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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 57 - Master Sheng is a Good Person

Chapter 57: Master Sheng is a Good Person

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Yu Huang retreated from the Spiritual Abode and opened her eyes. She discovered that she was lying on the Purgatory Stage in a wretched state. She hurriedly sat up.

Hunger was Yu Huang’s first reaction.

Yu Huang took out a bucket of water from the storage device. She drank a mouthful of the mineral water before taking out a bucket of warm rice.

Other people’s storage devices contained family treasures and peerless weapons, but she was the only one who filled it with water and food.

In her previous life, Yu Huang did not know hunger and had no desire for food or drink. However, after coming to the Holy Spirit Continent, Yu Huang was just like ordinary people. If she was hungry, she would eat. If she was thirsty, she would drink water.

Hunger was a fresh experience for Yu Huang. She had seen too many people die from hunger in the Doomsday Era, so the storage device was mainly used to store food.

After pouring cold water into the hot pot, Yu Huang sat cross-legged and sized up the Purgatory Sea.

The Purgatory Sea was still the same, but the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies had all disappeared. Without the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies, the Purgatory Sea would no longer be attractive to Purifying Spirit Masters.

Yu Huang felt somewhat guilty for severing the cultivation paths of other Purifying Spirit Masters. However, her guilt was quickly dispelled by the aroma of the rice.

After sitting on the Purgatory Stage and finishing a bucket of rice, Yu Huang looked around the Purgatory Sea again before picking up the backpack on the ground.

It was time to go back.

With this thought, Yu Huang’s majestic spiritual power turned into a bridge between her and the exit of the Purgatory Sea.

Yu Huang left the Purgatory Sea from the stairs.

When she returned to the ground again, Yu Huang thought that what would greet her would be a blue sky and white clouds, with green trees providing shade. However, the blue sky above her head had dimmed. The towering trees at the bottom of the pit seemed to have been sucked dry overnight and turned into dead trees.

Even the weeds on the ground had withered and fallen to the ground.

Yu Huang was somewhat stunned.

What was going on?

Could it be that after she went to the Purgatory Sea to cultivate, the Holy Spirit Continent also ushered in the Doomsday Era?

Yu Huang’s mind was filled with confusion. She quickly climbed out of the sinkhole and stood on the peak of the Purgatory Sea. Only then did she discover that the Black Dome Mountain had actually been chopped into two by a burst of brute force!

With the Black Dome Mountain as the center, the vegetation within a radius of tens of kilometers had all dried up. The gloomy sky enveloped the ground, and the scene before her eyes was very similar to the doomsday scene on Earth in Yu Huang’s memories.

Was the apocalypse really coming?


At that moment, a strange animal cry sounded from the valley. It was filled with pain and pleading.

Yu Huang immediately frowned.

What kind of animal was that?

After becoming a Purifying Spirit Master, Yu Huang’s senses had been magnified infinitely. Her vision was far better than before. She focused her gaze and looked down the valley. She saw an injured black dragon.


Yu Huang had only seen such a creature in movies. Now that a living black dragon had appeared in front of her, how could Yu Huang not be shocked?

The black dragon’s injuries were very serious, and its skin and flesh were lacerated. Its cries gradually became weak. Yu Huang noticed that there was something hidden in the black dragon’s arms. Only when she looked more carefully did she realize that it was actually a person.

Only then did Yu Huang discover that the black dragon was actually not real. Instead, it was an illusion formed by energy. It was only because its abilities were too pure and dense that it looked like a real dragon.

Yu Huang immediately realized that it was the beast form of a Beast Tamer.

Black Dragon…

It was Black Qing!

It was common knowledge that Sheng Xiao, the top genius of the Sheng family, had awakened his beast form when he was nine years old. His beast form was a powerful black dragon!

After realizing that the injured person in the valley might be Sheng Xiao, Yu Huang, who did not intend to be nosy, changed her mind.

Master Sheng was a good person.

He was clearly the crème de la crème of the country, but he didn’t have Xuanyuan Jing’s arrogance.

He had even helped her out a few times.

After making up her mind, Yu Huang headed down the mountain towards the valley.

Among the rocks in the valley, Black Qing coiled his huge body and shielded Sheng Xiao carefully in his arms. When he sensed that someone was approaching, he opened his eyes a little.

It stared at the young lady who had suddenly appeared and its eyes revealed its beastly ferocity and malevolence. Black Qing raised his head and roared at Yu Huang. However, his injuries were too serious, and his roar sounded more like a whining sound.

Yu Huang folded her arms and quietly watched as Black Qing unleashed his might.

After Black Qing ran out of strength, Yu Huang stared at Black Qing’s torn body and his exposed bones before saying calmly, “You are in his beast form. Your injuries reflect your master’s injuries. If you don’t receive treatment, your master will die.”

Black Qing was still staring at Yu Huang warily and fiercely. He did not allow Yu Huang to approach Sheng Xiao.

Helpless, Yu Huang could only prove to Black Qing that she was not his enemy.

Yu Huang extended her left hand and a red Psychic Sphere appeared on her palm. Yu Huang closed her eyes and injected her spiritual power into the Psychic Sphere before entering Sheng Xiao’s body.

When Yu Huang’s spiritual power was continuously transferred into Sheng Xiao’s body, the flesh on Black Qing’s body started to heal.

Black Qing’s flesh was healing slowly, indicating that Sheng Xiao was recovering too.

Black Qing sensed Yu Huang’s kindness and help. It finally relaxed and lowered its head to rest on Sheng Xiao’s thigh.

Sheng Xiao, who had received Yu Huang’s spiritual power, gradually regained consciousness. Although he could not wake up immediately, he opened his Spiritual Abode to Yu Huang and allowed her to treat him deeper.

The treatment lasted for an hour. Sheng Xiao’s pale face finally regained some color. Yu Huang was exhausted and her cherry red lips were pale.

After transferring the last bit of spiritual power to Sheng Xiao, Yu Huang finally lost her strength and fell onto Black Qing’s huge body.

After an unknown period of time, a breeze blew over and blew Yu Huang’s hair.

Her hair floated in front of Sheng Xiao and brushed against his eyelids.

Sheng Xiao frowned. He opened his eyes slowly and saw Yu Huang lying on Black Qing. Although he had been unconscious, Sheng Xiao knew that Yu Huang had saved him.

Sheng Xiao stared at Yu Huang in a daze.

Yu Huang was still wearing the cat face mask, covering her eyebrows and cheeks, only revealing her lips.

Because her energy was exhausted, Yu Huang’s lips were pale. He didn’t know if massaging them with his fingers would help her recover her redness.

Realizing that his thoughts were dangerous, Sheng Xiao quickly closed his eyes and summoned Black Qing back. In the next second, Black Qing’s huge body disappeared.

Without its back to rely on, Yu Huang’s body fell limply towards the rocks below her.

Sheng Xiao quickly reached out his hands and brought Yu Huang into his arms.

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