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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 51 - Bro, Do You Know Sheng Xiao?

Chapter 51: Bro, Do You Know Sheng Xiao?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

According to the time, the eruption of the Black Dome happened within these two days. The people who heard the news and rushed over gathered at the peak of the Black Dome Mountain, and there were approximately 200 people as far as the eye could see.

Most of them were mercenaries hired by the Beast Tamer as fighters. There were probably only 20 to 30 real Beast Tamers.

However, Beast Tamers who had the ability to come to the Black Dome to snatch the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl were mostly disciples of large families. All of them had similar backgrounds as Feng Si.

That was why when Sheng Xiao appeared on the peak alone, he attracted the attention of many people. However, Sheng Xiao did not care about their gazes. He chose a seat that was against the wind and sat down. He looked relaxed, like a backpacker who was here to travel.

Some people felt that Sheng Xiao’s assurance was because of his fearlessness. They could not help but think about it. Who was this person? Was he also a Beast Tamer?

However, those who would come to the Black Dome to fight for the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl were all low-level Beast Tamers. This fellow was alone and did not even have a follower. He was probably just a nobody without any power or status.

With that thought, everyone lost interest in Sheng Xiao and stopped paying attention to him.

Because the Black Dome had yet to erupt, these mercenaries had nothing to do, so they sat on the ground and played cards.

Two geologists carried their tool bags to the top of the mountain and examined the eruption at the top of the black dome.

Feng Si led his subordinates to the top of the mountain. When he saw the two geologists, he quickly walked to them and asked, “Professors, how are the data today?”

Feng Si was the first to arrive at the Black Dome, and the experts were already familiar with him. They stared at the surveyor in their hands and said, “The toxic gas in the air is eight times thicker than yesterday. According to this speed, the Black Dome will erupt between eight and ten tonight.”

Hearing this, the mercenaries who were playing cards immediately stopped talking and looked at the professor.

“Professor, are you sure the Black Dome will erupt tonight?” A man in a silver-gray suit asked. There was a black design on his shoulder. It looked like a vine or an animal opening its dark mouth.

Feng Si glanced at that person and recognized that it was the family badge of the Teng Family of the Blazing Realm Continent. His gaze could not help but darken.

There were countless cultivation families on the Holy Spirit Continent. The Sheng Clan of the Divine Moon Empire of the Divine Realm Continent, the Turun Clan of the Radiant Sea Elves, and the Ferocious Tiger Clan of the Hundred Beast Continent were recognized as the top of the hundred great clans on the Holy Spirit Continent.

Feng Si’s family could only be considered a third-grade family on the Holy Spirit Continent. The Teng family that the man before him was from was considered a second-grade family.

He did not expect the Teng Family to join the battle for the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl. The competition was far more intense than he had imagined.

The two professors did not dare to say anything absolute. They looked at the data on the detector in their hands and said, “Probably.”

Hearing the professor’s reply, the people immediately changed their expressions. These people stood up and returned to their employer. They reached out and took out their guns.

The atmosphere on the mountaintop instantly became confrontational.

It was only morning, and there were still seven to eight hours before the eruption of the Black Dome. These people were going to start killing each other.

On the other hand, the young master of the Teng Clan covered his mouth and laughed lightly. With this laugh, everyone cast their gazes onto him. “Everyone, the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl is a spiritual item. Whether we can obtain it or not, and whether we can successfully tame it after obtaining it, is unknown. Before this, I don’t think it’s a good thing to fight amongst each other.”

Teng Family’s young master’s words gradually relaxed the tense atmosphere.

Feng Si pushed his glasses up his nose bridge with his index finger and smiled as well. “Mr. Teng is right. Why don’t everyone sit down and rest well? There’s still a fierce battle tonight, so we have to conserve our strength.”

Under Feng Si and the Teng Family’s young master’s persuasion, these people calmed down and rested on the spot.

Sheng Xiao did not participate in the entire process. He only sat quietly on a smooth rock and looked into the distance coldly.

Feng Si had noticed Sheng Xiao’s unusual calmness. He changed his mind just when he was about to sit down and rest. 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢

Feng Si walked to Sheng Xiao and looked in the direction where Sheng Xiao was looking. He saw that he was looking at the Infernal Sea.

Feng Si thought that Sheng Xiao did not know the name of the place. He told him, “That’s the Purgatory Sea.”

The person beside him did not respond to him at all. He seemed cold and aloof.

Feng Si looked up at Sheng Xiao. This pretty boy was quite pretentious. Who was he putting on airs for?

Feng Si lit a cigarette and bit it. He said in a vague voice, “Half a month ago, a little girl jumped into the Purgatory Sea and hasn’t come out yet. I wonder if she’s still alive?”

Sheng Xiao seemed to have finally noticed someone standing beside him. He glanced at Feng Si.

“Little girl?” In these hundreds of years, there had been countless Beast Tamers who had jumped into the Purgatory Sea, but this was the first time he had heard of a girl jumping into the Purgatory Sea.

“Yes, little girl. She looks like she just came of age and is still young.” Feng Si shook his head and sighed. “She’s so young. Why is she so suicidal?”

Sheng Xiao fell silent again. He was so arrogant. Feng Si told himself not to lower himself to the level of handsome men.

Handsome men always had strange personalities. God favored them. Unlike them, God hated him. He gave him an ordinary appearance and even gave him a useless beast form.

God was unfair.

Feng Si was still feeling gregarious. He asked Sheng Xiao again, “Are you alone?”

Sheng Xiao looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot. He felt that Feng Si had asked a stupid question.

Feng Si was rendered speechless by Sheng Xiao’s gaze. He complained, “Bro, aren’t you afraid of being beaten up when you’re outside for being so cocky?”

Sheng Xiao remained silent.

Feng Si thought of something and smiled. He said, “Hey, do you know Sheng Xiao? He’s the number one genius of Divine Realm Academy and the youngest Beast Tamer of the Holy Spirit Continent.”

Sheng Xiao finally looked at Feng Si.

He didn’t understand why this shortie would suddenly mention him.

They knew each other in the past?

Feng Si could see the confusion in Sheng Xiao’s eyes. He held the cigarette with his finger and blew out a mouthful of smoke in the direction of the Purgatory Sea. He put on a disdainful expression and complained, “Sheng Xiao is my buddy. He relies on his outstanding cultivation and talent to act high and mighty all the time and ignores everyone. I hate him, but we are buddies forever. No matter how despicable he is, I can only tolerate him!”

“Your personality reminds me of him.”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

He did not remember that he had a friend called Feng Si.. But Feng Si’s familiar tone made it seem like he knew Sheng Xiao.

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