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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 55 - Sheng Xiaos Beast Form

Chapter 55: Sheng Xiao’s Beast Form

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

At this moment, two people suddenly jumped out from the crowd behind Feng Si and shielded the entire team.

They were two middle-aged men. They were not tall, but they had domineering Tiger Form and Turtle Form Beast Forms.

Uncle Ling’s turtle-shaped beast form instantly expanded to its maximum state. He hid Feng Si and the others under his hard turtle shell and used the turtle shell to block the poisonous gas machete’s attack.

The tiger jumped onto the turtle and stepped on its shell to attack Su Tingxue’s remnant soul.

The ferocious tiger unleashed its might, causing the beasts to tremble!

For a moment, the entire Black Dome Mountain was filled with the angry roars of tigers.

This commotion alarmed the border city more than a hundred kilometers away. Those civilians looked up in the direction of Black Dome Mountain and revealed excited and curious gazes.

Was this another fight between those great figures on the Black Dome Mountain?

Realizing that the energy of the afterimage was beginning to weaken, the Feng family’s youngest uncle gathered his strength and controlled the Tiger Form to soar into the sky while biting the arm of the remnant soul.

Su Tingxue’s remnant soul was enraged. She muttered subconsciously, “Those who bully me will die!”

The remnant soul spread its arms and sorrowfully shouted, “With my divine power, I will burn all the living souls!”

Sheng Xiao immediately felt that the water in the air was being drained away when he heard Su Tingxue’s call. He turned around and looked down the mountain. He saw that the plants in a radius of tens of kilometers had withered into dry grass and lost their life force.

Sheng Xiao was shocked too.

Was this the destructive power of a Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master?

No wonder the six major cultivation families had to work together to capture Su Tingxue alive back then. Rank 9 Purifying Spirit Masters were indeed not easy to deal with.

The remnant soul, which had obtained life force, gradually became corporeal. Under everyone’s gaze, the afterimage completely changed into the appearance of a woman.

Her gray hair fluttered in the wind, and her skin was as fair as snow. Her eyes were closed, and she gave off a holy impression.

She was Su Tingxue!

“Su Tingxue revived?” Feng Si felt that it was ridiculous.

Sheng Xiao shook his head. “No, that’s her will. It’s her will in concrete form.” To be able to form a will after she passed away six hundred years ago, as expected of a Purifying Spirit Master.

At this moment, Su Tingxue opened her eyes and revealed her clear grayish-blue eyes. When she looked at the ground, the soil, stones, including Teng Feng, who was groaning in pain, and his subordinates, were instantly reduced to dust!

That gaze contained destructive power!

Feng Si felt a chill down his spine. He shouted, “Run!” Feng Si’s uncle quickly summoned his beast form and ran away with Uncle Ling. He carried Feng Si and teleported hundreds of meters away. He did not care about the other mercenaries or Sheng Xiao.


How could a human’s running speed be faster than the speed of sight?

Soon, those mercenaries were all killed by Su Tingxue’s destructive power.

Feng Si laid on his uncle’s back and saw from afar that the man called Ma Yao was still standing on the spot foolishly. Not only did he not escape, but he actually went against Su Tingxue directly.

Feng Si shouted anxiously, “Mr. Ma, run!”

Sheng Xiao heard Feng Si’s shout, but he did not react.

Feng Si closed his eyes when he saw that Su Tingxue’s gaze was about to land on Sheng Xiao. He could not bear to see Sheng Xiao die.

At that moment, a majestic dragon roar resounded in the world!


Upon hearing this dragon roar, Feng Si’s uncle and Uncle Ling all stopped in shock. The three of them turned around together and raised their heads to look in the direction of the Black Dome Mountain.

They saw a dragon!

A black dragon!

The black dragon was wrecking havoc in the poisonous gas pillar. It extended its dragon claw and struck Su Tingxue’s remnant consciousness. Sensing the real threat, Su Tingxue quickly retreated tens of meters and avoided the fatal blow.

At this moment, the man called Ma Yao flew into the air and shouted, “Black Qing!”

The majestic Black Dragon instantly flew in front of the man and willingly knelt under his feet. The man stepped on the Black Dragon’s head and flew towards Su Tingxue.

Feng Si was immediately dumbfounded when he saw this scene. His little uncle and Uncle Ling also had shocked expressions behind him.

Flying battle in the sky!

The young man was a Master!

On the Holy Spirit Continent, Beast Tamers who could casually summon their beast forms and control them to fight on the ground were Scholars.

A Beast Tamer who could control his beast form and fly high in the sky was a Master. A Beast Tamer who could cause his beast form to become intelligent and control his beast form to transform into many forms to fight was a Supreme Master. A Beast Tamer who could merge with his beast form was a Grand Master.

When a Beast Tamer reached the level of Prime Master, their beast form could even transform into a human form and have the same appearance as a human.

How could that young man called Ma Yao be a Master? He looked so young.

“Black Qing…” Hearing Ma Yao’s address for the black dragon, Feng Si couldn’t help but pinch his uncle’s waist. He cried out in shock and excitement, “Black Qing? Isn’t that Master Sheng’s beast form? Master Sheng’s beast form is the only dragon in the Holy Spirit Continent!”

Ma Yao was Sheng Xiao!

Feng Si looked at the man standing on the dragon head and fighting high in the sky in shock. His gaze gradually became fervent.

Sheng Xiao was a man that even his most respected second brother could not compare to!

He actually knew Sheng Xiao!

However, when he thought about what he had said to Sheng Xiao earlier, Feng Si felt so embarrassed that he wanted to hide.

He felt so embarrassed to be teaching his grandmother how to suck eggs!

After Feng Si’s reminder, Uncle Feng and Uncle Ling recognized Sheng Xiao.

It was common knowledge that Sheng Xiao’s dragon-shaped black robe was known as the strongest beast form on the continent. Why did he come to participate in the competition for the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl?


The Black Dragon’s roar shook Feng Si and the others’ eardrums. Feng Si raised his head and looked at the sky above him. The battle had already reached its climax.

The combat power of Su Tingxue’s remnant soul was far inferior to that of Su Tingxue’s real body. Her current combat power was at most at the level of a Supreme Master. However, letting Sheng Xiao, a Master, fight a Supreme Master was almost an impossible challenge.

Su Tingxue formed a seal with her hands and muttered a chant. The poisonous gas of the entire Black Dome Mountain gathered in her palms and turned into an eye that contained destructive energy.

The color of that eye became more and more intense, and Su Tingxue’s body became more and more transparent.

She poured all her energy into that eye. She wanted to fight Sheng Xiao to the death.

Even though she was dead and her consciousness was fragmented, Su Tingxue was still ruthless and domineering.

“Eye of Destruction!” Su Tingxue pushed her palms forward and attacked Sheng Xiao.

Black Qing had nowhere to escape. His dragon body was hit hard.. He and Sheng Xiao were thrown backward and slammed into the Purgatory Sea wall next to them.

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