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Chapter 5: Even Selling Out One’s Daughter For Money Is Not So Despicable!

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Yu Huang had long expected Xuanyuan Jing to break off the engagement, so she was mentally prepared.

Finally, the marriage was canceled. Yu Huang felt her entire body relax.

When she returned to the ward, Yu Huang had just put the things away when Yu Rufeng and Li Pingping rushed over. As soon as they arrived, they ran straight to Yu Huang and asked anxiously, “Yu Huang, did Young Master Xuanyuan come here? What did he say to you?”

The last time Yu Rufeng had called Xuanyuan Jing, Xuanyuan Jing had just learned that Yu Huang’s face had been disfigured. He was feeling conflicted, and he didn’t give an accurate answer. Thus, when they learned that Xuanyuan Jing had personally come to see Yu Huang, they rushed over in a hurry to know if the engagement had been called off or not.

Yu Huang had been injured for more than a month, and during this period, she had only seen Yu Rufeng and his wife two to three times. She stared at her adoptive parents, who had rushed over frantically and could not help but laugh mockingly. With this laugh, her ugly face became even more terrifying.

Seeing her sinister smile, Yu Rufeng and Li Pingping felt a chill down their backs.

Yu Huang mocked them mercilessly. “It’s been 20 days since I was hospitalized. During this period, I’ve only seen you guys twice. The first time was when I was hospitalized, and you came to help me with the paperwork. The second time was when you came to take photos and post on Weibo for sympathy points. I thought Father and Mother were really busy. Why did you come when Young Master Xuanyuan just left?”

“Should I say that you guys are too busy or too free?”

After hearing Yu Huang’s question, Yu Rufeng and his wife’s expressions were somewhat ugly and awkward.

In the past, Yu Huang was not someone who was willing to listen to orders. However, back then, on account of them raising her, she would still show them some respect. However, the current Yu Huang was an old demon that had lived for two hundred years.

She could be their great-grandmother, so why would she show them any respect?

Li Pingping was thick-skinned. She reprimanded Yu Huang with a stern expression. “How can you speak like that?! We have been so busy these past few days because of your breach of contract that we didn’t even have time to sleep properly. How can you talk to us like this?”

Realizing that her tone was to harsh, Li Pingping took a deep breath, and then a stiff and unsightly smile appeared on the corners of her mouth. She pretended to be amiable as she asked Yu Huang, “What did Young Master Xuanyuan say to you? Is your marriage agreement… still valid?”

Yu Huang took in Li Pingping’s expectant expression and said very calmly, “My engagement with Xuanyuan Jing has been officially annulled. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other!”

The hope in Li Pingping and Yu Rufeng’s eyes instantly vanished when they heard this.

Yu Rufeng’s brows furrowed deeply, as she looked at Yu Huang with eyes filled with disappointment and resentment.

The pleasant expression on Li Pingping’s face faded away, and she resumed her fierce appearance. She mercilessly took her anger out on Yu Huang. “Look at you. Why can’t you even keep a man? Now that you’re disfigured, it’s impossible for you to continue working in the entertainment industry in the future! The Xuanyuan family is such a noble family. As the saying goes, a great tree provides shade. If you lose the big tree, Xuanyuan Jing, you won’t have any good days in the future!”

“Do you think you’re still drop dead gorgeous? Do you think all the men are lining up to woo you?” The more Li Pingping spoke, the colder Yu Huang’s expression became.

After Li Pingping finished speaking, Yu Huang laughed with ridicule.

She pointed at her right face and mocked Li Pingping. “Even my adoptive parents who have been with me for 15 years despise my ugly face. If I film a ghost film, no one will even dare to watch it. Xuanyuan Jing lusted after my beauty, so he naturally despises my ugliness. This isn’t strange.”

When they heard this, their expressions stiffened.

They could hear the hidden meaning behind Yu Huang’s words. Yu Huang was telling them that Yu Huang had heard everything that the couple had said in the ward the day she was hospitalized!

Li Pingping pulled two chairs over and sat together with Yu Rufeng in front of Yu Huang. “Since you already know, then let’s talk openly.”

The three of them looked at each other for a moment. Yu Rufeng was the first to speak, “These few days, your mother and I have been handling the matter of you breaking the contract. Currently, you still have a drama and two endorsements. This time, you broke the contract by disfiguring yourself. You need to pay a penalty of 43 million. According to the contract agreement, the production team will only agree to compensate us with 15 million.”

“Our family doesn’t have much money to begin with. In order to clean up your mess, we sold a house under our name in order to gather enough funds to pay the penalty fee.” Finished speaking, Yu Rufeng gave Yu Huang a fierce glare. He said, “Yu Huang, if it wasn’t for us, you would have long been starved to death by your crippled father. We have raised you for 15 years, so you should know how to be grateful.”

Yu Huang wanted to roll her eyes.

Should she be grateful?

The Host was adopted by the Yu Family when she was 3 years old. She was sent by Li Pingping to a child star entertainment company for training four months after she arrived at the Yu Family. Ever since she debuted at the age of 4 and became famous, the Host had been filming and shooting advertisements day and night to earn money.

For 14 years, she spent most of her time on the set. One year, she could only stay in school for less than two months. Fortunately, the Host was smart and did not forget to study during filming. She passed every final exam.

In the third year of junior high school, Yu Huang stayed up late to catch up on her studies during the day. Even so, she only managed to get into an ordinary high school.

