sheng Xiao and sat down cross-legged like him.

Sheng Xiao tensed up when the girl suddenly approached him.

Yu Huang did not notice Sheng Xiao’s awkward expression. She took out the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl from the storage device and tilted her head to ask Sheng Xiao, “Master Sheng, is this really the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl?”

As she spoke, Yu Huang’s eyes were filled with suspicion.

Sheng Xiao felt his chest tighten. Yu Huang was questioning the authenticity of the thing he had fought so hard for!

Master Sheng, who had always been calm and composed, suddenly smiled and mocked her coldly, “It’s poison. You’ll die if you eat it.”

Yu Huang was stunned.

She realized that Sheng Xiao was angry when she saw his unhappy expression.

Yu Huang hurriedly changed her words. “Sorry, I was being petty.” With that said, Yu Huang did not hesitate and threw the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl into her mouth. Without even chewing, she swallowed it.

Sheng Xiao was shocked. He shouted, “Why did you eat it?” He sounded panicked.

Yu Huang was a little confused. She explained innocently, “Look, I’ve already eaten it. Are you willing to believe me now?”

Sheng Xiao’s expression changed. He told Yu Huang, “The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl is not used like this. You have to ask a powerful Purifying Spirit Master to transform it into an energy body and transfer it into your body. If you eat it directly, your body will explode!”

Yu Huang widened her eyes. “Explode?”

“Yes!” Sheng Xiao quickly pinched Yu Huang’s cheek and forced her to open her mouth. Then, he reached his right hand into her throat and urged her to vomit.

Yu Huang quickly felt disgusted. She bent down and retched, but she didn’t vomit anything.

Sheng Xiao felt troubled. “How do you feel now?”

Yu Huang felt uncomfortable after vomiting. She leaned her forehead on Sheng Xiao’s arm and felt the changes in her body. She did not feel uncomfortable.

“I’m fine. I don’t feel any discomfort…” Before she could finish speaking, Yu Huang felt a powerful force rampaging through her body!

Yu Huang pushed Sheng Xiao away abruptly and fell onto the ground.

Yu Huang’s face was contorted in pain.

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