The original owner of the body was deprived of her childhood and youth by Yu Rufeng and his wife. When she was a student, she did not study properly, and when it was time to play, she did not play. She became an ATM that made money for them to live a comfortable life. Yet they still wanted her to be grateful?

Screw them!

After living for more than 200 years, this was the first time Yu Huang had met such an odd couple. If she could tolerate it, she would be unworthy of her title as the strongest in the world!

“The fire destroyed Yu Huang’s looks, but you personally tore her heart apart.” The Yu Huang here referred to the original owner.

As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Huang suddenly raised her legs and forcefully kicked the two chairs. Yu Rufeng and Li Pingping, who were sitting on the chairs, were kicked back by Yu Huang, and they fell onto the ground.

The couple rolled to the floor and were shocked.

Yu Huang actually dared to kick them!

“You d*mn brat! Are you crazy?! You actually dared to kick us! You’re really too big for your britches now. I’ll beat you to death…” Yu Rufeng held onto the stool while struggling to stand up and hit Yu Huang.

Yu Huang suddenly pulled out a fruit knife from her waist and threw it towards Yu Rufeng!

Yu Rufeng only heard a “pa” sound as a silver light flashed past his eyes. When he lowered his head to look at the stool, he saw that the knife was firmly inserted between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand.

Yu Rufeng was so frightened that his pupils dilated, and he instantly stopped moving.

Li Pingping stared at the fruit knife that was firmly inserted into the wooden stool. For a moment, she was so frightened that her face turned pale. “…You! You…” She looked at Yu Huang and said ‘you’ a few times before she fell silent.

Yu Huang bent down and took out the fruit knife. Her fingers caressed the blade. Her tone was calm and slow as she threatened Yu Rufeng, “You want to hit me? Then let’s see if your palm or my knife is harder!”

Yu Rufeng and Li Pingping were as quiet as two little quails as they held their breaths.

Yu Huang straightened her back and held the fruit knife in her right hand. She gently patted the palm of her left hand. As she patted, she said, “For the past 14 years, Yu Huang has been earning money for 300 days out of 365 days a year. For the sake of your glory and wealth, Yu Huang didn’t have a childhood and didn’t go to school properly. You can’t blame me for being heartless since you guys started it.”

Yu Huang took out the agreement she had prepared from her backpack and threw it in front of the two of them. “Take a look. If there are no objections, sign it.”

Li Pingping hurriedly picked up the document. When she opened the document, she saw what was written on it, “The Severance of Family Relationship”. The agreement clearly stated that Yu Huang and the Yu Clan had decided to sever ties due to their differences. From then on, they would never come into contact with each other again. She had also decided not to take away anything from the Yu Clan and to leave with nothing!

When they saw that she decided not to take away anything from the Yu Clan, they were relieved. Li Pingping, afraid that she would go back on her word, looked at Yu Huang suspiciously. “You really agree to leave with nothing?”

Yu Huang glanced at them coldly and changed her words, “Then give me tens of millions?”

Li Pingping hurriedly took out a pen from her bag and signed her name. She even urged Yu Rufeng to sign as soon as possible. Afraid that Yu Huang would go back on her words, Yu Rufeng didn’t hesitate in the slightest and signed his name.

When Yu Rufeng passed the letter of severance to Yu Huang, he didn’t forget to remind her, “Yu Huang, you were the one who decided to sever all ties with us. In that case, let’s make things clear first. From now on, we will have nothing to do with each other.”

“We have nothing to do with each other anymore!” Yu Huang retrieved the severance book, picked up the parasol beside the sofa, and left the hospital without any reluctance.

After Yu Huang left, Li Pingping and Yu Rufeng exchanged glances, and then they couldn’t help but hug each other tightly.

After they separated, Li Pingping sighed. “Fortunately, this wretched girl knows her place. She prepared the severance letter beforehand. If this matter gets out in the future, it will have nothing to do with us!”

Li Pingping was overjoyed at the thought of the money-losing person leaving on her own.

Yu Rufeng also nodded repeatedly, and he said, “After paying the penalty, we don’t have much money left. Call the production team and urge them to hurry up, and ask when they will be willing to transfer the compensation.”

Yu Huang had signed an agreement with the Alliance of Gods. If anything happened to her during the filming of the program, she would be compensated accordingly. The burn on Yu Huang’s right cheek had affected her appearance, and it was considered to be at least a level-10 disability. According to the contract, the program team had to pay Yu Huang a penalty of 15 million yuan.

Li Pingping nodded and stood up. She took out her phone and called the production crew’s person-in-charge, Lin Sha. However, when Lin Sha received the call, she said, “The Finance Department has already transferred the compensation to the account of the person involved. You guys are asking us for money? Aren’t you two too greedy?”

When Li Pingping heard that, she immediately cursed angrily. “What nonsense are you spouting?! My bank card has yet to receive any news of your remittance! You guys are such a huge production team. You destroyed my daughter’s face. Do you still want to shirk responsibility?!”

After being scolded by Li Pingping, Lin Sha was so angry that she laughed. “Can you be more reasonable? We transferred the compensation to Yu Huang’s account this morning. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Yu Huang! To be honest, even those who sell their daughters out for wealth aren’t as despicable as you guys!”

“Yu Huang is so unlucky to have parents like you guys!” Lin Sha hung up the phone.

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